ZOMPOC DIARIES: A story of survival

By Matthew J. Reed

Based off of "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Got back from our series of builds last night.

We got a huge payoff for the whole thing.

I want to keep my money safe, for when we rid the world of the undead.

Considering buying up a bunch of Gold Bricks with the money I've got both from the builds, and in the bank.

In the next week, we're going to get to the doctors office, and make sure we're all healthy.

I've got a gut feeling that something big is going to go down in the next few weeks.

I'm not feeling good about this..so I want to get checked out while the doctors are still easy to find.

Got a long day ahead. Will post later on tonight.



Met with a gold broker this afternoon.

Purchased 25 1kg gold bricks at $10,000 each (their current gold value)

They're kept in my safe in my bunker.

Will get more as I need them.

Doctor visits on Monday, Tuesday and a dentist visit on Wednesday.


Friday, 6 April 2012

Mia and I both have clean bill of health, and our teeth have been well cared for.

We've got the safe full of gold bullion now.

I picked up another safe to begin filling that up too, assuming we'll be coming across more once the zompoc hits.

We'll see.

While out on our builds, I was researching some of the things people have done to prepare. Odd...noly a few thought to build bunkers.

Most people who are prepping have merely stockpiled food and ammo.

There's one guy out in California that built a bunker, and has been living in it for the past 4 years, totally off the grid, using "borrowed" internet spliced off of his neighbors line.


Also, while on the way back to michigan, we met A doctor and his wife, a nurse. We mentioned what we did, and why we did it, and they seemed interested in staying in the bunker. Told they they were welcome any time. The Williams, I think.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Saw a news braudcast today. Apparently, people are excited about the Gardens. They interviewed a few people. Most of them seem to think it's a good idea, though they find the wall around it a bit..odd. As they should.

I hate to refer to the human race as "Sheeple", or implying that they have lost their ability to think for themselves, or form their own opinions, and now just follow the crowd, do whats popular, or what everyone else is doing, simply to feel accepted, but that's exactly what a majority of the population have become. Mostly the younger generation. People under 24. I'm afraid they;ll see whats happening, and not take it seriously, think it's some sort of simulation or an ad for a video game or movie. I'm afraid they'll "Occupy" DC, protesting the mass killings. Then, the crowds will become undead themselves...