Santana Pov

The last week went by as normal and I sorted my college course transfer out so I was set to start criminal law and minoring in law and english starting January. Since it's the first of December I promised Spencer we could go get a christmas tree and decorate the apartment.

"Mami when's Britty coming over, I want to get the best tree. "

"When she's finished teaching Hip Hop."

"When will that be." I looked at the clock and it was nearly half eleven so it would be another half an hour before the class finished and another ten minutes before she would get here.

"Soon baby, how about we go watch some Spongebob till she get's here."

"Okay." We snuggled on the couch watching an episode of Spongebob with my daughter, I swear I don't know how Britt can sit and watch this with her all the time, I wanted to smash the TV as soon as the guy asked 'are you ready kids.' I was glad when it finished but now I had the annoying tune stuck in my head.

"Spongbob Squarepants, Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob, SquarePaaaantssss." Spencer sang following me to my bedroom where I took off my sweats and changed into some jeans and a hoodie with my leather jacket then I topped it with my Nike high tops.

"Spencer can you go put on some jeans and a top its too cold to be wearing your dresses still."

"Don't I look pretty." Her bottom lip poked out.

"Spencer you always look beautiful, but Britt's gonna be here soon so you need to be ready for her and it's cold outside."

"Okay Mami." She ran out the room and to her own, she always did what I wanted faster if I mentioned Britt. I was just putting the finishing touches on my hair , putting my black over sized beanie on, when there was a knock at the door and then it my turn to run to the door. I knew it was Britt on the other side of the door by the way she knocked. I opened the door and grabbed her by the collar of her T-shirt bringing her down to my lips. We shared soft kisses in my doorway until Spencer bounded over to us.

"Britty." Spencer pulled on Britt's jeans getting her attention.

"Yeah Spence."

"Can I have a piggy back to the tree place."

"Sure little S." She pulled Spencer onto her hip then round onto her back. "Babe where we going for the tree."

"Well I'm gonna get an artificial one so anywhere and I need some Decorations since I have nothing here."

"Okay well how about we just go to the mall then we can find all sorts."

"Perfect Babe your a genius." I took her hand until we got to the car but she gabbed mine again as soon as we were driving. Spencer was back on Britt's back as soon as we were out the car. We went into the home store which seemed to have and assortment of fake trees.

"Spencer come on you have to get off Britt to find the best tree." She nodded and waited for Britt to crouch down so she could get off. Once she was off her back I pulled Britt to me wrapping and arm round her waist as we followed Spencer around the store until she found the perfect tree.

"Mami can we get this one." She pointed to a six ft pink tree.

"I think we should get a green one, baby some of the decorations won't look right with a pink tree but everything looks great on a green one." She walked into the isle where all the the trees where green studying each picture of the tree before moving onto the next.

"Ive decided."

"Okay which one do you want."

"That one." She pointed to the 4ft green tree, it was perfect for my apartment.

"Okay we can get that one you sure that's the one you want."

"Yeah it's small but perfect just like our family."

"Yeah it is baby girl, do you want to pay for it."

"Yes please." I took her up to the till with me on my hip while Britt carried the boxed tree by it's handle. The woman scanned it and asked us for thirty dollars which I gave to Spencer who than gave it to the woman

"You have a beautiful family." she told me as she handed me my receipt.

"Thanks." I would love to be a family with Britt. Britt took the tree and put it in the car whilst Spence and I just waited "Okay where to now."

"How about there." Britt pointed to a shop that was filled with baubles, tinsel and what not.

"Sure but I dunno about you but how about we go get something to eat, But I'm paying." I stuck my tongue out her but she captured it between her lips sucking on it making me moan. "Britt you can't do that in public."

"I just did come on, I'm in the mood for McDonald's how about you Spence."

"Yeah Britty I want a happy meal, Mami can I get one."

"Sure, whatever you want." Britt got her double cheeseburger meal with a strawberry milkshake whilst Spencer got a cheeseburger happy meal and strawberry milkshake. I got a chicken nugget meal feeling like the odd one out I even just got a water.

"San you got to try this." She took the lid off her milkshake dipping a fry holding it out me."

"Eww gross why would you do that."

"Just try it." I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth accepting the food. I chewed inspecting the flavour it wasn't that bad but I wouldn't eat all my fries like that. "Taste like waffles."

"Not really Babe but it's not that bad." She kissed me before going back to my food, I looked to Spencer who was sat there dipping her own fries into her milkshake with a smile on her face. She really does copy everything Britt does. Spencer giggled when Britt and I fed each other fries but we knew we couldn't act like this too much with her around I felt bad like we we're constantly leaving her out.

"Spencer can I have a bite of your burger in exchange for a chicken nugget."

"Sure Mami." She handed me her burger which I took the biggest bite I could smiling at her with my mouth full as she looked at me with her mouth hanging open. "Mami, that was a really big bite I should get two nuggets for that. I gave her two and she went back to eating happily. Britt and shared a look which told me she knew why I had just done that. She kissed the side of my head before taking a bite of her burger.

"So Baby girl what do you want on the top of the tree."

"A Star."

"Gold or Silver."

"Gold Duh."

"Spencer watch your attitude."

"Sorry Mami."

"It's okay now what about everything you want to put on the tree."

"Can I just pick in the shop." I nodded finishing off my food.

"Spencer you Santa is here today, if your not good for your Mami I can go tell him or you can go tell him youve been good when we're finished getting decorations."

"You know Santa." She nodded with a tight lipped smile. "I'll be good I swear, can we please go see him after."

"We'll see. " Just seeing Britt interact with Spencer made me fall further in love with her. I leaned into her neck placing a small kiss there before whispering that I loved her. We put our rubbish in the bin and walked back to the shop taking the long way to show Spencer Santa was in fact in here in the mall today. She gulped and grabbed onto my hand, I knew no matter how she behaved I would be taking her to see Santa even if it was just some pervy guy in a costume I wanted nothing more than to make her happy. Once we got to the shop I picked up a basket and followed Spencer with Britt holding my waist.

"Mami can I get this." she held up multi-coloured tinsel.

"Baby get what ever you want if I think we should get something different I'll tell you." She hugged my stomach before scanning the isles. She picked up two small snow globes and some plain flashing lights for the tree. When we walked into the next isle it was filled with ever colour of bauble possible. She sensibly picked a large pack of different sized glass silver baubles which I changed for plastic just in case. We finally got to topper part of the store there were many types of angels and stars but Spencer picked a perfect sized gold star.

"Hey babe can you go get me some tinsel to decorate the apartment with."

"Yeah I'll be right back." I kissed her softly before turning back to Spencer.

"How about we get some candy canes and some chocolate reindeer for the tree as well."

"Yes please." She picked up a pack of green and a pack of red candy canes while I got the chocolate reindeer I also picked up a pack of snow men you can never have too much sugar at Christmas. We mad our way over to the checkout and stood inline waiting for our turn. Britt showed up holding silver and gold thick tinsel and a rectangle thing.

"Hey what's that."I nodded towards it.

"Oh it's an advent calender for Spencer I figured if she didn't already have one what's the harm in two."

"Thanks Britt I totally forgot about advent calenders." Once we had paid for everything we walked back to Santa's Grotto. "Spencer since you've been good you can go see Santa but you know that he'll know if your naughty and Britt will tell him herself if your are." She nodded bouncing up and down.

"I'll be good Mami I promise." We stood in line for about ten minutes until it was Spencer's turn, I could tell she was scared so I took her hand walking in with her.

"Well hello young lady, how about you come tell Santa want for Christmas." She looked at me and I nodded smiling at her as she walked towards the man in the suit. He picked her up placing her on his lap.

"I don't want anything except for my Mami to be happy and for Britty to come live with us. Oh and maybe a kitten." I giggled at her last answer but my heart clenched at the other two, maybe I could make all her wishes come true.

"Well I will see what I can do for you. How about you have a present for now since you've been such a good girl this year." He pulled out a pink wrapped present from his sac and gave it to her, I loved watching her eyes light up like they just did.

"Thanks Santa." She jumped off his lap and took my hand running to where Brittany was standing. "Look what Santa gave me."

"Wow Spencer that's awesome, but don't open it until we get home we don't want you to lose it." She held it tight to her chest as she walked in front of Britt and I towards the car.

"Babe, do you want to come ice skating with Spencer and I tonight after we've finished decorating." I whispered when we got to the car Spencer was already strapping herself in.

"I would love to Sweetheart."

"Great don't tell Spencer though." She winked at me as she opened her door and got in. We got in the apartment and we ready to go or at least Spencer was.

"Come on Mami, I wanna start making it look pretty."

"Give me a minute baby." I took my shoes and jacket off at the door as Britt kissed up my neck. "Britt she's getting impatient."

"I have a minute so let me use it properly." She turned me round capturing my lips and pushing me against my door. She swiped her tongue against my lip, opening my mouth I met her half way tangling our tongues together. I moaned as she sucked on my tongue, teasing me. We pulled apart resting our foreheads together. "I love you."

"I love you too." She kissed me softly one last time before dragging me to the living room where Spencer had spread everything out on the table. I built the tree in a few minutes while Britt and Spence taped Tinsel around the rooms. "Babe, Spencer do you want anything to drink."I asked opening the fridge but I didn't realize Britt was behind me when I asked.

"I already told you, but your not on the menu." I jumped when she whispered in my ear licking the shell when she finished. She reached over me pulling out two waters kissing my cheek before going back to Spencer.

I closed the fridge leaning back against the bench with my eyes closed after putting the kettle on. I knew I wanted Britt, in more ways than one and I definitely trusted her to take my virginity. I guess I can wait a week and a half for her to get that cast off. I thought about what Spencer asked for Christmas, I could definitely be happy I already am, with Spencer I'm happy but with Brittany it's like I couldn't be happier. Now the kitten as much as I wasn't a pet person a cat wouldn't be so bad they clean themselves and they shit in a box I could definitely be alright with a kitten but Britt moving in, I wasn't to sure but without a doubt I knew I wanted it and it would be practical in case my classes were late, she could look after Spencer. I just think I might be rushing the relationship if I ask that, yes I know we love each other but would she even want to live with me and Spencer, being in a relationship with someone who has a child is hard enough but living with them is even more straining. But this is Britt she loves spending time with Spencer, I'll just have to ask Tina and Mike they would know if she would jump into this with two feet. I added a peppermint tea to my boiling water walking to the living room which was now looking more festive the only thing left to do was decorate the tree.

"Mami come on I wanna decorate the tree we was waiting for you."

"Okay, okay lets start." We started with the lights wrapping them round the tree before we gave Spencer full rein on how to wrap the tinsel. Once it was perfect in her eyes we added the baubles, chocolate and candy canes.

"Britt pick me up I wanna put the star on the top."

"I can't do that, maybe your Mami can lift you." I nodded and I picked her up under the arms so she could place it on the tree. The room was perfect.

"Spencer how about we watch 'Mickey's once upon a christmas',before we go out. "

"Yes please." I sorted everything whilst Britt got popcorn. "Mami were we going."

"We're gonna go get some dinner then Britt and I have a surprise for you." She smiled snuggling between my legs, into my stomach. When Britt came back she slipped in behind me kissing my cheek before placing the bowl of popcorn in front of Spencer. It already felt so domestic. I snuggled further into Britt as she wrapped her self around me. Spencer was munching away at the popcorn interested in the film whilst I concentrated on the movements Britt's fingertips made along my arm drawing goosebumps. I guess we fell asleep during the film since Spencer was now shaking us awake.


"Sorry baby girl."

"You said we were going out after the movie and the movie has finished." She folded her arms and did a very Lopez like stare.

"Let us just get ready and we'll go, as for you you need a hoodie and your hat and gloves." We stood up about to leave the room


"Spencer, what's wrong with you seriously, why the attitude." I spun round using the tone I only used in high school.

"You didn't let me stay at Ivy's last night."

"That's because we were decorating the apartment today and I was going to let her stay tomorrow but if you keep this up I'll ring Kurt and Blaine, so you can tell Ivy yourself that she can't stay since you were a naughty girl and I bet Santa won't bring you the presents you asked for."

"What does it matter he never brings me anything anyway." She shrunk back into the girl I had found on the streets.

"Spencer, you have a new life Santa takes that into fact and he even told you he would try so if your good you may get what you want."

"Sorry I'll go get changed, please let Ivy stay tomorrow."

"I'll think about it." I walk into my room with Brittany trailing behind as soon as she shut the door she dragged me to the bed lying down and wrapping me up in her like my own personal cocoon. I don't know how she knew I needed this but I'm glad she did. "Britt I don't know what to do even if she does misbehave I don't think I could ever punish her, she's had enough of that to last her a life time."

"Babe, your doing fine, just be her mother. You know exactly what she's been through and you would never harm her, she knows this but that doesn't mean she can get away with anything you can ground her like you did for pushing the twins in Lima just find your way of being an all-round loving parent. San your perfect with her, I love you so much and the way you act with her was part of the reason I fell for you." She kissed my forehead before I moved my body so I could get at her lips. As soon as our lips touched I let out a noise that was in between a whine, whimper and a moan. I needed as much of her as I could get right now we pressed as close as we could into each other and kept kissing until we needed air.

"Thank you." We stayed wrapped together for another minute until we have to get ready. I Britt borrowed my blue Super dry hoodie whilst I wore my green one. We both slipped our leather jackets on top and grabbed our shoes, I lent her my other black beanie and a pair of gloves. Spencer was sat on the couch waiting for us dressed in her Lopez hoodie.

"I'm sorry Mami, I didn't mean to be bad." I bent down to her height

"I know baby but can you tell me when your upset that way I can try to help." She nodded hugging me before kissing my cheek. We got in the car when I realized I wasn't sure where we were going to eat. "Babe what do you want to eat."

"I guess any diner would be fine." I pulled up to the curb next to the diner we usually eat at. I payed the meter before we walked into the diner where Sally seated us.

"Oh I remember you, next time you see your friend tell him I had a great night and would love to do it again." She told Britt. I watched as her face dropped slightly before she looked back at me.

"He wasn't my friend he was my boyfriend but your welcome to him." Sally's mouth dropped open moving like a fish.

"I am so sorry he said you were his best friend and that's all."

"Don't worry you weren't the first but you are the first to apologize so it's okay."

"Right well I'm still sorry but I can see your much happier now than you were that day I saw you with him. Anyway can I get you any drinks."

"Yeah can I get a caramel Latte." Britt ordered before Sally looked at me.

"Coffee black." then to Spencer

"Strawberry milkshake."

"No Spencer you had one already today."

"Sorry can I have Apple juice please." She nodded walking off.

"Babe you okay."

"I'm more than okay, just promise me never cheat on me or if you do be straight with me."

"Britt I won't I promise." I brought our entwined hands up kissing the back of hers. She took hers out of my own. At first I felt rejected until it was wrapped around my shoulder pulling me into her she placed a small kiss in my hair whispering a small thank you. Just then Sally came back with our drinks and a colouring book for Spencer. We ordered our meals Spencer got a kids hot dog meal while Britt and I got veggie and chicken tacos to share.

"Mami look, I want a kitten that looks just like this." I looked at the black and white kitten she had coloured in.

"We'll just have to see what Santa brings." I grabbed my phone typing out a note when Spencer went back to colouring. 'Do you know anywhere I can get a kitten.' She nodded. 'Can we go this week.' Again she nodded. I kissed her softly for a minute until I felt my insecurities crawl up the back of my neck, I thought I was alright with kissing her in public but I guess I had a limit. She combed her fingers through my hair as we sat watching Spencer colour while waiting for our food. She kissed my hairline as Sally set down our food.

"Oh now I get why your so happy."

"Yeah, you got a problem with it."

"No definitely not my sister's gay.I know this may seem a bit rash but you don't think I could get your number's, she's having a hard time dealing with it and there's only so much I can say to her to try make her see that it's alright." I wrote my number down on a napkin.

"Here, how old is your sister."

"Fourteen, our parents died five years ago, so she lives with me."

"Okay maybe she could call me and we could all meet here and have a talk."

"Thank you so much." She smiled walking away leaving us to our food. Britt and I and swapped two of our taco's each, she took my thumb which had some salsa on into her much sucking off the sauce.

"Britt, you can't do that to me."

"What sweetie I was just cleaning you up." She winked at me teasing me as I blushed.

"Mami stop making googly eyes at Britty." She snapped me out of my Brittany trance. "Can you put some tomato sauce on my hot dog and my plate."

"Sure sweetie." I took her plate and Picked the bottle of ketchup squirting it on the side of her plate and a line on her hot dog. She thanked me before picking up the hot dog taking a huge bite. I shook my head smiling before I did the same with one of my tacos. "Spence does it really matter what colour kitten Santa brings you."

"No I just want a healthy kitten." I smiled finishing my last bite. We finished up soon after and called Sally over for the bill.

"It's taken care of."

"What, how."

"Let's just say it's my way of saying thank you and sorry.

"Sally, I had my cousin when I came out it helped to have someone older with experience I don't mind speaking to your sister and I won't take this out your pay check."

"Sally, thanks here's your tip." Britt handed her thirty dollar. We quickly got up and walked to the door as she was still debating what to do.

"Oh I'm Brittany and she's Santana." We giggled getting in the car and drove off waving to Sally as she reached the door. When we reached central park I parked up.

"Mami are we going ice skating."

"Yeah baby girl we are."

"Yey." She bounced in her seat before we got out. Britt and a walked with our arms around each others waists whilst Spencer Skipped ahead of us. I giggled with Britt at my daughters actions. I paid for our rentals since Britt payed for dinner. they had already changed their shoes and were putting their skates on whilst I had just finished paying.

"Mami hurry up."

"Why don't you and Britt go on the Ice, I'll meet you on there. " They nodded giggling at themselves almost tripping on the rubber when walking in the skates.

"What's a pretty thing like you doing here all alone." A man sat down next to me.

"I'm not alone I'm here with the two blondes on the ice."

"Well they can wait a little longer while I talk to you." He looked extremely sleasy.

"Not really."

"Come one babe give me a chance."

"I'm taken." I tried to walk away but he grabbed my wrist.

"Well your boyfriend isn't here."

"Yeah but I am." Britt grit her teeth from behind the man.

"And, can't you see I'm trying to get wih your friend."

"Well I'd appreciate if you would fuck off and stop hitting on my girlfriend."

"Oh your a Dyke no wonder you couldn't see I'm the best catch in New York."

"Stop being mean to my Mami." Spencer ran over hitting the man in the stomach.

"Spencer." She stopped and came to me. "Britt can you take her back on the ice I'll be there in a minute." I kissed her softly before turning back to the asshole. "Now will you fuck off, go be a jackass to someone else before I ring my mother and get you done for sexual harassment." I walked off and on to the ice where Spencer was skating in circles in front of Britt who was leaning against the side watching me. I skated over to her stopping in between her legs, I grabbed the back of her neck pulling her lips to me. "I told you super hero Britt is so hot." I pulled her back to me asking for entrance with my tongue. She granted straight away letting me explore her mouth.

"Mami stop kissing Britty, come skate with me." I pulled back from Britt pressing on last soft kiss to her perfect lips before grabbing her hand and pulling her along with Spencer and I. We skated for an hour or so but it was definitely until my feet hurt and my camera had ran out of memory. We drove back to my apartment and settled down with some hot chocolate.

"Spencer Britt has something for you."

"Really." Britt nodded getting the advent calender, she gave it her.

"Here, it's to count down the days till Christmas, you can open number one." Spencer smiled brightly looking for the number. Once she found it she opened the door to reveal a chocolate robin.

"Thanks Britty." she hugged her waist before sitting on the floor watching Scooby Doo with her own hot chocolate. Britt and I snuggled on the couch, she was pressed to the back of the couch with me in front of her she wrapped her arm around my waist and I entangled our fingers and our legs. Today was amazing except for a few little bumps. Soon after Spencer finished her drink she kissed mine and Britt's cheeks telling us she was going to bed.

"Babe can we go cuddle naked." I wanted her skin on mine.

"Absolutely." We giggled through our kisses on the way to my room, we stripped as fast as possible and jumping under the covers. Our legs were tangled as were our tongues, I was releasing moans left right and center, our breasts were mashed together making this so much better. I pulled back just wanting to talk and cuddle because if she kept this up I would be making sure she took my virginity tonight. We panted into each others mouths, keeping eye contact the whole time.

"I love you, god I love you please don't leave me."

"I love you too so much I promise no matter what happens I will never leave you or Spencer."

"So where we gonna go for the kitten."

"I used to volunteer at the NYCDS when I was at Julliard, they had litters of kittens coming in almost every week we can check there."

"Great, now I just have to make her last wish come true an buy her some other presents I hope she'll like."

"Oh yeah, what's her other with."

"Nope that's a surprise." I kissed her again but it was just sweet and soft no tongue it showed our love. "Babe I know you said we could only have sex when you get you cast off and I know I'm ready so can we."

"I would love to but I want to make it special, maybe we could ask Kurt to keep Spencer the Friday after I get it off and then I could take you out."

"No matter where or how it happens it will be special because it's with you but if you want to spoil me, I won't stop you." She giggled stroking my cheek.

"I want to spoil you for the rest of your life." Wow I wasn't the only one who was thinking about the future.

"That can be arranged." I pulled her back to me and we spent the rest of the night sharing soft kisses, smiles and I love you's until we fell asleep in the same position.

I woke up Sunday morning to Britt watching me whilst stroking the hair from my face.

"Creep." I giggled at her.

"It's not creepy when your watching live art, your beautiful when you sleep."

"Just when I sleep."

"Always , just you look peaceful when your sleeping." she leaned down slightly and I leaned up meeting her halfway. Our lips softly caressed each other whilst our hands explored our bodies gently.

"Morning." I bit my lip.

"Morning love. Come on we have to get up I have to teach, it's almost 8."She got up walking into the bathroom but she stopped and gave me the come hither finger, who was I to say no to that. She had already wrapped her arm and got in the shower, she grabbed me by the waist kissing me hard and lustfully, it was hot, too hot. I pulled away but Britt pressed kisses down my neck, collar bone and chest, she was bent over kissing over my breast as my hand was tangled in the mess of blonde hair keeping her against my skin. I was moaning and pushing my chest further out her tongue escaped her mouth licking softly at my erect nipple as I arched my back further, my head falling back hitting the glass wall.

"Brrrriittt, SSStopp" I needed her to stop because I was one flick away from pinning her against that wall and tasting all that was Brittany. She pulled away as soon as I asked kissing her way back to my lips. "I want you, so bad."

"I know just wait one week and five days." I nodded leaning against her as she kept me horizontal. She washed my hair and body she was careful when touching my sensitive clit and vagina but it was intimate I was becoming more and more confident about my naked body. I knew I was hot I always have been but Britt is the only one who calls me beautiful she makes me nervous but in a good way. Once we had washed each others body's we got out the shower, Britt got dressed whilst I woke Spencer and put her in the shower, she washed her hair leaving half the shampoo in it after rinsing making me rinse it for her. She went and got ready for salsa and dance, back in my room Britt was dressed in a pair of my jeans that were a bit long for me but looked perfect on her and a my blue flannel shirt. She looks so hot in my clothes. I dropped my towel putting on my white bikini Britt pressed me against my draws kissing up my neck.

"Ugh Babe you can't wear that if you don't want me jump you."

"Self-control Baby."

"I don't have any when it comes to you."

"Too bad. " I winked at her slipping on a white T-shirt and dark ripped skinny jeans. I grabbed my black lacy underwear set, making sure Britt got an eyeful before stuffing it in my bag. When I looked back at Britt her mouth was slightly open and her eyes were set on my bag. "Babe your drooling." I teased her.

"You can't do that to me, it's not fair all I'm gonna be thinking about is you soaking wet in that white bikini and then you getting dressed in that sexy lace set in the locker room, that locker room with you in it is like one of my big fantasies." She blushed revealing that.

"Oh really, and what would you do to me in that locker room." I wanted to dig further into her fantasy and maybe we could do that. I walked up to her smirking at her as I twirled a piece of her hair between my fingers.

"I would have you naked with your legs wrapped around my waist as I had you pressed up against those lockers with my fingers buried deep inside you." She kept her eyes locked on my own as she told me. I shuddered as I realized how much the fantasy turned me on and that I wanted to fulfill it.

"Well maybe one day you wish will come true." I winked at her before walking out the room and into the kitchen where Spencer was waiting for breakfast.

"Hey baby what do you want for breakfast." I kissed the top of her head.

"Lucky Charms please." I poured three bowl's knowing Britt would want the same and since we had little over half an hour. Spence and I were already at the table eating our breakfast when Britt finally graced us with her presence. She kissed both Spencer and I on the top of our heads before sitting opposite us and dug into her own bowl. "Brugty Moginh."

"Spencer don't talking with your mouthful." She swallowed before apologizing. Once we were all finished I dumped the dishes in the dishwasher before we grabbed our coats and bags, we walked to the studio in a little under ten minutes giving Britt enough time to get changed and get the studio sorted with Mike.

"Babe could I talk to you for a minute." I looked at her confused as she took me to her office leaving Spencer with Mike.

"What's wrong."

"I need to get changed and I wanted to know how you felt about Spencer Seeing me in that state."

"Honestly Babe I don't mind, I mean if your not comfortable then just sit her with someone."

"I don't want something to happen to her when I'm not there and I'm fine with it but I wanted to know how you felt."

"Seriously Babe I want to be able to have baths together all of us at one point and she may see you naked sooner or later so why would I care whether she sees you now or later. She's seen me and there is no difference so it's fine but thank you for asking." I leaned in connecting our lips. "I love you."

"I love you too, thank you for trusting me."

"Always, now come on I wanna get my jacuzzi on." She laughed as we left her office. "You know Babe I may just have thought up my own fantasy in your office I smirked walking through to the locker rooms with Tina and Quinn.

"S how's you and Brittany going." Quinn asked smirking.

"We're great, more than great." I blushed.

"OH MY GOD you had sex." She shouted and it echoed off the room.

"No, no we haven't."

"But your glowing. So it must be something big." Tina commented as we walked to the jacuzzi.

"There maybe something." I blushed again sinking into the water.

"You totally love her." Quinn squealed and I ducked my head to my chest.

"Yes I do, we love each other."

"When did this happen." Tina piped in


"Awe you guys are adorable." Latinos aren't supposed to blush yet I couldn't stop.

"Okay but I need your advice, I want her to move in with me at Christmas." I rushed it out like pulling off a band-aid.

"Wow S that's amazing."

"Yeah how are you gonna do it."

"So you guys think I should definitely ask her, it's not to fast."

"With other couples yes, but you and Brittany it's perfect."

"Do you think she'll say yes."

"YES." They both screamed at me like it was the most obvious thing to everyone but me.

"Okay so moving on Quinn how's things with Puck."

"Noah is a perfect gentlemen."

"Really since when."

"I we've only been on two dates but her was lovely on both accounts." I giggled Puck was totally whipped.

"Back to you when are you going to have sex."

"I want to now, I have this confidence that comes put of nowhere when I'm with her but we're waiting till she has her cast off."

"Oh S your such a horny bitch."

"Shut up Q."

"What about you T anything new." I asked trying to get the attention off me.

"Nope nothing yet."

"Awe sweetie it'll happen when it happens." Q tried to comfort her.

"I know I just want a family with Michael." We all cuddled sitting in silence for a while. After an hour in the jacuzzi we got in the pool swimming a few laps before getting out all together. We got changed before heading back to the reception area and walking to Starbucks three stores down. Spencer's last class didn't get out for another half an hour so we grabbed a drink. I ordered a Venti Cappuccino whilst they ordered chai latte's.

"Oh I forgot to tell you guy's I got it sorted on Friday, I'm swapping majors so I will be starting Criminal law in january."

"Wow S everything seems to be working out." They were both happy for me.

"Quinn can I have Puck's number I wanna give him a call."

"Sure." She handed me the phone so I copied the number, giving her phone back before pressing call. He picked up after the first two rings.

"Hello Puckasaurus speaking."

"Bloody hell Fuckerman is that how you answer the phone."

"Always happy to hear from you Lezpez, what can I do for you."

"My kid wants to learn the guitar would you be willing to give her lessons."

"Of course but she'll need a 1/2 sized guitar."

"Yeah I was planning to get her one for Christmas."

"Great just give me a call and we'll set everything up."

"Thanks Noah."

"Anytime Santana." We hung up I was glad I got that sorted, I checked my watch seeing we had literally thirty seconds to get back before Spencer's class finished, I downed the rest of my coffee before we walked back to the studio. In the dance hall Britt, Spence and Ivy were doing a dance routine to say a little prayer.

"Hey I thought I was allowed in on this dance session."

"Mami, no it was supposed to be a surprise."

"Baby it was a surprise and your were great come on what song is next, I wanna jam with you girls."

"Babe how about you sing us Valerie since you rock that." Britt pulled me to her front kissing my neck I nodded before she let me go to turn the song on. The opening beats started and it just charged something inside of me and I was suddenly back on that stage in high school. It felt amazing. After singing a few more song with them we decided it was time to go but we swung by the store picking up the groceries for tonight and for the next week or so. When we got back to the apartment I chucked on some turkey dinosaurs and potato letters for the girls while I made Britt and I a cheese, ham and spinach panini. We settled in the living room with our food whilst the girls watched some Barbie film. After a few hours of cuddling on the couch with Britt, I had to get up to prepare the chicken roast for tonight.

"So how was your time with Quinn and Tina." Britt asked as she followed me to the kitchen.

"Good, Puck agreed to teach Spencer guitar so I know I can get her one for Christmas."

"That's great babe." I nodded whilst buttering the chicken. Without even asking or realizing what she was doing she started to wash the dishes.

"Britt you don't have to do that."

"I know but I want to." She washed up whilst I finished preparing the chicken. Once it was in the oven I turned to where Britt was just finishing up.

"Why are you so perfect."

"I think your mistaking me with yourself." I giggled at her answer before wrapping my arms around her waist and leaning my head on her back. "Babe you alright."

"Yeah, just everything's so perfect." We stood like this for a while just wrapped up in our own little bubble. "I don't wanna move but we need to check on the girls."

"It's fine we have tonight." I kissed the back of her neck before we both walked in on the girls who were now in the same position we were in before we went through to the kitchen the only difference was they were fast asleep. "Come on, we can go cuddle now." I allowed her to pull me to my bedroom, we lay on the bed with her spooning me from behind, I loved just being able to lie with her without any pressure.

"Britt, can you tell me about Artie." I knew it was a sore spot but I wanted to know what he did to make her happy and to make her upset.

"He was sweet and kind at first, he was the first guy to never want me for sex or so it seemed great but I guess he was just after me for sex so really your the first person who doesn't want me for sex."

"I dunno about that."

"No seriously you may want to have sex with me now but, it's not just sex. Anyway I met him through Mike, they went to high school together so he set us up not realizing what he was really like. I mean I saw the guy that he saw for the first couple of months we were together he was sweet he would pick me up to and from classes and take me out for dinner, I know he started to get pushy towards three months but it still felt nice to be treated like that. After he changed, he was always harsh towards me and treated me like I was stupid, I was treated that way in high school so I started to believe it again. After that I was like a piece of trash that was back home for him to use in anyway he wanted while he could have any other girl without me noticing. Well I started noticing and he really didn't seem bothered like he thought I wouldn't leave him and then I met you." I turned around in her arms so I could look her in the eyes.

"Well I promise you, I know that your as good as it's ever gonna get for me, Your so far out of my league I feel like if I pinch myself your just gonna disappear. So I am so glad that your mine that I will never treat you less than you deserve to be." smiled softly at me before kissing me softly pushing herself on top of me so now I was lying flat on my back with her between my legs. We kept kissing softly no tongue just soft relaxing kisses for awhile until I couldn't take it any longer and asked for permission with my tongue, nothing changed about the speed or strength it stayed loving and simple.

"I love you." She told me pulling away kissing my forehead, my cheeks and then my nose. She hopped off me going to the bathroom. I was in my Brittany trance so when I turned and saw my alarm clock seeing the time was almost five I didn't move I just sighed and waited for Britt to come back. "Babe we need to go finish dinner."

"Oh shit." I jumped up grabbing her arm pulling her to the kitchen. I grabbed the potatoes giving the new potatoes to Britt telling her to wash them then put them in a baking tray with some olive oil and rosemary putting them straight in the oven, while I peeled my own potatoes for the mash. Britt new I was behind so she moved straight on to peeling the carrots and parsnip. After ten minutes all the vegetables were prepared to be cooked when there was a knock on the door. "Babe will you go get the door whilst I wake the girls."

"Sure." She kissed on my cheek as she passed me and I woke the two sleeping children.

"Girls wake up." I shook them but they didn't move seeming to hold on tighter, so I tried again this time waking them.

"Everyone is here, can you go get ready for dinner." They rubbed the sleep out their eyes walking down the hall to Spencer's room and bathroom. Just as Sam, Mercedes, Carlos and Emily walked into the living room.

"Hey do you want anything to drink dinner will be ready in twenty minutes."

"You got any beer." Sam asked but the others nodded along with them.

"I think we have some in the fridge." Brittany blushed at her own mistake before rushing to the kitchen.

"I'm gonna check on dinner, the girls just woke up from a nap they should be through soon." I walked into the kitchen where Britt was uncapping a six pack of beer. I kissed the back of her neck before throwing the potatoes to be mashed in a a pan of boiling water.

"Santana, I'm sorry about what I said in there."

"And what was that."

"I told them 'we' had beer like I owned you and everything in this apartment just because your my girlfriend."

"Hey no don't do that, don't apologize for feeling that comfortable with me." I pulled her close to me. "I want you to feel that way." I really did, it would make asking her to move in with me so much easier.

"Okay." She calmed herself down kissing me before taking the beer and juice through to the living room as I added the rest of the vegtables to cook.

"Mami, I'm hungry."

"I know baby it will be done in five minutes why don't you and Ivy go set the table." I handed her the knives and forks, while I followed with the plates. After everything was cooked and prepared properly I took all the veg through to the table before telling everyone to take their seats except for Carlos who had to carry the roast. As we plated everything on to our plates Britt doing Spencer's whilst I did Ivy's, I smiled at how well she handled her.

"Auntie Cedes I read all of my books with only a little help from Mami and Britty."

"Wow Spencer your getting better I can tell maybe we can work on your maths on wednesday when you come over after school."

"Okay but can Ivy come."

"Please Miss Jones I need more help in maths too."

"No you don't but maybe you can help me help Spencer and I've told you call me mercedes outside of school." I laughed into my hand as Ivy looked down but nodded having being caught out in her lie. Looking at the two younger girls who were deep in there own conversation I thought it would be an alright time to ask.

"Sam do you know where the best place is to get a half sized guitar."

"Try notes and stuff, I always get my picks and strings there and they last longer from anywhere else, plus the guitars in the shop aren't as pricey but they are better quality which is weird."

"Thanks I'll check it out." We finished our dinner and Britt and I washed up whilst the others relaxed with another beer in the living room watching some music channel and chatting while the girls giggled and danced to the songs. I dried whilst she washed. We finished when I grabbed a handful of foam that sat on the side of the sink pressing it to her face.

"You didn't."

"Oh but I think I did." She turned the tap on cupping her hands over my head relasing the water into my hair. "BRITT." I turned the tap back on for my self before swiping ,my palm through the flow splashing the front of her face and top. Before she stuck her thumb under the tap spraying it in my direction and holding me there with her other hand "BRITT STOP." I shouted through my giggles. She turned the tap off before I turned round and she burst into more giggles when she saw that I looked like a drowned rat.

"Go get changed and dry I'll entertain our guests." She kissed my cheek smirking as she walked into the living room. I changed into a pair of sweats and a tank before towel drying my hair quickly. When I got back to the living room when I placed myself in Britt's Lap everyone congratulated me on my course change, we toasted with our beer before watching Superman returns. After the film ended everyone left and we promised to meet at Carlos's next week and that it was his turn to cook. We carried the sleeping girls to Spencer's room and tucked them in before going into mine and got into bed ourselves in the same attire as last night.

"Babe I need you." I called from the bed since Britt was in the bathroom. She seemed to hurry coming straight in and situating herself back between my legs as soon as she was there I wrapped my arms around her neck pulling her lips to my own we shared hard but loving kisses until our lips were bruised but it didn't stop us, we just turned them soft before falling asleep in that position.