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This is an update version of Chapter 1 as I found many errors or inconsistencies that I wasn't happy leaving in. I'm a bit of a perfectionist like that. So enjoy!

Jealously Isn't The Only Curse

Chapter 1 - Prologue (Sam POV):

Dear Diary,

Jake has finally come home after four years at college, but it's nothing like I imagined it would be. In my mind I believed he would come home and we would finally be able to explore a future together. Ever since the winter before he left for college I have found myself falling more and more for him with every passing day. And in the days leading up to his departure I found myself noticing things about him more. Like how graceful he is on a horse; how expressive his mustang eyes can be; how his teeth almost sparkle when he smiles; how soothing his 'horse voice' is; and just how handsome he looks in his black Stenson, black boots and buckaroo attire. Yes, I was seriously falling for him. Although I knew trying to pursue a relationship with him then was a bad idea. He was leaving very soon for a whole four years at college, and a couple months every summer was not going to be enough to keep a relationship alive and healthy. So I decided to wait.

That night at the New Year's Eve bonfire he told me in his own special way that he had feelings for me. He showed me in the way he held my hand, the way he asked me to walk with him and then stay close him for the remainder of the evening. A little while after he'd left for college my friends and family, specifically Jen, Bryanna and Gram, seemed to decide that it was their duty to inform me of how much Jake and I are meant to be together, how good we are for each other. And with that I began to fall even harder. Dad noticed my feelings towards Jake too, and unexpectedly told me that he would be happy if Jake and I one day got together.

So when he came home last week after finally graduating I was all excited and ready to see if we had a future together. But it all means nothing now. He came home with a girl in tow. Don't get me wrong, she's beautiful and the two of them seem very happy together, but I can't help wishing that it was me. She's a quiet girl, very much Jake's type, seems to know her way around a horse and has a love and affinity for all animals. That seems to have rubbed off on Jake since I now, almost always and without fail, see him with some form of animal by his side. I bet Aldyth Hyll, the girl Jake brought home, and I could be really good friends. One day. First I have to get over the fact that Jake seems to have lost all interest in me.

Anyway, it's time for bed. I have a very early start in the morning with Dad. So until next time, goodnight,

Sam :)

Hi again. Just because I am a stickler for details I am including the pronunciation for the name of the girl that came to Darton county with Jake. Also, the origin or her name and why it is a little unusual will be explained in later chapters. Thank you all for reading and don't forget to please review! :D

Pronunciation of Aldyth Hyll: [AL dith] ; [hill]