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Maka's PoV

"I can't believe you! That was irresponsible, rash, and dangerous. And what's worse, you put half of your division in danger with your hair brained plan!" Spirit is raving like a mad man at Soul and for once I can't help respect the man. While it seems he's being hard I can tell how relived he is that Soul came home.

"I could have your rank pulled for this! I should pull you out of the field because recklessness will get you killed." To Soul's credit he is sitting on the couch unphased by the older man's words. An almost apologetic grin is on his face but with him you never really can tell.

"But… you did bring her back and that counts for something." Spirit runs a hand through his red hair and sighs. He looks at me and flashes a weak smile. It has been days since he has slept and the rings under his eyes are visible from 20 feet away.

"Thanks Pop." Soul stands and signals me to do the same. I rise slowly and Spirit just sighs. "Don't worry; I'll never let anything happen to your little girl. If I do you can come strangle me yourself."

"Whatever you little octopus head. You are just lucky that Patty was the only injury. Liz dislocated her shoulder when she was pulled her away from the wreckage. I guess she didn't want to stop smashing things." I smile as Soul nods his head. There is an awkward silence and Spirit drags the hand from his forehead down his face. And then… it happened. So quick I nearly missed it. Soul leaned over and wrapped his hands around Spirit, tightened them, and rapidly let go.

"Well Maka and I are going to go relax for a bit. Neither of us got more than a few bruises and scratches. Will you let us know about Casey?" I shudder a bit when I think about her. They have the poor thing under Stein's watch, which everyone knows won't end well. That man will probably cut her open in her sleep. But, Nygus said it was necessary since Medusa was involved, witches can leave traces of themselves behind and you never know the seed is there until it's too late. Thankfully I convinced Blair to go to…. Just in case.

"Right, you guys deserve a day off." He opens the door of his office for me and Soul. Soul grabs my hand and pulls me toward the door and I blush as he does. "Bye Soul, Bye Maka."

I sigh at what I am going to do but hell, he deserves it. Quick as Soul I turn and hug him around the waist. His face pulls into a smile and his arms tighten. "Goodbye…. Dad."

"Daddy? D-d-daddy?!" Aw shit. I jump back in time to avoid the flailing limbs. He runs to the window faster than she can follow. "She called me Dad! My baby loves me! Did you hear that everyone? My baby Maka loves me!"

"Maka Chop!" A book slams his head forward and nearly pushes him out. He catches his feet in time to avoid the three story drop. It's almost a shame. "Don't let it go to your head old man. I'm just too tired to control what I'm saying."

"But baby…" I stomp out the door and slam it behind me. Soul, who was watching quietly from the hallway, releases a snicker. My hand grabs for a book on the end table and he coughs to clear his throat.

"Come on, I haven't had a day off since all this started. Let's go home." I smile as he tries desperately to avoid the Maka chop. What the hell, he saved my life. I'll let him off the hook, just this once.

"Right." I smile and drop my hand to the side, walking besides him on our way out the door. The streets are empty again but it will soon be filled with light and people. Dawn is coming and it's time for the day to begin. I buy a cup of coffee from a vendor outside the town square. As I wait for it I remember the day that honestly sealed my fate down here. It seemed so long ago.

"So…" I take a sip on the warm liquid as we both watch the streets start to fill. "Boyfriend huh?" And then the warm liquid is all over my already destroyed clothes.

"Wh- what?" I manage to sputter out as I try to clean myself up. The coffee cooled instantly and now I'm shivering in the wet clothes.

"Well, I believe that you told your mom never to touch your family or your boyfriend ever again. So either that's me or there is something about Casey you aren't telling me." He is smirking in victory while I stall thinking of an answer. Damn that smile.

"Uh… so what? I said a lot of things." Lame!

"Well, usually for there to be a realationship, both sides have to know about it. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, but usually the guy has the gall to ask the girl and not the other way around." Yes! Much better, score one for Maka!

"Ohhhh Albarn, I know you're not calling me chicken." The boy's eyes flashed dangerously and it sent shivers up my spine. Why does he have to be so damn attractive?

"Well not per say… just a mostly flightless bird that is closely related to the Tyrannosaurs Rex."

"Alright, but you brought this on yourself." I cock my head to the side but he says nothing. Grabbing my wrist, he takes off across the pavement dragging me behind him. We dodge carts and people who are just starting their day.

"Where are we going? Soul? ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT!" He just snickers as we charge through the crowds. Suddenly He pulls me sharply to the left and we both stumble into a building. The light is blinding and it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust.

"We're here!" Soul stands purposefully by the front desk and whispers some words to the receptionist. Her blonde wavy hair seems to pour more life into the otherwise dreary room. If it weren't for the eye patch her beauty would just be unreal.

"Where exactly is here?" Soul giggles evilly and I shiver out the sound. Soul Eat- Evans is not a man who should ever giggle. A man walks out in a lab coat and I nearly jump to the ceiling. It's Professor Stein and he's covered in blood and has a sadistic grin on his face.

"Ah Soul, Maka. Just in time, everyone else came in for an after battle scan, I was wondering when you were going to show up. I can't wait; we may have to do an internal examination." Soul shivers as Stine holds up his scalpel.

"Actually Stein, we are both checked over and fine. Just came to check on everyone else." Stine nods and, somewhat disappointedly, points down the hall he came out of. Soul and I race down it, terrified he will change his mind. At the end of the hall there is a brightly lit room with very familiar sounds coming out of it.

"Patty you hellion! How am I supposed to fix this jacket? It was perfectly symmetrical and now that the button's loose it will take days to fix!" Patty is laughing and Liz is slumped on the couch in the room sighing.

"Perhaps, you could sew it back on. I'm sure it wouldn't take long." Tsubaki offered helpfully. Unfortunately her gesture only terrified Kidd more.

"Sew. It. On?!" Are you insane? I would have to find the exact same thread and then wear it to the same thickness. And THEN count the loops going around the center on the other one so I could make it just perfect." Patty is laughing hysterically now and no one has noticed us yet.

"Look subject. As a god I announce that the jacket will be symmetrical, so you can just stop worrying about it okay? Tsubaki always fixes my stuff when I rip it fighting purple unicorns." BlackStar thumbs up before lying back down on the other bed a morphine drip in his arm. It looks a little more than he needs.

"Have her fix it?! No, no, no, no, no, I will have to work on it tirelessly. Spending my next few days trying to fix this fresh hell." When Casey pops out from behind Patty I almost cry. She walks over to Kidd and stands with her hand on her chin looking very thoughtful.

"I got it! I know how to fix it." She smiles and places her hands on her hips in a very proud manner.

"Oh and what's that little one?" Kidd smiles down at her talking in a baby voice. I suppress a giggle, knowing the reaper would probably kill me.

"Just do this!" Her hand shoots out and grabs the other button on the other side. She rips back and it goes flying across the floor. The room burst into laughter as Kidd melts to the floor. "See? All better."

I am leaning on Soul trying my best to stay standing as Kidd blubbers on the ground. Finally sensing our presence Casey charges over to us. She wraps her arms around our legs and squeezes. "So-So! Big Sis! I love you, I love you, andddddd I love you!"

"We love you too Case. So how is everyone doing?" Soul rests his hand on the girls head while everyone else smiles with relief.

"I am god of the otters and will one day rule all the pumpernickel!" BlackStar offered helpfully from the hospital bed. Soul and I exchange worried looks while the rest of the room (minus the incapacitated Kidd) laughs.

"I'm sorry don't worry about him he's fine. Stein said her just over did the attacking but honestly I think he just wanted some quiet." Tsubaki smiles happily and everyone else nods their head in agreement.

"Right well, I have something important to tell you all." I turn to Soul curious in what he has to say. The boy smirks and lowers himself to one knee.

"My dearest Maka. At risk of being called a flightless T-Rex bird I ask you to be my girlfriend." Everyone 'Awe's and Casey jumps up and down.

"Does that me you two are getting married?!" Casey is jumping around throwing her hands in the air.

"I now pronounce you tuna sandwich and cardboard lawnmower." BlackStar has pulled himself up to a sitting position and tries to slide off the bed to stand. Unfortunately his legs didn't get the message and he joins Kidd on the floor. Everyone rushes over to help and I take a few steps until Soul stops me. He pulls me over by my waist and presses me against him.

"So? Am I a chicken?" I blush as his lips move against my cheek and Goosebumps pop up on my arms. I carefully shake my head and pull back suddenly very shy. "Good."

He pulls me closer and kisses me firmly. Once again I melt into him. I don't know how I was able to be around this boy so much and not have mauled him by now. The kiss somehow sinks me into another world where it's only me and Soul. Well, and the thunderous applause.

The entire group is clapping, even Kidd who, while very pale, has slightly recovered and BlackStar. Although Tsubaki is the one moving his hands and I doubt he knows what he's clapping for but it's sweet none the less. Even as we are surrounded by people a thought nags at the back of my mind, one that won't disappear.

My mother is still out there and she will be coming after us. I try to push it away but it pulls itself closer filling me with dread. Even with Soul around we cannot live a peaceful life, not as long as she is alive. Sensing something's wrong he squeezes my hand and smiles an actual smile. It's very beautiful. Ah what the hell, he knew what he was getting into at the beginning.

We walk home quietly after spending all morning with everyone. Thankfully we all disbanded to get some much needed rest. Soul is holding my hand in his as we stroll through the noon day streets. Slowly he begins to hum a familiar tune.

I hate to face the dark,

When I'm standing alone.

I'd give you my heart,

But I must reap what I've sewn.

You are for to kind, for someone like me.

So I'll suffer in silence, this I guarantee.

Suddenly I remember the song. It was an old 90's record that my mother had lying around no matter how many times we moved. One day I got curious and pulled it out to listen to it. The song was a duet and it didn't end as sadly as it started. I pull the words from some part of my memory that had managed to remember them all.

You won't have to walk,

Alone in the night.

I will be your shield,

Your soul and your light.

A gift to the world, that was given to me.

I will never let you go, this I guarantee.

He smiles at me and continues to hum as we make our way down the path back to our home. The first in a very long one. We pass the square again and I can't help but give a classic Soul smirk as he smiles when we cross by the spot where we intertwined.

And I guess that's when I realized my fate wasn't sealed on the day of the Choosing. It was on that cold Denver night when I pulled a white haired boy out of a dumpster and brought him home. The night he opened his eyes and mine too. The night I met… Soul Eater Evans.

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