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I woke up and nearly toppled out of the tree. I clung on to the branch with dear life and looked and listened desperately for any sign of Tanashi.

I didn't see him, but he was dead...dead people are tricky. I would know I have dealt with plenty of dead people.

Anyway, I wasn't high enough to see the direction of the house, so unless I had like gods amazing grace, there was no way I was going to find a way out of here. Especially with my sense of direction.

I began to climb down the tree, slowly, not wanting to fall and like break my head open or something. That would not be a pleasant way for Naru to find me, mangled on the floor with half my head missing.




Okay, so I that was a bit much, but still, the sight, would not be pretty.

My feet reached the forest floor and I came out with minimal scratches, which is pretty darn good in my book. I surveyed the woods around me, no sign of Tanashi, so far so good I guess.

I walked cautiously towards the direction I thought the home was. But I should never listen to myself, because I think I went further in to the forest, the exact opposite from the direction I wanted to go.

I have had like what two or three dreams with me in this forest now, you would think something would look farmiliar. Nothing did. It was just trees, trees and more trees. No wonder this is the place Tanashi chose to murder his victims, no one could ever find their way out of this freaking place.

I wandered aimlessly, trying not to get myself even more lost then I had already become. In retrospect, leaving the tree probably hadn't been my brightest descision.

My feet froze when I came to the clearing of the forest, a pond lay motionlessly in the center, the glass like surface reflecting any light that managed to penetrate the tree top.

The leaves rustled all around me, causing my heart to jump and I shivered in anticipation. I looked around me quickly, surveying everything with a careful eye.


Was he playing with me? Hm, I wouldn't doubt it.

I walked backwards from the pond, my heart rate didn't go back to normal, making it seem harder to breath. My breath came out in short, struggled breaths.

Naru please hurry.




I'm scared.

The leaves rustled again, and I jumped turning my head quickly. I whimpered as my neck crack painfully.

A strong wind blew, lifting the soft material of my dress.

"Naru...?" I whispered in the wind, the breeze blowing the noise from my lips and hopefully carrying it to Naru's ears.

Something cold pressed gently on the small of my back.

I jumped away and looked.


The cold sensation rested on the hollow of my neck. An unpleasent feeling pulsed through me.

'Naru...!' I whispered in my mind, the panic echoing around in my head.

The cold sensation moved across my chest and settled onmy stomach. At this point I felt violated beyond belief and wanted nothing more then to be wrapped in Nar- um my blanket, I want to be wrapped in my blanket.




Possibly with Naru somewhere close.

Ugh, no what am I saying.

The cold sensation on my stomach grew and I jumped back, but it moved with me. A shape began to form, becoming more solid and recognizable by the second.

Finally, Tanashi stood in front of me, a smile on his face. He rubbed my stomach, his eyes tender.

"Mai." He leaned in and whispered in my ear, licking the shell, and dragging his tounge down my chest. My body froze in fear.

"Naru..." I whispered, tears falling over my eyes.

Tanashi laughed and stroked my cheek lovingly.

"Oh, don't bother with him. You belong to me now." He laughed throaty and kissed my jaw.

"Why are you going after me?" I said as I tried to get away from him, only to be held in place by a pale bony hand.

"Oh Mai, don't you see? You look like Holly!" He whispered harshly in my ear, and cackled horribly.

"H-Holly?" I asked my voice trembling with fear.

"My wife! You look so much like her. But she died. She was the only reason I left Japan." His hand cupped my chin, and I jerked back roughly.

"She left me alone Mai, with Hannah, our daughter, but I couldn't stand seeing her everyday, she looked so much like Holly. So I killed her."

"Why, why not kill me, You told me I look like Holly as well." I asked tying to get away.

"Because, you are Holly. Reincarnated I know it. The gods have answered my prayers. They sent me so many people, all meeting tragic ends, none of them were my sweet Holly. Then you came." His voice was loving at the end, and he smiled, showing the crooked row of transparent teeth.

"Why hunt them?" I asked, taking a huge breath, trying to calm myself. It didn't work.

"For my own entertainment of course. To watched them run with fear, to hear the beg for mercy!" He lauged with happiness and I shuttered with fear. He paused, smiled wickedly and spoke again.

"There's only one problem. I can' be with you...if your alive."

he pulled me forward and I toppled in to the water, I wasn't expecting it and I swallowed water, making me choke and sink further under.

I kicked desperately to the surface, but found Tanashi holding me down, smiling and laughing. I was pulled down deeper until my feet touched the murky bottom.

My lungs built with so much pressure that they felt like they would explode. Dots danced in my vison, and I felt myself loosing grip on reality.

Won't Naru be said, I died they same way his brother did.

'Gene...I'm scared...'

The last thing I saw before blanking out completely was the crooked smiling skeleton, covered in seaweed, staring wide eyed back at me.

'Naru...' If I should die today, I wish that, that one name, to be my last thought.

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