ZOMPOC DIARIES: A story of survival

by Matthew J. Reed

Based off of "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks

25 August 2012

We made a special trip to the library today.

I wanted to get enough reference material, not only to keep us occupied, but also so we could have a passable form of education.

I wanted to get as many DIY help books as I could, Ben wanted to get everything related to Electronics he could find, and Mia wanted to grab some kids movies.

We took one of the 18-wheelers along to bring back everything.

We ended up filling it up almost all the way.

I grabbed some of my favorite books, as well as Mias favorites.

I got all the audiobooks, CD's, movies, and such.

We got the first truck half full, and went to leave. On the way to leave, we remembered the second floor. All but Vasili and I went to the second floor. I remembered about the 1500 capacity fallout shelter below the library. We approached the door, and stood there quietly, listening.

Guns drawn and ready to fire, we knocked on the door. We heard nothing at first.

As we knocked the second time, we heard something on the other side of the door.

Soon, we heard the latch activate, and the door moved a bit. We stepped out of the way as it swung open. There, on the other side of the door was a man, looked to be in his mid 30's.

"What do you want?" he asked.

He looked surprised to see us.

"Just wondering if there was anyone here." I replied.

"A few, yes..." he answered, cautiously, as if trying not to give away much information.

"How many?", Vasili asked.

"A hundred or so." He replied.

"Ok. How are your supplies?" I asked.

"Low. We've been on tight rations." Replied the man.

"How many women and children?" Vasili asked.

"Most of them are women and children." He replied.

"Look. There's a shelter down at Waverly and Saginaw. They can take on at least 800 more. We'll take you over there."

"Y-you'd do that?"

"Yes, we would. Saving lives is what we do."

I went out to the truck, and called back to Delta, requesting a Bus and a box truck to take them to Waverly.

While they loaded up, we began packing up the books into the truck.

Soon, the bus and truck arrived...and following them...thousands of undead.

"Zach, get the truck out of here! Go!"

"I'm on it!"

Zach ran to the semi, and drove off as soon as we had the back doors shut and latched.

Danil, Vasili, Adam, Phil and I took up defensive positions to cover the survivors as they loaded into the Bus.

3 of the more able-bodied men from the Library bunker grabbed guns and helped us.

Erin, Mike and Leanne helped everyone get on the bus.

"Hurry Up! We can't keep them back forever!" I yelled.

"We're going as fast as we can. Give us 5 more minutes." Yelled Mike

I stood up, and looked down Capital Street...More undead were streaming down the street.

"We might not have that long!" I yelled back.

"Get into the truck. Fire from the windows!" I yelled to Vasili, Danil, Adam and Phil.

As they ran to the truck, I ran towards the bus.

"Come on, hurry it up!" I yelled as I helped people get loaded.

Vasili saw me, got out of the truck, and ran towards me, as did Adam.

Danil and Phil continued firing from inside the truck.

"We'll cover you, brother!" Vasili yelled.

"Good!"..I ran into the bunker, and helped the last of the survivors grab their things. I yelled for them to run.

Just as we came to the exit of the building, the undead reached the box truck, as it was pulling away. It smashed all those in it's way as it left.

"Hurry Up!" I yelled as the last 4 people ran to the Bus.

As the last one got in, and the doors closed, the Undead got to the front of the bus.

I yelled for the bus to go as I sprinted to the truck, which was already rolling forward too.

The bus, just like the box truck, smashed into, and ran over several undead, making use of the plows we welded onto the front.

I looked back, as I sat down in the bed of the moving truck...

"Stop!" I yelled.

I saw Adam still in the street, attacking the undead with his machete.

"What, WHAT!?" Vasili yelled.

"Adam! He's still back there!"

"Oh FUCK!"

I hoppped down, and ran towards Adam. As I got closer, I heard him yell at me.

"No, Sergei! No! Go Back!"

He pulled his sidearm out, put it to his temple, and pulled the trigger.

"Shit.." I swore, as I backed away toward the truck.

As they all swarmed in to get a bite of Adam, I got into the truck, and rode back to Delta.

We pulled in, and parked the Semi.

Vasili and Phil went back out to meet up with the bus.

I went to find Mia, as Adam was my Brother-In-Law.

As you would expect, Mia took it hard.

It did comfort her knowing that he died defending us though.

This is, amazingly, our first death in the group.

Someone's been watching over us. God knows any one of us could have been bitten at any time we've been outside the walls.

We will miss you, Adam. Thanks for what you did when you were with us.


30 August 2012

So...this is how it feels.

I've always wondered how living in post-apocalyptic America would feel.

Maybe I'm a bit sheltered because I've been living in this incredible bunker for the past few days, but it's not as difficult as it could be.

I'm extremely fortunate that I met Sergei and his guys when I did.

I'm Kiel, Journalist for Lansing State Journal. Well, I used to be, before the world went to hell. Sergei has been awesome to us, taking us in. We're like family now.

He's been trying to get us to write a bit each day in this journal, so here's my first entry.

I guess I'll start by telling my story, up until our rescue.

I was at work the day it hit. It was a Tuesday, that much I remember. I was on sight at the Capital City Airport covering a plane crash there. I was halfway through the report when I heard screaming coming from behind me, at the crashed plane. I turned to look back, and saw them...these people stumbling around. One slowly moved towards a screaming woman, pinned against a wall...They bit the woman. Tore her limbs off, pulled her guts out...Others soon came over and joined in.

"What the FUCK!" I yelled.

I turned back to look at the camera man, but he had run toward the van.

"Tom, you asshole, wait for me!" I yelled as I sprinted after him.

I didn't make it to the van before they left. I kept running for the exit of the Airport. I got to the terminal, and ran around to the entrance. There was a car sitting there. A Camry, I think it was. Running, no one in it. I hopped in and drove off, as fast as I could, toward my apartment downtown.

When I got there, I locked the door, went to my liquor cabinet and poured myself a shot of Jack. After 2 more shots, I picked up the phone and called in to work, intending to call in sick.

"Lansing State Journal, this is Kim."

"Kim, Can I speak with Lauren, please?"

"Lauren is out at the moment."

"Can I speak with Joe?"

"One moment please."

I waited a minute before I was connected.

"This is Joe." He said, with an obvious stressed-out tone.

"Joe. It's Curtis."

"Kiel! Where the Fuck are you? Where are tom and Kevin?"

"They left me at the Airport, man. They fucking left me with those...things."

"What things?"

"The people...they were eating each other. Like...ripping out guts."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I know what I saw, man."

"Kiel, get in here, man. We need you. We've got a hell of a story going on now."

"I can't, man..."

"What? Why?"

"I've had a few drinks, man."

"Well, call a cab. Get in here as soon as possible."

"Fine...I'll be there."

I grabbed my things, called a cab and waited for it to get there.

When it came, I got it, and went to work.

When I walked in, I went right to my office, closed the door, and got onto the internet to research exactly what it was that was going on.

The second I saw it...

"The Dead Walk!" I read as a headline.

"Oh FUCK!" I yelled...

I got up, went down the hall, to my bosses office.

"Hey, boss."

"Kiel. Thank..." He started.

"I'm leaving. Fuck this job." I said. I turned and left.

When I got out on the street, I called a cab, went back to my apartment, quickly packed some of my things, packed some food and water, and grabbed my handgun.

I left quickly, locked the door, and went down to the waiting cab. I took it down to the library downtown. From there, I went inside, through the metal detectors, and down the stairway to the door labeled "Fallout Shelter".

I tried the door handle...it was unlocked, oddly enough.

I went in, turned on the lights, and looked around.

I explored for a bit, and found the pantry, with enough food to last a month at capacity.

I found the bunks, found one for myself, and put my stuff there. I went back up to the door, and locked it from the inside.

3 days later, people came knocking on the door. I cautiously opened it, and saw about 20 people there, looking desperate. All of them had duffel bags, and the look of fear in their eyes.

"Do you have room for more?" One of them asked.

"Yes...come in." I replied.

I let them in, and locked the door behind them.

I showed them around, and waited for them to get their things set.

Then I asked them what was happening.

"The end of the world, man. That's what." Said one of them.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Undead. People are dying. Not staying dead though." Another said.

"So...you're saying it's zombies?" I asked.

"Yes. Fucking right it's zombies." One of the teenagers said.

"Oh Fucking HELL!" I swore.

2 weeks later, we got 9 more in.

A week after that, Sergei found us, and brought us to Waverly. I opted to go with Sergei to his facility though. I never really liked any of those in my bunker anyway.

I've been appointed as one of the record keepers here in Delta. Also been put with the Main Communications guy, Ben. Nice enough guy, I guess. Sort of quiet, though.

He's got a wife and 2 kids living in the compound. Gives him something to live for.

Me, I've got no one. No wife, no kids, no girlfriend, no siblings, no parents. Hell, I'm the last one left of my family. It's been that way for years. I've dealt with it ok, I guess.

But now, with situations as they are, it's that much more difficult to deal with.

The thing that really bothers me is that Sergei and his people lost someone while saving us. They lost a man. He became one of them, no doubt.

Well...I guess that's it for now. I might post again, I might not. Who knows.


1 September 2012

Nothing new to report. The undead are still out there, and will be for some time.

Not sure on the count at the moment, but I'm guessing it's close to 90 – 95% of the world population. I figure if we stay inside as long as possible, we can wait much of it out. Once winter comes, if it gets cold enough, we can go topside to gather supplies. The cold weather slows the undead down. Most times, they'll even freeze solid. The lack of body heat makes that possible.

Plus, the longer we stay underground, the better the possibility that the undead will leave this facility alone.

We checked in with all our inventory people. Our ammunition supply is at about 60% of what we stocked up on. I'm hoping Ivan still has supplies coming from Russia. Not going to hold my breath, though. I know Waverly has a pretty sizeable arsenal, too. We might have to dip into their supplies.

As grim and morbid as this may be, I'm hoping all of the evacuations will have drawn many of the undead South, away from us. In my opinion, they should all go to Texas. They'll know exactly what do to with them. Killing is a sport down there. I've heard rumors that most of the facilities there are doing well. Also heard they built fuel refineries there too. So, there's fuel available...just not here.

So, if we were to leave, I'd say Texas would be a good destination. I've got friends and clients down there that I keep weekly radio contact with. But I will absolutely not leave here until it is obvious we can't survive here any longer. As long as we have a defensible position here, with adequate supplies, We'll stay.

Our morale is ok, given the circumstances. Everyone has come to terms with what's going on, and most of them are cooperating. Our overall health is excellent, due both to the Vegan diet, as well as the exercise routines, all the physical labor, clean water and a lack of air pollution.

Our food supplies are doing very good, as are our fuel supplies. I figure, at the amount of fuel we have now, we could get from here to Texas and have 25% left. So, using that 25% that we have, I figure that would last us at least a year. Without planning to leave, We have closer to 3 years worth, assuming it will all keep.

Waverly is in a similar situation, aside from the fuel. They have enough fuel for their 2 vehicles and generators. Most of their equipment is powered by Diesel engines running on Bio-Mass fuel made from Algae that they grow in the greenhouses. All of their other vehicles are diesels as well, so they're all set. They ship out 3 or 4 barrels of Bio-fuel every week, along with the produce.

With the 2 communities together, we've got around 450 people total. Eventually, we'll rebuild a town over toward Waverly, once we expand the wall to surround the area. Probably going to build it over where Saginaw road is now. Extend it out North.

Eventually, I'd like to build a circular wall with a 2 mile radius around Waverly. The exact center of Waverly being the center point. Work Delta into the wall.

Forgive me if this seems a bit...lofty. When times are tough, I can't help but think about how things should be. Once things quiet down, it might not be necessary to build a walled city, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

Just some thoughts I had. Never hurts to be looking to the future, right?