So after MUCH inspiration I've decided to do a Daroline fan fic; I don't plan on making it to long but I just was sitting In class and had the idea so I wrote it on my arm and here we are. So heads up I'm not sure where this will end up either Delena or Daroline…you'll have to read to find out ;). Oh and btw, in this fic Ric and Jenna don't die let's just say in the Sacrifice he used some random vamp. I just love them too much to kill them. So this would be like season 4…just less drama.

The Boy Is Mine…

Chapter 1

Damon was confused...ok beyond confused. He never thought it would happen to him. I mean yah he's used to woman wanting him but it's not the same when theirs ACTUAL feelings involved. This could be it; he could find love… happiness, for eternity. If only he could make p his god damn mine. Huh, if it was that easy. They were both so different each different types of beautiful. Each with completely different yet in some ways similar personalities. Both were beautiful, smart head strong girls who wanted him. And he wanted them as well. He just wasn't sure which one…

"What the hell would he want you for?!" Elena yelled

"At least I actually care Elena; you can't even pick a fucking brother!" Caroline yelled back

It was a Saturday at the boarding house and the usual gang was there; Elena, Damon, Stefan, Ric, Jeremy, Bonnie, Jenna and Matt. They had defeated Klaus a little over two months ago and Elena was now a vampire. Meaning she was gonna be around for eternity; joining the everlasting eternal teenagers club with Caroline and Stefan, YAY! And here they sat watching the fight break out.

Over the last two months Elena still hadn't been able to choose, shocker right? Through the time Damon had gotten a hell of a lot closer to Caroline. It started a week or two after Klaus's death, both of them felt like second best to people they cared about. She was sick of Tyler dragging her through the mud with his bipolar ass, and Damon was tired of being Elena's doormat. So they ended up having re-bond vamp on vamp sex. And that ended up stirring feelings for each other which brings us here…

"What the hell Caroline, it's not like that and you know it!" Elena growled "It's not as easy as you may think they're both different and mean a lot to me! You wouldn't know what it's like seeming you slept with everyone in sight since you were 16 and then your first real boy friend was my ex who wasn't over me. Then a werewolf who ended up being a bi-polar, douche. So tell me Caroline, how successful are you in relationships?" Elena smirked as everyone's jaws dropped around the room.

"Low blow Elena, low blow. But if you wanna get down and dirty I can to." Caroline smirked back "Ok so I've slept with a lot of people? At least I'll know what I'm doing when I have sex, and won't be fumbling around to get his fucking belt off!" Everyone's eyes widened in shock at the scene playing before them.

"Not to mention how you basically expected Matt to follow you around like a golden retriever and Stef to be your G.I. Joe. He's not a fucking drill sergeant who caters to your every demand. You act like a spoiled little bitch Elena and I've had enough! Why is it we all risked our lives for you and you ANNOYINGLY tried to be the hero and sacrifice yourself. It's fucking stupid and if we all listened to you martyr shit we'd all be dead!" Caroline snapped "I'm not your fucking doormat and neither is Damon! So how about you and your broody ass take all your shit right out of town?"

Elena shook with fury and she was sure she saw red. "You don't know shit Caroline! Damon was MINE first! And he always will be." Elena said confidently and everyone raised an eye brow at that.

"Ok sooooo many things wrong with that statement. Ok one, you were with Stefan up until these past few months and even then you never made a move. Two- he was actually with me first and he was never yours seeming the only thing you've ever been is a tease." Caroline shrugged and Damon smirked at her for the end part

"Shut the fuck up Caroline." Elena said and everyone looked at her crazy. How had these once best friends come to this?

"Whatever you say Katherine 2.0" Caroline said before straightening her black cropped jacket; all jaws dropped at her comment. She wore that with a magenta colored tube top, raspberry skin tight skinny jeans and black ankle boots. Her hair was in messy curls and she looked like she was ready to kick some ass. Damon thought she looked ridiculously hot all sexy badass chick.

"That's it; I'm so fucking over this." Elena said before speeding over to her and pinning her to the floor while straddling her waist.

Elena wore regular blue skinny jeans, brown boots that went up half her leg and a tight blue long sleeved shirt. Her hair was straight as it always was and she had on no jewelry and very little makeup. Damon thought she looked cute but very boring. He thought she lacked a lot of style, I mean Katherine was a bitch but she worked her body. She wore clothes that showed it off; Elena however looked as if she shopped at Wal-Mart.

Caroline snorted at Elena before flipping them over easily and pinning her down as Elena struggled and growled.

"Caroline." Liz warned as she walked in, Alaric had texted her the situation. Caroline rolled her eyes annoyed though her mother couldn't see.

"I'm 18, free of speech and all that crap." She shrugged before throwing Elena across the room.

"Listen you immature little…child. I know your annoying and bratty and are used to getting your way but I don't think that'll be happening this time sweetie. But the decision in not up to me; nor you, so I'm not gonna fight with you like a five year old. Grow up Elena." Caroline said annoyed before grabbing her bag pecking Damon's cheek and waving curtly at everyone before speeding away in a blink of an eye.

"I can't believe she just said that!" Elena exclaimed

Tyler, Alaric, Matt, and Liz all rolled their eyes. They were completely on Caroline's side, they thought she was just using Damon and being a complete and total bitch. They thought Damon deserved better then Elena and her pettiness.

Bonnie wasn't sure where to turn. In truth she thought Elena was being completely unfair and wrong for pushing around both brothers; as she had become friends with both. She thought it was wrong how for over a year Elena had been preaching of her love for Stefan then as soon as she turns she's all for Team Damon. And she honestly wanted her other best friend Caroline to have something for a change as Elena had always made it her mission to be on top since junior year. It was like a silent competition but inside her mind Bonnie was on the bleachers cheering the blonde vampire on.

Jenna was also not very sure where to turn. She felt as if it were her duty to stick to her niece's side. Plus she didn't feel like hearing anymore of Elena's temper tantrums or speeches about family sticking together. In truth she just wanted everyone to be happy.

Jeremy in truth was bored and thought the whole fight was lame. Although he loved his sister dearly, he unlike Jenna knew Elena was in the wrong here. He just wished everyone would pick a god damn partner and be done with it. He wanted to be at home making out with his hot mocha skinned girlfriend with mystical powers.

Stefan felt heartbroken and angry. He knew for a while that he had lost Elena, but he had hoped that she had the decency not to flaunt it in front of him. But here she was fighting over his brother with a passion she had never shown when their relationship was in danger of Katherine or Damon himself. He felt betrayed and hurt and hoped Caroline won. Not only for the fact that he hated Elena with passion now but the fact that the young vampire and his brother would work. Like ying yang yo; they were opposites who balanced each other out. Caroline needed some darkness and Damon needed a little sunshine. He thought they were perfect for each other!

Damon didn't know which side to choose. In one hand he had Elena the girl he had been pining over for months now; the girl who had stomped on his heart repeatedly and told him his love was a problem and made him a liability. The girl he thought as overly brave and head strong. He knew she could hold her own and take care of herself. He just hated the fact that… she was a fucking martyr all the time! She was broody and annoying and made his head spin but he loved her all the same. But still she had no style and she bored Damon with her lack of adventure. He knew for a fact that she did in fact behave like a spoiled little child and he loathed her tantrums. He also hated that he went from brother to brother just like Katherine had done…try to tear them apart. In other words he loved different parts of Elena and hated the rest.

Caroline on the other hand was…Caroline. She was beyond amazing in everything she did; she was a cheerleader so he knew she was flexible in bed. Not to mention a real vampire, she fresh fed and wasn't ashamed of being what she was. She had control over herself so he knew he didn't have to worry about that. She was comfortable in her own skin and didn't have insecurities about it. She knew she was hot and embraced it by constantly wearing skin tight sexy clothes. She was ditzy and could be a complete air head but Damon knew that she was smart and had common sense not to mention quick on her feet. She knew when to stay out of things even if she didn't want to. She wouldn't run to the problem and although she could be nosy she wouldn't pry into your business too much. And he loved all the things about her. Honestly she was like perfect… the right amount of sexy and he liked that she was brave but not cocky. She wasn't too nosy and although she was a tad bossy she knew how to get things done; he liked a woman who could take charge once in a while.

Honestly you'd think the choice would be a breeze but he couldn't help but be the cocky bastard he was and think what if? What if they'll honestly compete for him? How far we'll they go for some hot Salvatore non-broody ass?! He smirked like a jackass to himself as he thought about it. He'd let them make the choice with their actions towards him. Let someone woo him for a change.

"Ok Elena, this is how it's gonna go. I'm sick of trying to please everyone so for a change you and Barbie can." He smirked and she cocked and eye brow "Woo me." He said simply before speeding out to his car to head toward the grill texting Care simultaneously. This time Damon Salvatore's ending up with the girl, and this time she'll end up by his side willingly. His princess of darkness… for eternity.

Damon and the gang minus Caroline were seated in a booth and tables pushed together on each side. They looked like a big group of friends who were just hanging out when they were actually in fact a group who were worrying for a blonde vampire bomb shell who had disappeared of the face of the earth for the last 3 days only leaving a note in her departure.

I'll be back when I feel like- Caroline

The simple note left nothing to the imagination, so they couldn't for the likes figure out where she had gone or why. They decided that if it went longer than a week Bonnie would do a locator spell to make sure she was alive.

They were talking about random things when the doors opened and familiar blondes sauntered in arms looped together as one threw their head back in laughter and the other one supported a sexy smirk with pouty porn star lips.

All jaws dropped at the sight before them… Caroline Forbes and Rebekah Mikleson walking in together smiles on their face. They looked as if they had been friends forever instead of normally being…well bitchy to one another.

In fact Rebekah had tried to kill Caroline once or twice…they just didn't quite get what was going on.

They began to walk into the doors still chatting to themselves the walked in further and only then did their jaws drop further when they saw Kol walk in behind them with a bottle of whiskey. He looped his arm across Caroline's waist making her giggle and roll her eyes.

They surveyed the grill before their eyes landed on the group. Bex and Kol gagged in disgust to one another while Caroline rolled her eyes annoyed. "Typical, fucking typical." Caroline muttered before shrugging and pulling them both along to a table.

They continued to talk, laughing and drinking just having a good time; which confused the group. How was she flirting with the enemy, so to speak? It was when Elena stormed over that they knew it wouldn't end to well.

"Caroline, what the fuck? Are you seriously hanging out with the woman who killed me and tortured Damon? And the man who broke Matt's hand and tried to kill him?" Elena asked as if she were stupid.

"Listen Elena, that's a bit overly dramatic don't you think?" She asked in a bored uncaring tone. "Damon used me as a fuck toy and a blood bag did I stop caring for him though? Nope I didn't. He used Rebekah for his own gain so is it any wonder she got revenge just like Damon does when people use him." She pointed out and Damon blinked in surprise.

"And as for Kol and Matt, do I condone it? No, I don't- Matt's my friend to. But everyone including your prissy little arse makes mistakes. So shut the hell up and go be preppy somewhere else before I hurt you." She snarled annoyed and everyone including Kol and Bex stared at her shocked.

"Don't look so shocked…Lena" She purred her name seductively. "So not you're puppet. I'm nobody's toy." She said standing up getting in her face "Not yours, not Klaus's, not Damon's. Nobody's…" She said in a threatening voice that made Elena cringe slightly causing Caroline to snicker.

"Because you see Elena-"She started looking her over slowly walking around her in a circle. She wore a red tank top that stopped just below her belly button, a black leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up, skin tight plain Jane jeans and black converses. "All you Mystic Falls, losers can go fuck yourself and this stupid little town because I'm fucking done!" Caroline spat and everyone's eyes widened further.

"Was this some sick little joke again, Elena? Everything I've always wanted you either have had it or plan to get it. Cheerleading, guys, cars, shoes; why the hell are you starting this childish competition with me?" Caroline said pissed "Leave. Me. The. Fuck. Alone" She said slowly

With that she grabbed Kol's bottle before chugging it down. She then turned to Damon and winked "Some competition." She smirked before walking around the Grill, her hips swaying as she walked.

She looked elegantly sexy in her white sun dress with pink flowers decorating it. It stopped mid thigh and flowed nicely around the waist. She wore 6 inch heels to add some height that made her pale legs stand out; finally the magenta colored jacket that was cropped at her ripped cage.

The Grill was packed with teenagers to the brim; there weren't any adults in sight as today was the senior's annual party. Where they had a DJ and music, drinks and such to celebrate their graduation from Mystic Falls High.

Caroline walked up stage and whispered in the DJ's ear her song selection; as anyone could do karaoke or song requests. She asked him to play something up-beat and fun something you could dance to. And so he did, as he put on the track- My Chick Bad by: Ludacris.

Everyone cheered and grabbed a partner and began to spread around the Grill floors grinding against one another. This made Caroline smirk as she walked straight up to Damon grabbed his hand and pulled him up before dragging him to the middle of the floor. He smirked back at her wrapping his arms around her waist and grinding into her backside his slight arousal digging into her ass.

She threw her head on his shoulder as they swayed to the beat which soon changed to Strip by: Chris Brown. They continued to move against each other lost in their own world as Damon squeezed her waist and kissed the side of her neck. She moaned slightly running her fingers through his jet black hair as they swayed to and fro.

Damon twirled her away from him then brought her back crushing her small frame to his hard chest wrapping his arms around her middle; she reciprocated the lovers hold by wrapping her arms around his neck. They began to move in sexy passion; it almost looked like that scene in Dirty Dancing where he teaches her to dance. You know the scene with the watermelons?

"So what exactly do you want Damon?" She whispered in his ear seductively causing him to repress a shudder.

"I wanna be wooed Blondie" He smirked causing her to giggle "Ok, I can do that but it doesn't really matter." She shrugged causing him to frown.

"How does it not matter?" He asked annoyed

"It doesn't matter because deep down in your heart you know that you don't really want Elena at all." She smiled slightly at him pecking his lips.

"You don't know that…I don't know what I want." He said

She smiled at him shaking her head "Yes you do." She whispered before sweeping him in a passionate kiss that had his head spinning and toes curling in pleasure.

Their lips moves slowly against each other; Damon nipped softly at her bottom lip casing her to moan and open her mouth. He took that as an invitation thrusting his tongue into her mouth causing her to moan louder. After a few minutes of complete bliss they broke apart and Damon stared her in the eyes.

"I'll see you tomorrow, prepared to be wooed Salvatore." She smirked before pecking his lips then walking away to Rebekah who smirked at her as did Kol. She interlocked her left hand with Kol's doing the same with her right hand with Bex. Their fingers intertwined before they winked at the group before sauntering of the Grill leaving the group confused. Completely and utterly confused.

Damon sat in the boarding house waiting for Caroline to make her appearance for his 'Wooing Session'. She had texted him to be ready at 10:00 Pm, and he was ridiculously excited to see what she had planned for him.

She sauntered in the Boarding house at 10:05, fashionably late of course. And boy was she! She looked stunning in short beige shorts that showed of her pale legs, and a simple white tank top that flowed around her waist. Her hair was curled in little ringlets and she had a French braid wrapped around her head like a head band. Damon thought she looked like a super model.

She had sunglasses on her head and a big dazzling Caroline Forbes smile on her face. She carried a big duffle bag in her hand, which she set down on the couch before turning to everyone in the room who was looking at her curiously.

"Don't you people have homes?" She said sarcastically before looking at Damon doing a once over before shaking her head grabbing the bag and speeding upstairs.

"What are you doing Barbie?" He called up

"Shut up and let me do what I do best sweetness." She smirked appearing back with another bag.

Damon raised an eye brow at her "And what is that?" He asked amused

"You'll need a…certain change of clothes for these activities." She answered slowly, picking her words carefully.

"Why planning on whoring around all night?" Elena asked with a smirk

"No, not that it's any of your business. But honestly you think I planned to have sex with Damon?" She asked amused, everyone cocked an eye at that.

"Show's your lack of adventure, who the hell plans to have sex?" She laughed

"That is so fucking lame it's not even funny" She laughed before composing herself "Anyway we'll be off, peace" She smirked shooting them a deuces sign before grabbing Damon's arm and dragging him out of the house and into the car.

"So where we going Blondie?" He asked amused.

"You'll see, but don't worry you'll love it; I promise." She smiled

"Alright then, I'll hold you to it." Damon smirked kissing her cheek

Ok sorry short I know, but I just kinda wanted to end it there. Next chapter is Daroline's first date! Oh and thank you Starzee for introducing me to the ways of Daroline. Review!