"Ikuto!" A seven-year-old pinkette called, running into the park.

"Hi, Amu." A eight-year-old blue-haired boy replied, jumping off of a tree limb. Amu ran up and hugged him, tight.

"Uh, Amu.. I have to tell you something." Ikuto said, letting his bangs fall into his face, covering his eyes.

"Yes?" Amu asked, her eyes sparkling.

"I'm.. moving."

"..What? No! You can't leave me!" Amu shouted, eyes glazed over with tears.

"I'm sorry, Amu. But my dad got into the orchestra overseas.. But I'll be back soon," He replied, trying to cheer up the girl, note; trying.

"I guess.. when are you leaving, Ikuto?" Ikuto shifted uncomfortably, looking anywhere but her eyes.

"Uhh.. I'm leaving in an hour.."


An awkward silence fell upon them, begging to be broken.

"Well, I guess we'll see each other some other day, right?" Ikuto asked, looking at his watch for the time. Ugh, I have to go in 10 minutes.. Ikuto thought.

"Yeah.. Just.. promise me you won't forget me?" Amu asked, sticking out her pinky-finger.

"I won't forget you." He locked their fingers together with his.

10 years later –

"Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentleman. We'll be landing in five minutes."

Finally.. I wonder how much Amu has changed.. or.. is she even still there? Ikuto thought, looking outside the plane's window.

"Ikuto-nya! I can't wait to see your hometown." Ikuto's cat-chara, Yoru said.

– With Amu –

"Great, I've got another job to do today, huh?" A seventeen-year-old pinkette asked no one in particular; putting her arms behind her head, yawning.

Hmm.. I wonder how Ikuto's doing; when is he going to come back? Amu thought, walking into Easter.

"Hello, Ms. Hinamori." The woman at the desk told Amu, not bothering to look up from her magazine.

"Yo," Amu walked over to the elevator, on her way to Gozen's office.

"Hinamori," Gozen said, looking at his office doors.

"Yo, Gozen. What's my job today?" The pinkette asked, sitting in a chair with her legs crossed.

"Destroy more X-Eggs. You'll be doing a concert too,"

"Whatever.. anyways, where's my chara's?" Amu asked, glaring at the wall.

"Oh, they're done being tested on," Gozen snapped his fingers, and an assistant walked in, her chara's in their egg's sitting on a tray. Large X's each egg.

"Ran, Miki, Suu, come out." Amu looked over at the three X-Eggs.

"Well, anyways.. I'm out."

With Ikuto, one week later –

"Ikuto, honey! Get ready for school!" Ikuto's mother shouted from downstairs.

Great.. more well, I might get to see Amu! Ikuto thought, grinning.

"Come on, Yoru. We're going to school." Ikuto walked out of the front door; after saying goodbye to his mother.

Ikuto POV –

On my way to school, Seiyo High School, I could of sworn I saw a flash of pink.. Oh well, we'll just have to find out if she goes here too.

"Ikuto~nya, I sense some other guardian-chara's here!" Yoru looked around, grinning to himself.

Hmm.. I wonder who else has chara's. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and turned around to a boy that looked like a Gay-Prince.. Haha, this is going to be fun.

"Yo," I said, looking at him. Hey, maybe he knows if Amu goes here.

"Hello, my name is Tadase Hotori. I see you have a chara.. would you like to join the Guardians?" The gay-prince asked, looking at me.

"Uhh.. sure.. I guess." I wasn't all to sure what this 'Guardian' stuff was, but I guess I could join.

"Great! Meet us at the Royal Garden after school!"


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