Chapter 6: Tears and flames

Natsu felt his whole body turn stiff as her statement replayed over and over in his mind. His thoughts were racing in utter disbelief, unable to stop for a single moment and try fully comprehending what she had just told him.

"I was almost raped."

The words sent an electrifying rush down his spine, his stomach clenching agonizingly. Lucy was tearfully waiting for him to react, seemingly scared of what might happen, which outraged him even further. Was she afraid of him now? He exhaled sharply, furrowing his eyebrows at the thought.

Natsu tried to calm his senses, feeling his blood rise to the point where he might do or say something that could upset the stellar mage even further. He took a deep, shaky breath and looked at her crying form.

"Why…" he started, trying to sound as steady as possible. His eyelids closed shut as he tried to focus solely on the only question he could think of asking. "Why did you keep this from me?"

Her lower lip trembled as she gave him a pleading look. "I don' know." She wiped her damp cheeks, but new tears were already forming in the corner of her eyes. "I guess, for the sake of the mission, I…"

"Fuck the mission!" Natsu growled out, losing his temper in a flash. He knew he scared her as he heard her gasp and instantly regretted it, but still couldn't manage to regain his control. It wasn't even her he was angry with, it was everything else around them: this room, this hell hole of a brothel, that damn snake of a woman and this whole godforsaken mission they should have never accepted in the first place. If only he had listened to his instincts, if only he hadn't let her go that night…

Somebody was going to have hell to pay…

"Natsu…" Her quiet whimper broke his ragging thoughts. "Please, we made it this far…"

"You expect me to do nothing!?" As bizarre as it was at the given moment, he almost caught himself laughing at the thought. "I'm ending this mission right now, the way I should have the minute we got here."

He turned to the door, with no intention of discussing his decision any further. He had listened to her for long enough and the price that came with it was higher than he could have ever imagined.

"Please don't!" Natsu heard his partner's imploring voice, but wasn't about to grant her a reply. With each second his past decision to let her go through this on her own seemed more and more lunatic to him, to the extent that he felt the need to make up for his serious lack of judgement right then and there, challenging and destroying this brothel owner once and for all.

And right next in line was the low life who did this to her, some pathetic pervert he would sniff out and wipe out in a flash.

"No one can stop me from doing this, not even you…" He was silenced as he felt her press herself onto his back, gripping him in a tight hug from behind.

Natsu opened his mouth to protest but gave up on the thought, as he realized his current tone did more harm than good. He let silence fill the room and listened to her quiet whimpers, feeling utterly powerless to stop them. It tore his heart in ways he didn't even know were possible.

Still, her touch somehow managed to calm him as he felt his muscles slowly relax. He furrowed his eyebrows and let out a long sigh, remembering another time she had stopped him from reakless actions. Just like in Edlolas, the stellar mage was able to make him step out of this outraged, hate-filled, revenge thirsty state and slowly soothe his senses.

"Please, don't go…" He felt more than heard her mumble out as her tiny voice vibrated through his chest. "Just stay here with me…"

Natsu turned around as her hands fell loose from his waist and looked at her wet, scarlet cheeks, her broken eyes that somehow still had tears running down… It broke his heart all over again.

His hands found their place at both sides of her face, his thumbs wiping away the tears that just kept strolling down stubbornly. She watched him in anticipation, still wondering which decision he would make.

As horrible as their surroundings were, and as crushed as he felt about what had happened to her, Natsu couldn't help a shadow of a smile that slowly formed on his lips. This girl was the only one who could do this to him.

Before the fire mage knew what he was doing, he leaned down towards her and pressed his lips against hers. For a second, his mind panicked as he realized this might be more than her fragile state could handle and was ready to break their contact, but then felt her lips slowly relax against his.

The kiss was sweet and very soft, but also dangerously enticing for Natsu. The impeccable, luscious scent of Lucy he knew so well was suddenly captivating his senses. It was inviting him to deepen their contact in ways he wasn't sure he was allowed to.

The fire mage decided to pull back while his rational side was still in check. He somehow managed to wake from the fogginess of his mesmerized mind to meet her eyes that were studying his own expression carefully.

She swallowed hard. "Will you please stay… For me?" She asked again, clearly putting all her hope into his answer.

The dragon slayer smiled slightly as he pushed a golden stray of hair from her damp cheek. She was still worried about what he might do, about how it could affect the mission. Her selflessness, as astonishing as it was, made him angry, but it also made him reconsider his somewhat radical decision. At least for now.

"Idiot…" he mumbled out quietly, his thump still drying her cheek. "I'd do anything for you…"

The stellar mage bit her lip in response, trying to prevent more tears from forming, but the dragon slayer had a better idea. He simply captured her lips again, this time into deeper, more passionate kiss. He poured everything he had into it, all the pent up emotions, the doubts and worries, the undeniable love he felt for her that seemed to grow with each moment, even if he thought it wasn't possible .

He heard her breathe out a small moan as she snaked her hands around his neck and before he knew it, he was lifting her up, without ever breaking their contact.

Natsu wasn't sure what exactly he was thinking when he layed her on the bed, crawling on top of her. He wasn't sure what had possessed him as he leaned down to kiss her collar, as one of his hands stroked her side. He was moving solely on instinct, amazed by the feel of her skin against his. She responded to his touch by sliding her fingers into his hair, pulling him closer as she let out another breathless cry, making it especially difficult for the dragon slayer to focus on his rational thoughts.

Natsu was a man used to flames, but the way his body was pressed against hers was becoming too much for even a fire mage to handle. He felt as if his skin was on fire, and he knew right then no kind of magic could ever bring him into this state. Only she could make him feel hot.

One of his hands somehow found its way under her shirt, getting dangerously close to the enticing curves of the blonde who was squirming beneath him. Natsu had a hard time denying he wanted her right then and there, but what was left of the sober part of his mind eventually prevailed.

Suddenly he felt disgusted by his lack of self control. "Lucy…" He trailed off breathlessly as he pulled away. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't…"

The spirit mage gazed at him in slight confusion, having a hard time focusing as well. She watched him with lustful eyes, her cheeks burning in excitement and shame. "N-No, I need this" She whispered unsteadily, trying to regain her breath. "I need you."

Natsu clutched his eyes shut and pressed his forehead against hers, as a sudden splash of emotions swooped upon him. She went through so much more than any girl should ever have to face, and she went through it alone, all for the sake of others. He let all of this happen to her and was most likely never going to be able to forgive himself for it, but she still seemed to trust him, want him, even love him. He still felt unsure about going on, but the look she was giving him was radiating such desire, it was enough to make him loose control once more.

He was so gentle with her, almost as if he was scared she'd break if he pressed too hard against her; but at the same time, Lucy could feel him fighting his natural instincts and trying his best not to succumb to them.

She wanted this, she was absolutely sure of it. She had thought she would need time to get this near to just about anyone again, but the lone presence of the dragon slayer hovering above her made her feel the way she actually longed for. He made her feel warm, safe and protected.

He made her feel loved.

All of a sudden, Natsu pulled away from her skin and gazed down at her with eyes clouded by lust, but evidently still debating whether this was what she really wanted. Impressed by his rock hard willpower, she gave him a tender smile as her fingers traced the rough features of his face. Wordlessly, she pulled his head down to meet hers.

The fire mage returned to grace her skin with his hot mouth, kissing any spot of skin he could find while his hands traveled down her tiny frame, ending up on her lower abdomen. One of his hands gently caressed her side, getting nearer the hem of her skirt.

Lucy was in absolute bliss, but forced herself not to let her senses get the better of her. She wanted to do something for the dragon slayer as well. Unsurely, her hands traveled up his exposed chest over to his scarf which she carefully slid of his neck. Next, her hand grabbed the hem of his west, but before she could do anything, Natsu got the idea and slid the piece of fabric off his shoulders himself.

She felt her own shirt being removed and shyly helped pull the piece of fabric off her arms, leaving her exposed and slightly cold. Natsu quickly made up for it though, as he once again pressed his chest against hers, returning to his previous ministrations. Her hands traveled across his strong bicep, surprised at how soft his skin felt against her touch.

Just then, she felt a tingling sensation on her neck, and moaned quietly, letting Natsu nibble on the soft spot he found.

"Natsu-" she croaked out, arching her back as her mind began to turn into a fuzzy mess. She was so embarrassed about the noises that kept escaping her lips, but she knew she had no control of them what so ever. The way Natsu seemed to know exactly how and where to touch her proved to be more than she could handle.

As difficult as it was for her to do anything but lie there, in pure ecstasy as Natsu performed wonders on her body, the stellar mage was determent to finish undressing her hot blooded partner. However, she could only swallow heavily when she realized what clothe she was supposed to deal with next. Her eyes traveled down to the mage's pants and widened slightly at the sight of a bulge there.

However, before she even had a chance of proceeding with her plan, she felt a strong, electrifying rush run through her entire body, before realizing Natsu had placed his hand against her heat. Her hips bucked up into him instinctively as he stroked her teasingly. Lucy realized she never even noticed her skirt and panties had been removed, but couldn't bring herself to care. She heard herself let out another deep moan and felt something harden against her thigh.

"Na-tsu-" she breathed, as he kept thrusting in and out of her, quickening his pace. She bit her lip in order to stay silent, but failed miserably as another weave of pleasure swooped upon her. She felt Natsu's head drop on her shoulder, and could hear he had trouble staying calm himself.

As his thrusts became deeper and her noises louder, he eventually pulled his digits out, leaving her hot and yearning for more. He must have read the disappointment on her face as he gave her a boyish smirk and wiped the sweat of his forehead.

Not that he was any less aroused. Her eyes widened as he wordlessly proceeded to remove his pants and hastily kick them away.

And then it hit her. This was really about to happen.

Lucy realized that, as much as she wanted him, she couldn't help but feel anxious about what was to come. No amount of magazines or stories from Cana could be enough to prepare her for this. She swallowed hard and closed her eyes shut to try to compose herself, but then felt Natsu's hot breath against her neck.

"Do you want me to stop?" He murmured quietly as if sensing her worries, placing soft kisses against her skin.

Lucy smiled at his continued concern. "Are you sure you could?" She teased, her voice awfully unsteady.

"I would't be too happy about it…" He breathed, eyeing her form above. "But yeah, if you wanted me too, I could."

The way he was handling all of this could only strengthen her decision. She knew she wanted this and she knew there was no way she could ever come to regret it. He was the only one she could ever feel this way about.

She pulled the fire mage down and captured his lips into a deep kiss and couldn't help but moan into it. "I want you."

Natsu seemed to have discarded any doubts he had left right then as he repositioned himself on top of her, bringing his hips to hers. He placed his lips to hers as he slowly entered her wet heat, painfully stretching muscles that had never been used before.

Natsu broke the kiss and groaned at their new contact. Lucy knew he was being as gentle as he possibly could and granted herself a moment to get used to this new experience. Silence filled the room, but her heart was pounding so hard she was sure he could hear it.

She took a deep breathe as the pain dulled to a slight throbbing.

Natsu's stomach rested on top of hers, his hips pressed firmly against hers. "Did I hurt you?" She heard him mumble out shakily.

"I'm okay" She breathed, knowing she was as ready as she could be for what was to come.

Slowly, he began to pull away and Lucy gasped at the feel of him sliding against her innermost walls. Gripping her hips, he pushed back in just as slowly and soon they developed a steady rhythm. Slowly, the uncomfortable feeling from before was starting to transform into a new, tingling sensation.

She heard Natsu groan as the friction increased, her walls tightening around him. The heat around them intensified and Lucy literally felt as if she was being consumed by flames. It was all becoming too much and not enough at the same time.

Her eyelids dropped as she tried keeping up with his pace, reminding herself to breathe. Then, she felt his mouth on top of hers again. Their tongues danced around each other as their tempo increased. The feeling he was creating inside her was sending her into a state of pure bliss.

She broke the kiss to moan out loudly as she felt something in her stomach tighten and she knew she couldn't hold out much longer. Light flashed in her eyes as waves of ecstasy flooded through her body. A few moments later she felt him stiffen and thrust inside her one last time before tensing above her. A warm sensation flooded inside her as he relaxed, finally dropping down beside her with a soft grunt.

The room was filled with their heavy panting.

After a few minutes, their sweat-slicked bodies began to cool and Natsu wordlessly pulled the covers over them. He then gripped her hips and brought her closer to him, resting his chin on her crown. She snuggled against his warm body, pressing a small kiss to the Fairy Tail emblem on his shoulder. As her hand was lazily caressing his chest she knew she could stay in this very moment forever. "Natsu" She heard herself whisper "I love you."

She felt his lips curve into a smile against her hair. "I love you too" He returned the words to her quietly, tightening his hold on her. And with that, silence filled the room once more. She knew there were a million things he wanted to say to her, and just as much she wanted to say in return. She knew that what she had happened to her destroyed him and even at this very moment pained him to no end.

She was still hurting over the dreadful experience herself, knowing the agonizing memories weren't going to leave her easily. Still, the feeling of Natsu's warmth around her somehow made her sure she would pull through it, however long it took. And right now, that was all she needed.

Right now, that was all that mattered.

To be continued…

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