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Okay, now they're just going in circles. Right when Travis was going to tell Wes he had seen that gnome 6 times already, they pulled up to Captain Sutton's house. It all went down hill from there...

"Okay, Travis. The plan is..." As Wes whispered the plan into Travis' ear, he nodded in agreement. It was a simple plan, but it would probably work.

Stepping out of the car, they tip-toed around the two-story house and into the backyard. As they approached the backdoor that led into the house, they both stopped.

"So...how do we get in?"

"I don't know..." Wes sighed, turning to his partner, "I didn't think this far ahead."

As they stared at the door in silence, they wondered how they could possibly get into the house without breaking down the door. After a minute or two, Travis reached for the doorknob and twisted it to find the door unlocked.

"Wow, for a cop, Cap'n is reeaalllyy stupid." Travis laughed quietly. Before he stepped foot in the house, Wes smacked him in the back of the head for his disrespect. Even drunk, he was a hard-ass.

"Okay," Wes whispered as they snuck into the house and up the stares. "We just sneak into Captain's room, takes a pair of pants, and leave as fast as possible...Okay?...Travis?"

Turning around, he noticed that Travis was gone. Shaking his head, he walked down the hall and to the Captain's room by himself.

"I don't remember much after that." Wes finished with an embarrassed sigh.

As he looked up, he saw Travis and Donny laughing their heads off. Wiping a tear from his left eye, Travis sat up.

"Oh, God! That's hilarious!" Travis laughed.

Rolling his eyes, Wes waited for them to finish. After a good five minutes, they were still laughing so Wes decided to get up and make some lunch. Well...it was four-o'clock so maybe it was Linner?

As Wes was just finishing up the sandwiches he made, he heard Travis and Donny come into the kitchen.

"Ohhh, something looks good. Is that-"

"BLT? Yes, your favorite."

"Did you remember-"

"No crust? Of course. You'd cry like a baby if I didn't."

"Marry me?"

For the first time since they walked in, Wes looked up at Travis with a confused face. Travis just laughed.

"If that's the case, can I be the flower girl?" Donny asked, taking one of the finished sandwiches.

"Sure-" said Travis before he was cut off by Wes.

"No, because there will be no wedding. I am way to good for Travis." Wes said with a smirk as Donny 'Ooo'-ed in the background.

"That's not what you were thinking last night~" Travis said the last words in a sing-song voice. That wiped the smirk clean off of Wes' face and was replaced with a blush.

"Whatever." Wes mumbled as he handed Travis his sandwich on a plate.

As Travis laughed at Wes' embarrassment, they all went back into the living room to enjoy the food along with some small talk. Laughter and teasing were shared between the three of them and before they knew it, the sandwiches were gone and they were back on the topic of last night.

"Hey, since Captain isn't mad at us, you think he'd remember what happened?" Travis asked the two of them.

"I guess..." Wes said thoughtfully.

"You should call. I can't wait to hear the rest of this story." Donny snickered even as he earned a glare from Wes.

Travis picked up his phone and dialed the Captain's number. It took 3 rings for him to pick up.

"Travis, my man! What's going on?" the captain said cheerfully through the phone.

"Hey Cap'n. Wes and I don't remember much from last night. You think you could help us out?" Travis asked, with a hopeful look.

"Oh-ho-hooo, don't worry, I remember everything from last night."

Travis smiled as he put the phone on speaker and listened to Captain Sutton tell the story.

Hearing some commotion coming from down the stairs, Captain Sutton grabbed his lucky bat, tip-toeing down the hall. As he approached the top of the stairs, he stopped to listen.

"It was just so sad!"

"Don't cry, it's okay! It's just a show, Wes."

"But Dora needed that hat, Travis! Why would he just take it like that? Oh God, I need a drink."

"Coming right up..."

By the sounds of the crying and the television, he could tell it was just Wes and Travis. Shaking his head, he put the bat down, wondering why the hell they were in his home.

As he finally descended the stairs, he was met with a hilarious sight...

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