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It was so cold. Cold? Is this what death feels like. A cold whiteness surrounding you, until you loose your mind?

I want to see my parents. Are they here? It's been so long since I have seen their smiling faces. I can't really remember them. Is that bad?

What is that noise?

My head hurt. Does that happen when you're dead? No, I don't think it does.

What's that noise?

I concentrated, ignoring the pain, wanting to know desperately what that noise was. I could hear it, but it's so far away. Almost like an echo.


Beeping? Why, where am I?

I concentrated harder, and a my head began to pound painfully, a light grew behing my eye lids, and I tried with all my might to open them, but to me it felt as if they were superglued together.

Finally I opened them, and my eyes burned with the bright artificial lights, and my nose tickled from the scent of bleach.

A hospital. So I'm not dead. Some one found me. Something shifted beside me and I turned to see a black clad figure beside my hospital bed, their hand wrapped around mine, in a comforting sort of way. They appearred to be a sleep.

I smiled upon recognition.

"Naru..." His name sounded hoarse and broken on my lips, but it got a reaction from him. He lifted his head and I could see the tiredness and worry in his colbalt irises. He smiled and let out a breath.

"Your awake." He stated simply, his voice still had the condescending tone, but relief was strung along through it. I nodded. Then looked at him questioningly.

"What happened? Where is Tanashi?" I asked my voice quiet,

"I found you drowing in the lake. You have been unconscience for three days." He explained to me, his voice sad.

"Three days..." My voice trailed as what he said really sank in. I was drowning and Naru saved me, he always has, and I guess he always will. He's my knight in a black suit Jacket. I couldn't really say he was my knight in shining armor, he never wears silver, or grey, or...well lets put it this way, he never wears anything thats not black.

"And, Tanashi? What about him?" I asked sitting up, with the help of Naru of course. I couldn't help it, I blush brightly when he placed his hands on my waist.

"We are getting ready to excorsise him." His voice was buisness like and I couldn't help be disappointed. I like it better when he expresses his emotion.

"Oh..I see." I said, looking down, my fist grasping the thin blanket over me. I hate destroying the spirit. I hate wathching them, and hearing them moaning in pain.

"He's dangerous Mai." Naru said looking at me, his gaze hard, leaving no room for argument of disagreement.

"I know...I just..." I trrailed of and tightened my fist, trying my hardest not to cry. I was an adult now, no room for crying.

"Mai..." Naru's voice softened and he wrapped his arm around me, bringing me close to him so I rested against his chest.

I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes, it was dark and Naru wasn't there anymore. I admit, I was slightly disappointed.

On my bedside table stood a vase of flowers, they were vibrant and beautiful, giving life to this dull hospital room. Reaching over I grabbed the card and read out loud

'We hope you feel better soon! We miss you!'



I smiled and place the card back, It was a nice feeling to know that I have family with me, no matter where I go, and what I do.

Someone to love you unconditionally.

I layed back against my pillow to fall asleep once more. Hopefully tomorrow I can go home. With that happy thought, I was drifted to my dreams.


It turns out I was right, Lin had come to pick me up from the hospital early that morning. I was so excited, I literally started to bounce in my seat.

It most likely annoyed Lin to no end, but he, the ever quiet man he was, chose to shut up and ignore me. For the time being anyway, who knows, he might snap and start yelling.

It seemed like hours, but finally we pulled up to the Mallards mansion and saw the rest of the S.P.R gang standing outside waiting for us. I smiled and practically flew through from the car and into the open arms of a Monk and a Miko.

"Oh Mai, We were so afraid!" Ayako said hugging me tightly, along with Ayako'd hug, and Monk's hug, I felt like they would just break be in half.

Yasu's voice laughed pryed me from the arms of the over affectionate pair.

I sighed and smiled at him with thanks.

"Don't mention it Mai, I mean, we just got you out of the hospital, it would be a shame to see you back there so soon." He smiled widely and pushed his glasses up his nose. I laughed good naturedly and then went to hug John, who had been waiting patiently, then Masako, who reluctantly hugged me back.

"Hey missy where's my hug?" I turned and saw Terra standing there her hands on her hips, and looking perfectly healthy, even if she was a bit...dirty.

I ran up and hugged her, causing her to almost loose balance.

"You're alright!" I said smiling brightly.

"Yeah, just a bump. But ya'know, you should worry about yourself more then me!" She looked stern, but I couldn't take her seriously, not when she had ink wiped across her forehead. Speaking of which:

"Un Ter, why is there ink all over you?"

"Oh, well, Lin-san and I were making chinese charms, and I kind of tripped spilt the ink all over me. She laughed and scratched the back of her head.

"You fruit!" I yelled at her flicking her in the forehead.

We all walked back to the base and I saw the charms, and the ink spilt on a sheet of paper. Monk's charm thingy was on the table along wit John's bible and holy water. Ayako's set up was next to theirs.

"So um, whats the plan then?" I asked turning to face the group.

"Monk and John are excorsising the rooms of the house, and I have the yard. Lin and Terra are there for back up." Ayako explained. I nodded and turned to Naru, he looked at me briefly before explaining turning away and telling the group to be ready for the exsorcisim.

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