CHAPTER 2: The Wizard

Morganiel sipped his drink slowly and cautiously. There was a whisper in the crowd involving him, but he did not care. As long as they didn't provoke him, he would not care in the slightest. The sound of footsteps came up behind him. "Hey, you." A voice sounded behind him. Morganiel glanced over his shoulder. The man standing there was large, bulky, and clearly very drunk. "SCUM!" roared the man, aiming an ale-strengthened cross at Morganiel's face. Morganiel simply leaned backwards away from the drunken punch, and swung his leg out in an arc away from the stool. The drunk let out a shout of pain and fell to the ground. Morganiel spun around on his stool and went back to his drink. The man stayed on the ground for a brief moment and then stood up, chuckling slightly. He aimed another punch at the back of Morganiel's head without a warning, surprisingly silent for a drunk. Morganiel leaned to the side, grabbed the arm before it could even hit the counter, twisted it around and wound up holding the drunkard's arm in an awkward position behind his back. The drunk swung his foot backwards in an attempt to break free but Morganiel sidestepped it and shoved the drunkard to the ground. The man shoved off the ground in an upwards motion just as someone walked by outside the window. As the drunk charged towards Morganiel, Morganiel drew out a short stick of solid oak and a book. The drunk was barely inches away from Morganiel when the stick was pointed at the drunkards, head, a word was uttered from the book, a burst of light filled the room, and the drunk was hurled out the window into the street. The entire tavern looked on in shock, and Morganiel sat back down at the stool to sip his drink.