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Yi Jeong ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He had, yet again, brought Eun Jae out. First, to his museum, then to his workshop, and remembering Eun Jae's fondness for cakes in a particular café, he even put aside his dislike away for common cafés and took her there. She had rejected him, not unlike all their previous dates. Of course Eun Jae wouldn't think of it as dates, but Yi Jeong reminded himself that it would soon be. After all, I'm the Casanova. Surely, Eun Jae will fall for me?

The rain pattered outside his car window and he maneuvered his car through the seemingly deserted streets. Turning his head slightly to the side, he caught sight of movement down one of the alleys. From his rain-dotted window, he could vaguely trace with his eyes blurry outlines of three people moving awkwardly in front of a wall. Yi Jeong stopped his car to watch and he shook his head in amusement. Even if he was drunk, he wouldn't do such a stupid thing. Besides, he could hold his liquor fairly well.

Wait… He frowned, peering hard through the curtain of mist and rain. Is that someone against the wall? Carried faintly over the noise of rain was a sharp scream. It sounds like Ga Eul-shii. No, it can't be. After this morning, she should be huddling in her room, crying. Another scream pierced the night and Yi Jeong perceived desperation and familiarity in that scream. It is Ga Eul-shii! Yi Jeong thought in horror. Ignoring the rain, he got out of the car and started towards her. "Ga Eul-shii!" Half-running towards her, he called out her name repeatedly. That foolish girl! The dumb country bumpkin! What is she doing in such a place at such a time?!

Somewhere at the back of his mind, he wondered why he was ruining his favourite Armani suit for a girl who he had just dumped.

(Ga Eul)

"What do you want?" Ga Eul shouted at them, her grip on the iron pole tightening. The wind whipped her hair and the burly-looking three drunkards, looked her up and down appreciatively. "What do we want, darling?" The middle one took a step forward and asked, a nasty grin widening on his face. "You want money? Is that it? Take my whole purse," Ga Eul refused to think about the implicit meaning of the man's question and dug into her pocket for the purse before throwing it at him. "And get lost! Before… before I scream for help!" She attempted to sound bold, but her empty threat was lost in the howl of the wind.

The three men laughed derisively. "Scream! Go on, see who's here to help you!" As one, they moved with deliberate slowness. Ga Eul screamed. "Don't come near!" The middle drunkard raised his hand and slapped Ga Eul's face. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion and she felt a searing pain across her cheek. She screamed once more, hoping wildly for someone to appear. As if answering her pleas, she heard a voice calling her name. "Yi Jeong sunbae!" She yelled out without a moment's thought. "Yi Jeong sunbae!" Her heart clenched. Is it possible? Is So Yi Jeong here?

"Shut up! Stop calling for your sunbae! No one's here to help you!" In a moment of confusion, she raised the iron pole and brought it hard onto the back of the guy wearing a red Nike cap. The man doubled over in pain and crumpled to the ground. His buddy next to him in baggy jeans hollered in rage. "You shrew!" A fierce punch was delivered to her jaw and she felt the iron pole being snatched from her hand. Once again, an excruciating pain shot through her jaw and she cupped it tenderly.

"I'll teach you!" Someone else grabbed her coat and flung it to the ground. Ga Eul struggled valiantly, trying her best to bite the hand that was clamping over her mouth. She felt her sleeve being torn out and the hard droplets of rain pelting painfully down on her bare arm. As she kicked out, feeling triumph wash over her as she felt her foot come into contact with someone's leg.

Looking up through her hazy vision, she saw the man with baggy jeans leering at her. He seized her collar and started slobbering down her neck. Convulsing in disgust, Ga Eul kneed him in the stomach and stumbled down the alley, only to be caught back by the roots of her hair. She cried out in agony, her plea reverberating through the desolate alley. Black spots began dancing in her line of vision and Ga Eul fought to stay conscious. Please, just let anyone come now! Because she knew, very soon, she would be utterly defenseless.

(Yi Jeong)

His coat flapping ridiculously behind him, Yi Jeong dashed around the corner just in time to see Ga Eul being pulled back. She pitched back against the brick wall and the three drunkards advanced on her menacingly, their fingers outstretched eagerly as Ga Eul slumped to the ground. His eyes widened in panic and his right leg was extending towards her when he heard the clicking of boots against the cold concrete floor. A second later, he saw a tall figure brush past him from the opposite corner, the stranger's leg rising up to deliver a powerful kick to the nearest drunkard.

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