Hi this is my first story so sorry if it sucks. I do not own the hunger games!

Katniss POV

I was getting buried far down in the dirt by everyone I loved who died, even though I was still alive. My screams were muffled by the dirt and all I could hear is the shovel scraping the dirt...

I woke up screaming and then I paused, I could really hear the shovel against the dirt. It sounded like it was coming from the front so I ran out the door. There stood the person I love who I tried so hard to forget. "Peeta y-y-your back" I said. His back turned and in his hands were some sort of bush I looked at it and the first word that came to mine was rose. My eyes went wide in fear then I looked closer. It was a primrose, the flower my sister was named for. Tears welled up in my eyes "Thank you" I whispered to Peeta it was barely audible and I ran in the house before he could see me cry.

I was laying down in my bed not wanting to go to sleep but fatigue took over. My nightmare that night was the mutts chasing after Prim and Peeta a mutt jumped on Prim and morphed into Gale who ripped my little sister's throat out. Then Peeta's scream filled the arena and I saw his throat being bitten into by President Snow and the venom from Snow's snake fangs killed Peeta...

"PEETA" I screamed and shot up from my bed and started sobbing. I wanted so bad to be in Peeta's arms. I got up and started walking down the street. It was cold just in my night clothes but I didn't care as long as I was with Peeta. I stopped in front of his front door to scared to ring the doorbell. Just then the door flew open and Peeta pulled me into his arms and dragged me down in front of the fireplace. "Katniss what are you doing here" he said . " I had a nightmare". "Well lets get you in a warm shower" he said and carried me up the stairs into the bathroom.

After my shower Peeta handed me one of his old shirts. And we got into bed,holding each other so close." She's gone" I mumbled into Peeta's shoulder."My little sister the person I trusted the most is gone, She's dead and you know why she's dead Peeta" I said raising my voice."Me that's why shes dead and Gale's bomb could have killed her" " I need someone right now" I yelled tears streaming down my face now."But my mother's never going to talk to me again,my little sister is dead and I just got so selfish I made her grow up to fast,she was getting trained to be a doctor Peeta , and now she will never get that chance" " Oh Gale is in district two and even though your right next to me Peeta, it feels like a million miles away" I bury my face into Peeta's shoulder crying my eyes out."Everything is going to be ok Katniss" Peeta whispered into my hair.

Sorry it sucked so much just tell me if you want me to continue!