Hello It's Clara!

My Favorite stories on Fanfiction are the ones that are full of mini oneshots with meaning.

For example Trice by Whythis

It's a great lineup of stories that are really fun to read.

So I thought that I'll give it a go myself!


Love At First Sight

Ethan Morgan never believed in love at first sight. He thought it was a pesky saying that they used in those stupid chick flicks and rom-coms. There was also Benny. But Benny was different. It was love at first sight for him and every girl in the whole darn school. So that didn't really count as love at first sight. It was probably more along the lines of flirt at first sight.

Ethan had never been really good with girls either. He'd had a crush on a few girls in Elementary and Middle school, but they all rejected him because he was a geek. But he did want to at least date a girl in High School, preferably a hot one. And Ethan didn't care if she wasn't "The Love Of his Life", he just wanted a girl interested in him. That is why he wanted to have a good reputation and not have his best friend ruin it for him.

Ethan Morgan Never believed in love at first sight.

But when he accidentally dropped the tray on that girl in the lunchroom.

He finally believed.

I hope you liked it...

Yes, it supposed to be short :D

But that means I can make more quicker :D

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