Weightless, Chapter Three;


"Amu?!" I accidentally shouted, running her direction. The girl, Amu, turned around and my eyes me those golden-orbs that I know oh-so-well.



"Amu.. I missed you so mu-" Ikuto was cut off by a certain Hotori.

"Tsukiyomi-san! What are you doing, talking to that devil!" Tadase shouted; running up to them.

"Devil?" Ikuto murmured, tilting his head in confusion.

"Yes! Devil! She works for Easter and you're a Guardian, we're enemies."

"Oh, piss off, Kiddy King." Amu growled.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Oh great, now we're late for class. Let's go, Kyo!" Amu ran towards the school entrance.

- Amu's POV -

That damn Kiddy King! He just had to go there and ruin it! I can't believe Ikuto's back.. Well, he's apart of the guardian's now, hm? Guess we're enemies now. Oh well. I was born to break rules.

"-mu. Amu. Amu!" Kyo shouted. Oh, did I mention IN MY EAR?

"Huh? Oh.. Kyo. Hi."

"Well, I'm leaving for Math, see ya later." Kyo said, walking off.

- Time Skip, after school; Royal Garden -

"So.. Amu's our 'enemy' just because she works for.. what's that company.. Easter?" Ikuto asked, stressing the word 'enemy'.

"Yes! They're creating a bunch of X-Eggs and destroying them!" Tadase replied.


- Ikuto POV -

Why's she doing this? Doesn't she know she's ruining a lot of kid's dreams? This can't be Amu.. she would never do this.. but then again, I was gone for 10 years..

I sighed, well, I guess I'll have to find out later.

"Ikuto-nya! I sense some X-Eggs!" Yoru said, sitting on my shoulder.

"Me too." Kiseki, Tadase's chara joined in.

"Let's go! Oh, Tsukiyomi-san?" Nagihiko asked, looking over a me.


"Can you chara-change?"

"Yep." I replied; I guess we're going to go purify X-Eggs now.

- Time Skip, Amu's POV -

Here I am. Sitting alone. At the park. Well, might as well make some X-eggs and find that damn embryo.

I sighed and leaned against a tree, getting a deep breath before singing;

((Listen to Built For Sin by Framing Hanley -cover-; it's against the rules to post lyrics^^))

"Come on, they're over here!" I heard Tadase shout. Now I can see his silhouette running towards the X-Eggs around me. Haha, this is going to be fun.

"Miki. Character change."

(A/N: Ugh; Miki is one of Amu's chara's. I just forgot to put her in chapter one, I'll change that later.. I'm lazy)

"Okay.." Miki replied. She didn't have that cheery or happy voice anymore, it was more gloomy and bored.

In a swirl of colors, I became 'Amulet Spade'.

"Amu.." I heard Ikuto whisper. Oh, how I wish I could talk to him..

"Cutie, sweetie, love baby!" Yuiki Yaya, Ace's chair shouted. In a flash of white she was standing next to Ikuto and Rima in her Dear Baby transformation.

"Black Canvas.." I murmured, so only my chara's could hear.

Before Yaya could react, she was thrown to the ground by Amu's attack.

"Chara-change, Black Lynx!" Ikuto said before character changing.

They think they could actually beat me?

Wow.. they're pathetic. Oh well.

I looked over and saw Ikuto's chara-change. I giggled and asked, "Ikuto, is your wish to be a perverted-looking-kitty?"

"Wha- No!" I swear I saw a tinge of pink on his cheeks.. oh well; no time for reuniting now. I felt something in my pocket vibrate. Sliding my hand in my right-pocket, I pulled out my cell-phone that Kazuomi gave me.

"Yo? Make it quick, I'm in the middle of a 'fight' right now.." I quietly chuckled. It's not really a fight when you're fighting against people you could easily beat.

"Hinamori! Get down to Easter, now! You've got some work to do!" I heard my 'boss' yell on the other line.

"Okay, okay.." I shut my phone and placed it back inside my pocket.

"Well; gotta go, Guardians. See ya."

"Hey! You can't just back out in the middle of a fight!" Tadase shouted. So, Kiddy King thinks he can beat me, huh?

Chuckling, I replied, "Yes.. watch me. Bye Iku-kun!" I giggled at everyone's expressions.

- Ikuto's POV -

Amu chuckled and replied, "Yes.. watch me. Bye Iku-kun!" She giggled and ran off.

Did she just call me Iku-kun? Haven't heard that in a long time.. Man, I really need to talk to her.

"Yo, Joker, did you know Hinamori in the past or something?" Kukai asked, looking at me.

"Yup. We used to be best-friends when I was eight."

"Wow.. was she always like this? I mean; trying to hurt other people and all that?" Tadase asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No.. I really don't know what would've made her turn out like this.. I was gone for ten years, anyways." I whispered the last few words, frowning a bit.

"Well, I think we should go home now. Bye everyone!" Tadagay said, waving then walking away. Oops, did I say Tadagay? I meant Tadase.

I sighed and walked towards my house.

"Amu.. what happened.."

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