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"You idiot! Ethan I expected more from you! This is something I would have expected Benny to do! Not you! And keeping it away from me? For all of this time! Ethan Morgan! You really didn't expect that it would come back to haunt you any time soon? You know how much time we wasted on that! I wanted to have a calm, normal day! And look what you turned it into!"

Ethan watched as Sarah paced around the room angrily. Well, yes, she did have a reason to be mad and he understood that. But he was also kind of scared. Any time now she would turn into a crazy psycho vampire and start to attack him.

What had happened was quite simple and to tell you the truth, stupid. Ethan was looking for a silver ball and Benny was looking for a way to destroy it. They both went seperatly. Ethan, who's mission had gone much smoother than Benny, got home early and left the ball untended for quite some time. Little did he know a black some escaped from it and turned innocent townspeople into crazy vampires. Luckily, with a lot of help from Sarah, they got rid of it and broke the silver ball. And Ethan was still looking for a cure, and after using it on Sarah, he could use it on all of the poor innocent people.

"I mean, it's a dark object! You don't leave a freakin' dark object alone for like 5 hours. Seriously Ethan! I thought you were a Geek! I thought you were smart." Sarah paused, putting some hair behind her ears. "Plus, I am so tired of always saving the world for you guys! You guys act like small babies who break things and don't even know how to fix them."

Ethan was now paying less attention to what Sarah was saying, and more attention her her. She looked really pretty. When she got mad, her eyes started to glow and looked like shining orbs. Her eyebrows scrunched in a really cute way and she was always running her hand down her perfect hair.

"Because seriously if you can't take care of a stupid silver ball, what can I trust you to do? I just can't believe you did that! It's so stupid, so empty minded! It just infuriate-"

"You look pretty when you're angry."

Sarah stopped and her face softened, "Hum... Thanks."

Ethan smiled at her, Sarah barely smiled back, looking into his eyes. Then she shook her head and broke the trance while still stuttering

"Now hum... W-W-What was I saying?"

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