ZOMPOC DIARIES: A story of survival

by Matthew J. Reed

Based off of "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks

Friday, 25 March 2011

We arrived back home later than we expected (2200 rather than 2000). Oh well. Shit happens. We got paid well for the jobs we did. We've got a few morel ined up through the summer, too. There's a Huge build in Toronto, 3 smaller builds in Rhode Island, 10 in new york, and a rather odd, elevated above ground bunker in New Orleans...

Monday, we start full on into the Waverly build. Original plans called for a large, fortified concrete hotel above ground, but, after some discussion with a few ex-military friends, I've decided to build it all underground, at the same depth as my bunker (500ft). This will provide needed protection against an almost certain US domestic nuclear strike.

Capacity has been upped from 1500 to 4000. The facility will, unlike mine, be constructed of concrete rather than containers. 7 Levels, each with an inside height of 10 feet. The core framework will be constructed of Steel I-beams welded together. The concrete will be poured around it, forming an extremely stiff and solid support structure. The roof of this bunker will be a large concrete dome, 8 feet thick, designed to support the weight of the tons of dirt above.

Each individual room inside the facility will be built using wood, much like a modern house. This will allow a very flexible floorplan, as well as create a warmer, more home-like place to live. The floors will be elevated to allow for drainage from the concrete. There will be a variety of room layouts, from single occupant to family of 5. Each room will have a full bathroom, bed, entertainment center (resident must supply the TV and equipment...)

The bottom level will consist of storage units for each of the rooms. Each storage unit will be roughly 8' x 10' x 10'.

On the surface, we are building a large greenhouse. It'll cover roughly 3/4ths of the property. Once we smooth out the dirt so it's all level, we're building a concrete foundation, 8 inches thick. It will have recessed areas where the dirt will go on top if it. Raised concrete walkways between every other row of plants. (raised to an inch above the dirt). There will be 10 inches of dirt in each row.

The Greenhouses will produce Fruit, vegetables, corn, wheat, and such. The places where the trees will grow will naturally be much deeper, allowing healthy roots. Probably closer to 20 feet deep. The whole greenhouse will be plumbed to water the plants from both the roof, and down into the soil, insuring the roots get water.

The water will come from the pipeline we'vre yet to build. It'll come from the river, and be buried underground, along the road.

Once the Greenhouses are done, we'll open them to the public (once they start producing). We've already got a sigh out by the road. It reads "Coming Soon: Waverly Gardens Farmers Market". We've even got a cover-up story for why we had to dig out so much dirt...

Being that this was a golf course previously, they used pesticideds and herbicides to kill off the weeds and bugs. These chemicals sank into the soil as deep as 500 feet. So, as the EPA required, we dug it all out, and returned with "New" soil. I say "New" because all we did was poad it into trucks, drive them out of town, do a loop, and come back. Sure, it cost alot in fuel, but it's almost worth the cost in fuel to keep the illusion that we're not building a super-secret bunker under lansing...

The security measures of the facility will be amazing.

I'm planning on building a 20 foot deep, 10 foot wide moat around the whole facility. Concrete walls and floor, vertical sides, opposite wall (inside) will extend 2 feet over the top of the water, at which point there will be leveled dirt for about 6 feet. At the 6 feet, there will be a concrete wall, covered in stone. I had initially planned to have the water circulated in a 10mph current, but that would require far too much power to achieve.

We've got what's known as an Algae farm here as well. Certain Algaes produce considerable biomass, and oil that can be burned in Diesels. Bio-Diesel is the way of the future. Everything will be processed in the lab next to the farmers market.

The final touch for the facility will be the solar panels covering most of the remaining 1.4th of the property, with Wind turbines on the rest. Sure, we've got a good sized parking lot just inside the wall, right next to the actual market building.

I'm sure people will come in and ask "Whats with the wall?"

Our answer...

"Well, we wanted to create a certain atmosphere in our market that you just don't get in the city. We built the wall to keep alot of the noise out. We've got a fully self-sustaining facility here, and would like to invite you to check it out. To see what the future will look like."

We'll be using as many highly-efficient practices as possible. We'll use Geo-Thermal heat, Solar energy, Wind energy, and hydroelectric, from the river.

We're going to have to get a bit more money together to do the hydro plant though. I want to buy at least 2 small hydro-turbines, but I'm not sure how readily available they are.

I"ve got a friend who owns an industrial equipment reconditioning company. I'll give him a call to see if he's got anything.


Saturday, 02 April 2011

The progress on the Waverly facility has been going well. We've got the hole for the facility all dug. We have had to make it bigger to enable the equipment to get in and out. Create ramps and all. It looks like a huge mine.

We've got the holes dug for the foundation posts, the vertical posts in, and the concrete poured for the foundation legs.

Next week, we'll build the forms for the base slab. We've got all of the steel needed to build the skeleton of the facility. We've got some 12 foot by 4 foot sheets of re-bar grid, used for highway construction. We're going to weld that in place between the uprights, and pour concrete around it. It'll be completely rigid. The same goes for the floors, ceilings and pillars inside.

By the end of next week, we should have all of the framework up, and ready for concrete.

We've got a steel staircase connecting the levels, as well as a self-powered elevator. Both of these will extend up to the surface. The elevator will be used primarily to get supplies into the facility, as well as to bring in the injured, but un-infected people.

We've got a whole fleet of concrete trucks scheduled to come out on the 11th to begin pouring the concrete. We're going to use a complex delivery system to prevent the trucks from having to drive down the ramps, to the facility.


Monday, 04 April 2011

More work on the foundation framework this week. Next Monday, we begin pouring concrete. We're going to assemble each level in modular units. Each level will consist of several pre-fabbed sections. They'll be welded together up on the surface, and be lowered in via crane once the foundation is finished. There will be an access tunnel to the bottom floor, for supplies and such. It'll run from the bottom level, all the way to a save exit point west of town, north of the airport. The tunnel exit itself will be disguised as a Diesel Repair Shop. The exit inside the building (north of the airport) will consist of the concrete from the tunnel itself, and a heavy set of iron doors. They are hinged to open from the inside, and swing out. There's a heavy wooden beam that slides into place on the inside of the tunnel as well.

We'll be using tunnel boring equipment similar to those used to dig subway tunnels. I've got friends in New York who have been working on the Subway system for a while, and have been key people in the subway expansion project. They're doing the tunnel build. They'll be here Friday to lower the boring machine in before the foundation is poured. They'll begin to dig just enough to get the boring machine out of the way of pouring concrete. Starting next Wednesday, They'll begin the whole boring process. The tunnel will be lined with concrete sections, adding immense strength to the walls of the tunnel. They'll have to dig down quite a bit to miss the river. They'll get lined up with Waverly road eventually, and follow it out, under the airport, and to the Exit. From the airport, they'll have to adjust the machine to bore uphill.

I'm almost afraid to see the total amount of money we will have sunk into this whole build, both mine and the Waverly Facility. I'm guessing the numbers will be upwards of 300 , James sees this as an absolutely necessary thing. I'm going to agree.


Monday, 11 April 2011

The Drill came over the weekend. Huge son-of-a-Bitch. 20 feet around, on some massive Crawler tracks. The thing is roughly 50 feet long, with conveyor systems and all to move the dirt out. The concrete panel-layer is hooked right behind it. Pre-Formed concrete sections are layed behind the Boring Machine, fastened together with Re-Rod and more concrete. Each section has a re-enforced re-rod grid inside. They all seem to interlock with each other like legos. Rather than start on Wednesday, they're starting the boring today. Their prevous plan changed due to cancelation of another project.

We had to wait until the borer got far enough along that it was out of the way of the build crew. Once that was set, we set up the conveyor system they brought along to bring the dirt up and out of the hole.

They tell me it should be close to 3 weeks before they break through the ground on the other end. At that point, they'll just load it onto the trucks that brought it here.

This tunnel was not part of the original plan, so it has become a far more complicated project than originally planned. They'll have to essentially dive once they hit Waverly road, so they can avoid the river.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Got some decent progress on the Waverly build. So far, We've got the foundation poured, the basement level curing, the tunnel integrated into the Basement, or Level -4, 300 yards complete on the tunnel, steel structure assembled and in place for pouring Level -3 (Top level is level 0).

Aside from the build, everything seems normal. I've had a keen eye on the news, both mainstream and underground, Domestic and International, Friend and enemy. Nothing out of the ordinary in the way of unexplained mass killings, canibalism, or any other sign of undead. There was, however, an odd story of some Cult in Northern California. Mass-suicide. Odd thing was, with some investigation, they were apparently trying to contact some long-dead "deity", some way to get back to their home world...Bunch of Gullible Retards.

On a different note, I've been in contact with some family and friends back home in Moscow. Got an order in for some surplus equipment. Not much, but, it'll help out. Mostly night-vision goggles, Bio-suits and cold-weather gear. Should be about a month before it gets here.


Monday, 18 April 2011

Hit a HUGE snag in our build. Our main concrete supplier was hit by a pretty strong Tornado last night. It'll be weeks before it's back up and running. Now I've got to find another source.



Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Found a new supplier. Closer, too. They're out of Charlotte, a town southwest of here about 25 minutes. They've begun delivering the concrete. We've got level -2 poured, including all of the internal walls. Framing up everything beforehand makes everything go so much smoother. 2 levels left to go before we can pour the stairwell shaft going topside.

I went to the Military base down the road today. Talked to the Officer in Charge, Post Commander Cecil Rodriguez. Informed him of our projects, and that he and his officers were both welcome and expected at Waverly. It would be a far more defensable base than their facility..at least, against the undead. He thanked me for my time, and said he'd consider it, though I doubt he'll actually come. The military, while a welcome sense of protection, can be pretty thick-headed. I'm betting that they won't abandon their own base.

Oh well. Their funeral. I'll feel no pitty if they don't take me up on their offer.

If they don't, I've got word out to the organization that I get my guns from. They're known simply as "Shadow". They'll be more than willing to operate as protection, assuming they get out of it what they want. I'm assuming they'll want at least partial control of Waverly. They are an organization that operates under the radar. Dealing only after dark, in the places you wouldn't expect: High-income neighborhoods or their own homes. I'm told they have deep connections to the Russian Underground in California, New York and Most of Europe. Most of the members are Russian or Eastern European. None of them hold day jobs, have bank accounts or any sort of documentation in the system. Oh, they have papers. They just keep them to themselves. They have their own doctors, pharmacists, and such.

They make good money trafficing the things that the US Goverment feels are...unsafe for the general public. Guns, Ammunition, Cocaine, Marijuana and such, among other more...lucrative things that I'm not Privy to. It'll stay that way, too.

They have an extremely wide-reaching network of watchers, observing everything that goes on everywhere; "Homeless" spies all the way up to Politicians, Secret Service Agents, CIA, FBI, ATF, and international equivalents. Hell, they've even got people in NASA and the like. They can find out anything about anyone, at any time using many, many sources.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

More progress made last week. Level -2 is finished, -1 is almost done. And level 0 is being prepped. The Stairwell has been framed up, the Elevator Shafts have been installed, The Tunnel is now Under the river, and an access stairwell to my property has been started.

Ran into several minor snags with the Boring machine. It's blown several Hydraulic lines to the point where we've had to replace all but 2. We're hoping those 2, being newer, will hold.

Also, we've been told by the Military, Local PD and US Customs that we're not allowed to tunnel UNDER the Airport. So now, we've got to edit the coordinates so it is routed around the East-end of the Airport. Damn Red Tape.

This means, however, It'll go under the Military Base. So, we could build a stairwell to that base as well.

On the stairwell to my facility, I'm installing explosive charges to collapse the stairwell should the undead make it into the tunnel. The access will also be on the outside of my wall rather than inside.

I'll let the Waverly Defense Team worry about weaponry. I've Decided against having any of my weaponry kept at Waverly. Figured they can provide their own.


Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Borer has made it past my bunker. Wasn't told by the crew. I could tell by the mass amounts of vibrations registered on the Seismograph. Also, a few things fell over in the bunker. Now we've got to get the stairwell squared away.

Apart from that...we've got a few other projects happening.

Nothing major, though. Most of them involve working on the trucks.

One of the overland trucks is getting a new "old" diesel with mechanical fuel injection.

Also, I picked up an SVT Raptor from an auction. Less that 15000 miles on the clock. Was a Repo. That's getting a Cummins Swap. The motor in it will probably be sold off.

Also picked up a pair of UTV's.


Friday, 6 May 2011

The tunnel has reached Grand River road.

Now, to route around the Airport. The shop is built where the exit will be, the stairwells at key points along the tunnel are in progress, and the wiring along the tunnels for cameras, ventilation and lighting. We're considering not paying mind to the airport securitys demand for us to go around the airport. If we go deeper, we shouldn't have a problem. I'm thinking we might. Mostly to save time.

Got word from the Shadow organization. They'll be moving into the Waverly Facility throughout the next few months. It'll become, essentially, their new base of operations, though will be known only to those in the organization, myself, and a select few others. I've instructed them that while in the facility, they can wear their identifying clothing, but must not attract attention to what the facility is. They have agreed. Also, I'm still in charge of the facility, but I've appointed their leader, Ivan, as Governor of the facility. He'll have to simply abide by, and enforce the simple set of rules I set up. Not too difficult.


Monday, 9 May 2011

The Shadow crew has begun to move into the Waverly facility. I've given them about 75% control. The only rules are that they have to supply us with enough fresh produce, they must be ready to defend the facility against Rioters, undead and Government employees, with the exception of the military. They also must allow anyone from the outside, not trying to cause the facility harm, inside, and give them solace from the onslaught.

They agreed to these terms, and moved in.

The new Mid-State organization boss Ivan Putlova is in charge.

Formerly the 2nd in command to the Detroit Boss, he was assigned to this station.

We'll see how it goes.


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I've got a few jobs set up out of state for Most of the rest of the year, and into february of next. Working in places like California, Minnesota, Washington state, Oregon and even Nevada. I'm taking the crew with me. Mia wanted to go, but I need someone to keep Delta running. I trust her more than anyone else that I'm leaving there.

I leave on Monday, so Mia will be posting, if she remembers. So will the others, if they feel so inclined. Until I'm back, if there are no posts, do not assume the worst.


Monday, 16 May 2011

Leaving today. Will be driving first to Washington state, then oregon, then Minnesota, then Nevada, and finishing up in California. Gonna be a long 10 and a half months...

Until next time.