Characters: Johnny and Gino Gambino

Rating: K+

DISCLAIMER: Johnny and Gino are from Gaia Online. I do not own Gaia Online.

Chapter One: Gino's Letter

Dear Father,

I wish that wherever you are right at this second, you may know what I always wanted to admit to you.

Ever since I was a small boy, you have trained me to become your sole heir. I failed to understand the reason why you would give me those endless sermons just for the sake of perfection. You only saw my endless mistakes; you taught of me as a failure to our family name.

I grew up to be extraordinary, thanks to you. You never allowed me to blend with ordinary citizens of society. You thought they were inferior to us. You also encouraged me to adorn myself with extravagant garments, which is truly not what I wished to wear. Sometimes I dreamed of being like one of those children playing in the streets, enjoying their simple lives.

You were the most overprotective and abrasive father. You always reminded me to bring those annoying guards with me. You would be crazy whenever you would not see me with your scarlet eyes. The mansion was in chaos whenever I'm sick, hungry, and the like. Knowing you, you have the most abrasive tendencies especially when it comes to me.

Even if you're the craziest father, I still love you. I live every single day wishing to return to a time when we were still together. I know deep inside your strong surface you also love me back.

Now I understand why you raised me like you did. Through you I have learned how to stand on my own feet. I now stand on the deck of my ship sending my gratitude to you, my father.