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So Yi Jeong sighed. He lightly touched the potter's wheel and thought about their meeting in the museum earlier.


"I wasn't your air." She stated.


"I wasn't the air, Yi Jeong." She continued with a gentle half-smile on her face. "I was probably more like the wind, which you mistook for air. Being the wind, even I didn't realise it myself. I thought, if you wanted it, I could stay there as long as you wanted." She turned back to face Yi Jeong.

"I don't understand what you're saying."

"For wind, once they leave a place, they can't return to it. Yi Jeong yah, go and look for your air." With that, she turned to leave, but Yi Jeong caught her arm.

"Promise me you won't disappear again like last time. Promise me."

She laughed, saying, "I won't. I promise."

Yi Jeong relaxed slightly. "Then I have a chance. Cha Eun Jae, I swear I'll get you back one day."

Eun Jae was always the one who managed to find him in the end. She was the only one. This time, there would be a switch in roles and he would find her and hold on tight.

Ga Eul… She was the wind. He frowned, remembering all the false hopes he had given her. He would have to work hard to make her give up. I'll probably break her heart, he realised with a pang of guilt. But it can't be helped. Getting up from the bench, he headed towards the door and got into his flashy orange sports car with a destination in mind. The porridge shop.

(Ga Eul)

Ga Eul absent-mindedly swiped the cloth over the table a few times, unaware that she had already repeated the same action for the past few minutes. Her thoughts travelled back to the pottery workshop. Why did Yi Jeong sunbae seem so agitated just now? What did that tile mean to him? Unless… A horrible thought struck Ga Eul. Before she had any more time to dwell on it, a soft tingling from the door interrupted her.

"Welc—" She started to bow, then straightened up hastily after realizing that it was So Yi Jeong. "Yi Jeong sunbae!" She greeted him warmly. " What are you doing here? Is there… is there anything you need to tell me?" Her dark brown eyes searched his pale face for answers, evident fear flashing in them.

She must know, Yi Jeong realised in desperation. Well, all the better, I can get this over and done with. The cold-hearted Casanova in him returned. He stepped forward. "Ga Eul, since you're my friend, I ought to tell you this. Recently, I found my childhood…" He paused before proceeding, "sweetheart and I intend to be with her again. For all these time I have been caring for you, I merely treated you like I would any other girl. So, I hope you won't have any fantasies about us getting together." He finished harshly, bracing himself for Ga Eul's reaction.

Surprisingly, she simply nodded and managed a faint smile. "Of course not, sunbae. I wish you luck with your childhood friend." Yi Jeong noted that she refused to use the word 'sweetheart' but was glad that she had not made a fuss. Once again, he marveled at her self-control over matters. But then again, with Chu Ga Eul, everything is to expected.

Inclining his head curtly, he stepped out of the door and was gone in a flash, his sport car roaring down the street.

Ga Eul's head spun, and she gripped the edge of the table. So unnie was sunbae's childhood sweetheart. The realization left her cold and empty. Her naïve mind was unable to wrap around the fact that Yi Jeong had 'abandoned' her. What would happen to all those time we spent together? All the pretend dates? She thought, reeling in shock. Recalling Yi Jeong's brusque words, she muttered bitterly, "Of course, only pretend. I was just someone he turned to for temporary relief. A relief shelter." A hollow laugh escaped her at the irony.

Suddenly, she wished someone was here for her. Anyone would be fine. Jan Di, any of the F4, just a random stranger would do. She sunk into a chair and putting her head in her hands, silent tears started to slide down her cheeks. The bell at the door rang unexpectedly; Ga Eul caught the scent of expensive men's perfume.

Wiping her tears with the back of her hand, she turned and saw someone she least expected. "Sunbae!"

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