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The dripping echoed through the buildings halls, bouncing off every corner until it was impossible to disclose the location of the noise.

The building was a maze, the sheer size of it was something to be in awe of. A crooked laugh filled with a large sense of glee flew through the halls, following the laugh had not been the smartest idea. In a hidden room of this vast building sat the corpse of a woman, her body caved in at the abdomen.

She had no fingers, no eyes. She was nothing but a bloody mess, butchered beyond recognition.

All around her there was blood and...organs. Her's if the concave stomach was any hint.

To the left of her lay the spleen and the kidney,

To the right the intestines, and the liver. At her feet lay the stomach, torn open so the contens mixed with the blood on the floor.

Above her head was a long black rod with a curved blade attached. A Sycthe, blood, new and old crusted over the rusted blade and gave it a more menacing look.

Next to the womans prone body sat a man with a wild look in his eyes, his hand buried in the sticky crimson of the womans blood, occasionally bringing some to his lips for a drink.

If you listened closely you could here him chanting.

"Blood is good, blood is warm. So abundant, yet so precious."

He scooped a hand full of the blood and poured it over his eyes, letting out a shrill laugh of happiness.

Beep, beep beep!

"Ugh..." I groaned as I smacked my hand against the insufferable object known as my alarm clock and pulled myself from bed and into a nice warm shower.

I was slightly diturbed my that dream, and even more confused as to why I was having one like it. I mean I wasn't even at a haunted location. Trust me I have been in plenty of those to know a haunting.

Oh, maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Mai Taniyama, I just turned twenty-one last week and I am currently a sophmore in college.

That's right, I got a full ride scholar ship to study under Professor Martin Davis in the field of parapsychology at Cambridge University.

Now, before you all bombard me with questions, first let me say yes, I know Martin is Naru's father, and you should also be aware of the fact that Naru and I are no longer...an item. To put it in short.

I mean, sure it started out fine but, he and I we just...well we were fighting all the time, and then I don't know something made us really mad, and we broke up, and let me tell you, working for your ex is so not a good idea. I ended up quitting a month later, selling my apartment and moving in with Terra.

You remember Terra right? She and her aunt owned the Sakura Hotel. Well, apparently her life sucks just as much as mine does. Terra's Aunt ended up getting hit by a drunk driver, her car went off the bridge and she drowned.

I have never seen Terra cry so much in my life. But, we got through it, but sometimes it still hurts. I guess, it never really does stop hurting. The pain just dulls...I guess.

Well, she sold the hotel and we bought a two bed room apartment together. Now we are both 's when everything started to look up again. We both finished highschool and were applying to college. we both wanted to major in Parapsychology so we researched and sent in forms to a lot of schools.

After about a month, we got a few acceptance letters as well as some rejections. The sad thing was, we had no accepting schools that accepted us both...if that makes sense. We were really bummed.

About a week later we got a call from Dr. Davis and he gave us the full ride.

I still think Naru had something to do with this, because we didn't even apply to cambridge. Well needless to say we agreed whole heartedly and sent in our information.

Ever since Naru came back from England I had been studying the English language, I got pretty good at it, but some things still trip me up. Hey, I am a lot smarter then Naru ever gave me credit for!

Terra, well she already knew English, and Spanish, and French, German and of course Japanese and Chinese. She has always been able to catch on to languages quickly. Being a medium I guess it would make sense because she actually needs to know what they're saying in order to help them move on.

Speaking of our supernatural powers I developed PK-MT meaning I have the ability to manipulate objects in motion. Haha, and Terra can do psychometry.

We both kind of figured it out on the same day, Terra picked up an old diary and got a glimpse of that persons past, then she just kind of looked at us and said 'this person is really sappy' and dropped the diary.

And me, well Monk made me mad so I threw a pillow at him, and of course it missed, then, I can't really explain it, but I wanted the pillow to hit him and it just kind of changed direction and hit him in the back of the head, making him fall off the couch.

It was a good day.

But, here we are in England, It is so beautiful here. We live about thirty minutes from campus, in a small two bedroom home.

The interior is decorated in an asian sense with more modern furniture, meaning like in the kitchen we sit in chairs and not on the floor.

We were sitting on the couch watching some animal planet show called the Haunting eating Udon, Terra in a pair of yoga's and a tank her curly black hair tied in a messy bun, and me in baggy sweats and a tank, my hair in a high ponytail, when we got a phone call.

"Hello?" I said not even bothering to look at the caller id.

"Hello. I have a favor to request of you." It was Dr. Davis on the other line. His voice sounded very pleased at the moment.

"Oh, course what is it professor?" I asked as Terra paused the television and leaned into listen. I put it on speaker and listened to what he had to say.

"I would like you two girls to come over to the house tomorrow, I would like you to be a part of the investigation team I am putting together." He said, we heard shuffling in the background so I assume he was looking through the case file.

"Case sir?" Terra asked, cocking her head to the side like a confused puppy.

"Yes, but I would like to discuss it in person if that is alright with you." He said.

"Yes, um, what time should we arrive?" I asked raising an amused eyebrow at Terra who smiled in response.

"Around nine tomorrow morning."

"Alright. Good night Professor." We both said now smiling like complete morons. We weren't even graduated investigators and we were recommeneded for a case. I mean, there are seniors in his class he could have chosen!

"Good night girls."

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