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Endings and Beginnings

Endings weren't really what Sarah considered happy.

Like the ending of her being a human. She couldn't stand it. It was terrible. it was always full of change and mode rations to her usual way of life.

Endings were a change.

She hated change.

And now she was graduating. The biggest change of all. She was graduating. Without Benny, without Rory, without Ethan.

"Sarah? What are you doing? Erika is looking everywhere for you!" She heard a voice ask. Ethan's voice.

"I'm just not feeling it."

Ethan came and sat next to her. "But Sarah! There are people waiting for you! This is the biggest step in our lives! This your graduation!"

"Thats the point."


"It's graduation Ethan! It's the end! It's the end of all of the fun we had! It's the end of our adventures! It's the end of chasing vampires and other weird creatures. It's the end of Erika calling you dorks! It the end of everything! The end of Rory saying weird comments! The end of Benny just being an idiot but raising our spirits anyways! It's the end of us!"

There was a pause. Ethan blushed listening to her last few words. He scratched his back and chuckled nervously.

"But Graduation is a tradition."

"A human tradition Ethan. What is a vampire supposed to do after high school?"

Ethan chuckled again. " You can wait for Benny... You can wait for me. We'll help you out. You can always see us, you can always help us in our adventures."

"I do a little more than help Ethan."

Ethan laughed nervously, blushing again.

Sarah smiled. "You're right. I'll wait for you guys. I'll probably convince Erika to do it too. Then we can go on the adventure of the future together."

"You wanna go back?"

"I like it here."

Sarah gently put her head on Ethan's shoulder. He blushed madly. She giggled.

There, with him right next to her.

She found her beginning.

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