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Chapter Start

I never wanted this. I never wanted to become something so horrible, so dastardly, so...so evil. He says it's in my genes but I looking at him makes me cringe in disgust. How am I related to him? I could never be like him, I can't picture myself as him just casually sitting in a chair and watching everything "play out". He's crazy. There is no word that can describe him but evil. Why should destiny be so evil?

I bet you're wondering what I'm talking about right? You don't know who I am and you think, "He's crazy? Whoever the hell he is? You're the one talking." However, I know my story. I know all the inside outs and the upside downs of my life and I have to tell you, it was one hell of a scary ride. Yes, I know life is scary but what I went through just made me hate my life even more than I thought I should. However, my grandfather told me that my life has a meaning. I was meant to do something here and it was for the good of our family. Well, so much for good if they're dead. I'm not sure if anyone would even bother reading this but if there is one person who would care, read the next sentence carefully.

You have a choice between reading my whole story, my whole life in this small journal or you'll eventually get bored because you won't believe any of this crap. The next page holds the start of my story. Where everything began. Where my life started to have a meaning in this world.

Chapter End

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In the next chapter, her beginning.