Odango = Dumpling

Musume = Daughter

Shoujo Ai = girl/girl Love

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko-sama. Only the plot is mine.


She just had to get out. Despite the fact she was seriously ill, despite the fever raging through her body, she had to get out, before another argument could erupt. Even though a certain petite blonde-haired woman had proved herself in battle against them. Even though they had pledged their loyalty to the girl. Even though only she in the end had been able to take down Galaxia. Michi still did not believe in Serena fully as the Princess. The major crux of the matter, being that the odango-headed girl accepted Amara and her homo-sexuality. She had even gone so far as to accuse Amara of falling in love with the girl again, just as she had during the Silver Millennium.

When Amara had stiffened, Michelle knew she had guessed correctly. "Damn it Amara, don't you see how badly this could turn out! Don't you remember how Queen Serenity forced them to marry, after she caught him helping you two to hide your love affair? Don't you remember how the Queen hated homosexuals? Even you yourself figured out a long time ago the inners truly do remember that time, which is why they work so hard to keep you two apart. Just because she seems to accept, what you are does not mean she does. How can you be sure it is not a ploy to get you to lower your guard and show your true feelings? How can you be sure, she won't in the future use it against you?"

Amara finally had enough of her cousins ranting and raving, slapping the other girl, she snarled. "Yes I do remember, all of it. However, the real question is this. What has always bugged you more about this Michi? The fact she had has and will always accept me for who I am. Despite what her mother tried to teach her. Alternatively, is it the fact he, he meaning Darien. Would always choose to be married to his own cousin over you. Even though he did not love her. Is it the jealousy you have always held, or are you truly worried?" Amara paused a moment then sighed. She had had enough of Michi's paranoia. "I want you out of my house before I get back. I cannot take any more of your drama. When you can answer the questions honestly, no matter what the answers may be, you can come back. However, until then, I want you and your things gone."

After nearly two weeks of unrelenting heat, even at night. Amara was surprised by just how cool it was this night. Taking as deep a breath as she could, Amara smiled when she smelt rain on the air. "Finally, a good storm is just what we need. I just hope Kitten is asleep before it hits." Amara was not sure at first just how long she had walked. She just knew she had walked too far and too long when a sudden wave of dizziness had her collapsing on a park walkway. The dizziness and fever had the tomboy so deep into her own disjointed thoughts that when a pair of hands helped her to stand and head back in the general direction she had come from she was grateful.

That is until she realized she had been lead to a completely secluded and darkened area of the park, with several other pairs of hands joining the first pair. Too ill to fight back properly the tomboy spent the next couple of hours being beaten and defiled in the worst possible way any woman could be. Her pain and humiliation ending when she thankfully passed out. The six men made the mistake of relaxing their guard when the woman passed out. The Sword of Uranus was a sentient entity under the control of the Royal Uranus bloodline. When she lost consciousness, Amara lost control of the sword. Sensing its mistress was about to die by the hands of those evil men, the sword showed itself and reacted to protect the life of its mistress.

Quicker than the human eye could follow, it cut a bloody path, and did not stop until the pieces of the men were so miniscule that they could never be identified. It then laid itself across her prone form and encased her in a magical bubble that would hide her from unwanted attention. Being as close to her as it was though, the sword could feel its mistress had given up hope, and was dying anyway. Therefore, just as it was beginning to rain, the sword sent out a silent prayer that the princess its mistress loved would sense the distress of the Uraniun and come running to her aid.

A couple miles away at the Crown a certain couple was enjoying one of their so called dates. So called meaning, that Darien normally dropped her off at a museum or the latest art gallery opening, while he went somewhere away from the prying eyes of the inners with his boyfriend. This was an arrangement that worked great for both of them. Serena got to do the things she truly enjoyed without the others interference, and Darien got private time with his man. This evening though the two young men were trying to give the girl with a very cute hair-style, some advice on how to approach a certain tomboy with hair so light a blonde it could be considered white. Three or four times Luna watched silently as her charge would stand, prepared to go try out an idea. Only to chicken out and sit again. Until even sweet natured Andrew finally had enough of the girls waffling. "For the love of Christ Serena! It is time for you to grow up, grow a pair and just tell her how you feel! Even if she doesn't share your feelings she has a right to know!"

Luna loved it when her charge went on these so called dates, because she got to keep her personal magic fresh by returning to her true human form for a few hours at a time. A tactic started when they, meaning the inners had accidentally interrupted a supposed double date with Serena, Darien, Andrew and his girl. Luna had had fun sneaking off and coming back as a human girl whose supposed name was Reika. Of course, at the moment, the Mau was seriously considering returning to her cat form so she could scratch out his eyes for daring to yell at the girl she considered her musume. Yet still, Luna knew the young man was right. Joining the girl in the walkway next to the table, she brushed away a stray tear on the girls cheek. "Sere-hime, you know me, so you know I hate admitting when someone who is not me is right. But he is right, you know. You need to tell Amara how you truly feel. Both you and her have the right to know what is felt and what may not be."

Serena knew her dear friends were right, and would have admitted it too, if she had not changed into the princess without warning, when at the same time her body suddenly felt as if it were on fire, especially the area over her heart. Even her wings felt as though they had their own thoughts, itching as if they burned with the need to fly. Though he knew their secrets, and had from the start, Andrew still knocked over a chair when he stood from surprise. "Luna, what is wrong? Why did she become the princess!" Gripping surprised and trembling shoulders snuggly Luna told the girl. "Listen Princess Serena, there is something you must know."

"Long ago during the Silver Millennium, when you were just a newborn, Pluto came to me with a warning. Most of which I still cannot pass on to you as you have to find out on your own. However, what I can tell you is that Plutos warning lead Artemis and me to place an enchantment upon you. One that would cause you to turn without warning if your true soul mate was ever in desperate trouble." Despite the rain and lightning, the Mau pushed the princess out the door and into the storm. "Go, go now. Let your wings guide you, they know where you need to be, and so does your heart, just listen to it." When the princess took to the stormy skies, Luna turned to find a certain brunette male holding a glowing crystalline rose. "Will Tuxedo Mask be needed Luna?"

The Mau replied, "Very probably, but you are not to get anywhere near, you are not going. You saw the color of her aura change as did I. It takes something massive to take one down from that planet. Especially her. Whatever happened, I can guarantee you one thing. Male eyes will not be wanted or appreciated." Princess Serena had only been air-born a few minutes when she saw what only one of her ilk could. Uncaring of the mud that would decorate her dress she landed quickly before going to her knees next to the unconscious woman. Grabbing the sword by the hilt, she placed the center jewel on the blade against the crescent moon on her forehead and whispered. "Show me everything, hide nothing." Before the final image had even burned itself into her mind, the princess was in tears.

The princess had known from different conversations with the other woman that though she had had several lovers. Amara had never allowed their fingers to penetrate deep enough to be able to take that, which can only be given once. She had wanted to save that for when she found her soul mate. Princess Serena cried for the girl, because now, because of six men, the tomboy would never get to live her most cherished dream. The only thing that slowed her tears was the knowledge that the racer returned her love. Gently kissing the hilt of the sword the princess whispered. "Thank you for protecting her. But now, it is my turn." With just a tiny twinkling of light the sword returned to its hiding place.

Quickly before touching the girl, Princess Serena searched the pockets of the destroyed slacks lying nearby, finding keys, wallet and cell phone in tact before placing two of the items in her own subspace pocket. Flipping open the cell she called her own home. When her mother answered, she said. "Momma, I need you to meet me at Amara's house, she's been hurt." The princess then gently lifted the older, and much taller woman into her arms, and took flight once more. While mentally thanking Kami, that what remained of the other womans shirt, was long enough to cover the important stuff.

Being a single parent of one had its advantages. It meant you could leave your home at any time and not have to answer to anyone. Something Irene Tsukino was glad of now. She had been able to tell just by the sound of her daughters' voice it was deadly serious. As a mother who knew all her daughters secrets, she was worried. It did not help matters that the side of her mind that was a cop tormented the mother side of her with all kinds of scenarios as she drove to the mansion not far from her own home. Irene had only been in the drive a few minutes when her daughter touched down. The sight still amazed her every time it happened. Taking the younger girl into her arms from her daughters, she said. "Unlock the door if you can, Michelle is not home." The princess growled as she did her earth mothers bidding. "Be glad she is not momma, otherwise I would have torn her a new ass. If it had not been for her, this would not have fucking happened."

Following the girl into the home Irene said. "I understand you are upset, but watch your language young lady. Now are you sure we cannot take her to the hospital? Her fever is scorching me." Shifting to her earth form Serena replied. "We can't momma, remember what I told you about how our blood changes color when we reach eighteen." Irene nodded her head as she followed her daughter up the stairs and into Amara's room. "Well she is twenty, her blood is a silvery gold now. Like mine will be in a couple months. We can't let normal humans see that."

"Damn it all to hell. Shit. Go into her bathroom a draw a cool bath for her. We have to get her fever down before she starts to hallucinate. I can tell without testing it is at least 105." The girl chuckled finally while dropping the drain plug in and starting the water. "Language momma, and are you sure you are a cop and not a doctor?" The woman muttered while gently lowering the younger woman into the water. "Smartass. Go find me some fricking Tylenol and force it down her if you have to." So the medicine would hit hard and quick, Serena crushed four of the fever reducing tablets into a small Dixie cup of water, before forcing the other girls mouth open to pour it down her throat. The two woman worked together for a good forty-five minutes bathing the injured girl before her fever dropped to below a dangerous level.

After they got her fever down a couple degrees more they turned to the serious business of actually cleansing Amara's body. As she was soaping the girls hair Irene asked. "Serena, are you able to tell if something has been started that can be stopped before it becomes a problem?" Serena knew her mother was asking if Amara could now possibly be pregnant because of what happened. Shaking her head Serena replied. "I can't, but I know who can. The starlights came back a couple days ago. Taiki is Star Maker, she can tell us. But even if she is, no action will be taken until Amara is coherent enough to tell us what she wants." Serena jumped back and squeaked in surprise when Amara opened her eyes and spoke. "No action is to be taken it won't be the child's fault." The sense of safety, as well as the scents of lavender and jasmine had penetrated the fugue state Amara had been in, bringing her back to awareness.

Sensing her daughter wanted to be alone with the other girl Irene put a hand to her shoulder. "If you give me their number Sere I will go call them." Serena rattled off the number before saying. "Make sure if they are with anyone that they understand they cannot tell where they are going and to make sure they are not followed. I don't want them, knowing where she lives." When the older woman left the room Amara stared directly into the eyes of her princess. "Why, Why are you helping me like this? When after what happened, I am not worth the time and effort. How can I be worth anything if normal humans can take me down?" For the first time since she met the younger girl in this life, Amara saw true anger flare in crystal blue eyes.

"I am helping because I give a damn about what happens to you! I am helping because I care about you, I am helping becauseā€¦ Because I love you." Serena leaned over the tub and poked the other girl on the chest. "You are everything to me Amara. I want with you, what Darien and Andrew has, a true and loving relationship. I want you for my life-mate, if you will have me." Amara could not fight the tears that leaked from her green eyes. "I'll have you. But what about fate, what about what the queen thought of shoujo-ai?" The princess replied. "Screw fate, and screw her. She is dead. I am in charge now. And I say the princess shall marry whomever the hell she wants too!" Kissing the older girl Serena giggled. "I think for our first real date you need to wear a skirt. Appropriately short of course, to show off those gorgeous legs of yours, while I wear the tuxedo." Amara groaned while standing on still shaky legs. She despised skirts and dresses. She only put up with her fuku because of the freedom of movement the skirt gave in a fight. "I take it that is an order and not open to negotiation." The princess grinned while helping her love to dry off and get into bed still nude. "No it is not open to negotiation."

When Serena started to turn from the bed Amara reached out and stopped her. "Don't go." Smoothing damp bangs away from green eyes suddenly filled with fear the younger girl replied. "Don't worry, I am just going to take a quick shower. I'll be right back, I promise." Serena then disappeared into the bathroom. Once again mentally thanking Kami. This time though, thanking him for Hotaru being away on a school field trip. Thanking that she was not here to know what had happened to her adoptive parent. Because short of temporarily removing her Star Seed, there would have been no way of stopping an enraged Sailor Saturn.

When Irene returned from making the requested call and some tea for herself, she found Serena sound asleep with her arms wrapped protectively around the other girl, and Amara's head pillowed on her chest. Sensing she wasn't needed at the moment she returned to the living room to await the Starlights arrival. Irene had just dozed off when a flash of light and a hand on her shoulder woke her. For just a moment Irene stared at the chestnut haired beauty. Hormones long unused going into over-drive at the sight. Until Irene remembered she was old enough to be this ones mother.

Collecting herself she asked. "Which one are you?" The beauty replied. "I am Star Maker. Fighter and Healer are keeping some dim-wits busy, so we won't be bothered. Now why don't you tell me what happened and how you know our identities." Switching to cop mode so her feelings wouldn't overwhelm her, Irene gave a bare knuckles account of Amara's illness, the beating, rape and the possibility Amara might now be pregnant. "Fuck!" The beauty swore as a microphone unfolded itself from the star shaped ear-piece she wore. "Fighter, Healer, you especially Healer. Ditch those idiots and get to my coordinates now! Uranus is sick and has been raped." After the mic folded itself back up Star Maker sat across from the woman, crossing impossibly long legs. Lacing her fingers across her bare belly she stated. "They will be here in about fifteen minutes. As they have to safely ditch four idiots first. We need Star Healer to heal her illness first before I even touch her. Amara's illness could interfere with me being able to tell if she has been compromised and if it can be stopped, before it becomes a problem. I could do more harm than good if I go in there first. Now, you still haven't explained how you know who we really are."

She had noted the other woman's reaction to her and appreciated her restraint. Star Maker had had the same reaction though, and did not intend to restrain herself much longer. She preferred older women. Irene replied. "Even though she probably should not have, Serena told me everything from the start. Feeling that my ignorance of the situation around me would cause me greater danger than knowing the truth would." Stripping off her gloves Star Maker moved to sit next to the other woman. "Smart girl, your daughter." She then let her fingers trace the older woman's jaw. Speaking in a low seductive voice she said. "Do not think I didn't notice your reaction to me. But don't you worry pet, I feel the same. I'll have you, all of you, soon. Just as you will have all of me. However, until then, I will give you this as my promise." Star Maker then delivered upon the woman a kiss that spoke of black satin sheets, long nights, and deliciously wicked things. They only parted when someone grabbed Star Makers pony-tail saying. "For the love of God Star Maker can't you control your libido for five minutes?" Star Maker growled while standing. "Shut up Fighter."

Hoping not to be around if her lovers teasing ignited Makers temper, Healer grabbed Irene's hand and began pulling her to the stairs. "Come Tsukino-san, show me which room is hers." Though her embarrassment level had gone down considerably when they reached Amara's room, Irene's lower region still burned with warmth. Struggling to keep her voice level, she asked in a whisper. "Is there anything you need me to do before you go in there?" Healer replied. "Please if you don't mind, I will need you to ready a spare room for me, and turn its air-conditioning to full blast. I promise I will be fine by morning. But sometimes I pass out when healing someone that is very ill with fever. I will need to be kept as cool as possible while my body processes what I draw out from her." Having already done some exploring Irene knew the room across from the sick girls would be the perfect one. So while Healer did what she had to do, Irene readied the room. Calling for Fighter when she heard Star Healer hit the floor.

It gladdened her heart to see the brunette warrior caring so tenderly for her lover. It surprised Irene a bit when while crawling under the covers next to her lover Seiya said. "Despite what I said downstairs, Taiki will care for you like this if you let her. I think you may truly be her soul mate. I have never seen her react this hard and quick to anyone, and I do mean anyone." Irene could tell the brunette wanted to say more so she remained silent. "In spite of how much I torment her, I love my sister very much. No matter what does or does not happen between you two, please, don't break her heart." Sensing that was the last to be said. Irene closed the door to keep the cold air in.

Irene was worried when she saw Star Maker sitting on the floor leaning against the wall, looking like she wanted to cry. "What is it?" Looking toward the bed where a sleeping moon and wind senshi laid Star Maker replied. "Leave it to her to break the mold and have her first born to be a boy. I have the power, I can end this now if she wants me to, but I pray she doesn't." Irene took pity on the upset warrior and knelt in front of her. "She doesn't want it ended. It was the first thing she said when she woke up for a minute." Cocking her head to the side Irene stated. "You look tired, would you like me to ready a room for you?" Standing and leaving her senshi form behind Taiki replied. "No, not yet anyway. What I am is hungry and in need of some mindless tv watching. If you don't mind keeping me company." The older woman smiled. "I don't mind at all."

When morning came Amara woke feeling better than she had in days, despite what had gone down the night before. Carefully slipping from the bed so she would not wake Serena she grabbed some shorts and a tank top so she could go downstairs and forage for something to eat. She wasn't so much focused on the fact Taiki and Irene were sharing coffee in her kitchen, but what they were drinking. "Damn that coffee smells good." Taiki got down a glass and retrieved milk from the fridge. "It is good, but you are not getting any." Sitting at the table Amara sighed. "I am pregnant then aren't I." Taking the milk she continued. "I stand by what I said last night. I don't want to end this, it is not his fault." Returning to her seat Taiki said. "It is funny you should say he. Since your child is going to be a boy." Amara smiled somewhat. "Haruka, I am going to name him Haruka, it was my fathers name."

Irene decide to broach a subject her mind had been chewing on ever since Taiki had told her Amara was pregnant. "Amara just how attached to this place are you?" The younger woman shrugged. "Not all that much really. I have just been keeping it up because it was my grandparents place. It has always been more of a showplace than a home. Truthfully I would rather have a place like yours Tsukino-san. That is a home. Why do you ask?" Irene leaned back, hooking her arm over the back of her chair. "For the longest time I had a houseful of people to cook for. That is until about four years ago when my brother Ken and his son Sammy moved to France, since his job transferred him there. Now Serena and I order out more often than not since it is a pain in the ass to cook for just two people."

"You are going to need a lot of help at first when your son is born. Why don't you put this place on the market and move in with us. You will have the help you need, and I will have a reason to actually cook again." She winked at the younger woman. "Besides if you are going to be my daughters life mate, you can't be living separate from her." The wind senshi was surprised. "How did you know she asked me that?" The older woman laughed. "Who do you think she learned her stalking and listening behind closed door skills from?" Amara finally had a reason to laugh that morning. "I always wondered why she was so much better at it than the others. And I will do it. It is just that so much of it is going to have to be done on the sly so they don't catch wind of it until it is a done deal." Irene smirked tossing a key onto the kitchen table and pointing a thumb at Taiki.

"Once Romeo there finally left me alone long enough to go to sleep, your friend Pluto popped in for a minute. She said that key will open a temporary portal directly into my place. We can move all your things without anyone being the wiser. Also my other brother Ichigo, well step brother actually, just happens to be a justice of the piece and has a special license already in hand, waiting for me to call him. He is willing to come here and marry you and Serena now if you want. This way everything is a done deal before four certain butt-heads are even out of bed."

Amara opened her mouth to accept only to be stopped short by the starlight placing her hands on the back of Irene's chair. "Now pet, I didn't hear you complaining last night so why don't stop your bitching." Irene snapped. "I will stop bitching when you get it through your thick skull your hands don't go below my neck until at least the third date! Now leave me alone." Taiki laughed and bit the tip of an ear before going to wake her partners. "It is going to be so much fun taming you my sweet." Amara groaned. "You two are going to make me hurl. That was way too much info this early in the morning." Standing she ran a hand through messy short hair. "I am going to go wake up Serena. Please call your brother and tell him it is a go. However, tell him to give us about two hours to make ourselves presentable. And please, please cook some breakfast. I cannot cook dilly squat without burning it." Irene laughed to an empty room while calling Ichigo. "Oh yeah, those two were definitely made for each other."

Amara entered her room to find the bed empty. However, she heard water running, so she knew where the keeper of her heart was. Her imagination went into over-drive, when she saw a dainty foot exit the bubbles to turn off the faucet. The moon princess must have heard the hiss of sudden desire. "Don't just stand there gawking Mara-chan. Come join me, you need a real bath anyway. Your hair looks like a bat used it for a battle ground." Amara laughed good-naturedly and did as she was told. She had forgotten how the placement of the bathroom mirror would give anyone a perfect view of the other room if the door were open any at all.

Serena could tell by the other girls eyes, when she sat across from her in the water, that there was much Amara wanted to say. Just as she could tell the other girl was having trouble finding the words. Gently running her fingers over soft, yet firm lips, she said. "There is no need to say it this time Amara, just show me." And for the next several minutes she did. While taking turns soaping each other down, Amara showed Serena how much she truly loved her. As they gently toweled each other dry Amara told the girl of her mothers and uncles surprise. To say that the girl was happy would be an under statement. But she couldn't avoid giggling. "This has got to be one for the record books, we are getting married before we have even had a date."

To avoid the possibility of food getting on their clothes, the two just wore robes to go downstairs for breakfast. They had just cleaned the kitchen and put away the dishes when the doorbell rang. Since it too early for her brother Irene checked the peep hole first. Surprised she opened the door and let the man in, not noticing the two cats that slipped inside. "Ichigo you are early." The red head replied. "After you called me back I decide I would just swipe a cup of coffee from here instead of making my own. I even remembered to stop at the house and get that stuff you asked for." When the red head saw Serena he gave her a bear hug. "Bunny-chan, I am happy for you! And honored that you asked for my services." Returning the hug the girl said. "I cannot think of anyone I would rather have do it than you." He then held out a hand to Amara. "Ichigo Kurosaki at your service Tenou-san. You better take good care of my bunny." Taking the hand Amara replied. "Do not worry Kurosaki-sama, I will."

Taking the black garment bag from her brother Irene handed it to Serena. "This was your Grandma Usagi's wedding dress and Tiara. I have been saving them all this time for you. Please wear them in her memory today." Taking the bag reverently, Serena started back up the stairs. The girl hesitated a moment though before opening the bag. This would be the first time she had ever seen it. She had been told as a child, she looked a great deal like her grandmother, who had been killed in a house fire, when Irene was just a teenager. The items in this bag had been the only salvageable items. The girl gasped in shock when she un-zipped the bag. For inside it, were the gown, crown and shoes, of Neo Queen Serenity. "I always wondered where they came from."

"Always wondered where what came from Odango?" Serena turned to find Seiya wearing the tuxedo she normally performed in. When she saw the dress Seiya decided to be a bit of a smartass. Going to one knee she placed her right fist over her heart. "May I assist you with your dress Neo Queen Serenity?" The girl growled. "Oh just shut the hell up and help me get into this thing." Laughing Seiya got up and pushed the girl into a chair. "Hair and makeup first, then the dress." Expertly Seiya worked part of the girls hair into a braided bun, while leaving the rest to fall like a golden river to her ankles. Then she only applied a very light dusting of cosmetics. Once the other girl was completely ready Seiya turned her so she could look in the mirror. Even with the different hair-style, the crown still sat atop her head perfectly. But that is not what had her attention. "I never dreamed I could be this pretty."

Seiya wisely chose to make no comment. She merely crooked her arm and said. "You have always been beautiful Odango, now let us get you married." They had just stepped into the hall when Artemis and Luna stepped from another room in their human forms. Even Seiya who was Bi with a preference for women could admit Artemis was a handsome man as a human. Placing an arm across his stomach he bowed slightly out of respect. "Princess Seiya, as the princess does not have a father and as I have always thought of her as a daughter, would it hurt your feelings very much if I was the one to give her away?" Placing Serena's hand in his she replied. "Not at all." Later that evening after those in the Tsukino/Tenou household slept, Darien, a newsman in training, aired the video tape of the wedding Luna had slipped him. It wasn't long after that that four angry inner senshi showed themselves in Pluto's realm.

Once they ran out of steam Pluto took them to one of the many time doors she monitored in her fathers home. "Crystal Tokyo will still come about inner senshi, only better, look for yourselves and see." When the many images finally fell silent each of the girls placed a hand on the doors frame, and said as one. "Neo Queen Serenity, Neo Queen Amara, may Kami bless your union with many years of happiness. We thank you for our new future and for allowing us to be the sworn protectors of the Royal Family of Crystal Tokyo, Uranus and the Moon."


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