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How the hell did it come to this?

I sat on my father's couch while watching a pair of snotty 8-year olds run around the living room like chickens with their heads cut off. They screamed and pushed each other around with their dirty little hands. I wondered if I should be stepping in, but I felt like I was a fish out of water and on a skyscraper. I had no fucking clue what to do.

How did I go from a… "professional tension reliever" to the dude that sits on your kids?

Three kids to be exact, all ranging from the ages of 'don't give a fuck' to 'really should give a fuck.'

The worst part was that my dad was supposed to be watching these snot machines. He decided to start up a daycare business for the summer and winter breaks from school, and somehow it had slowly migrated to his house.

I woke up at six in morning; sore from… certain activities involving a certain black haired bastard, in desperate need of a shower, and my father hanging over my bed, begging me to take his place for the day.

Iruka then had run out on me, leaving me with the kids because his boyfriend, Kakashi, was having some sort of 'emergency'.

I snorted, as I thought about it.

It was probably just Kakashi speak for 'I know you're busy today Iruka, but I don't care I just want to have sex with you anyways.'

Oh wait… no… bad images… Shit.

I sighed and sunk further into the couch trying not to think about what might have been done on said couch, and annoyed that I wouldn't be able to watch any of my favorite shows without the kids going home and potentially saying something they shouldn't know exists at their age. There was no way I was going to turn on the crap that they'd like to watch. Whatever happened to Cartoon Network? I remember watching Dexter's Laboratory, and so many other good shows. The shit that replaced them now couldn't even compare.

So I just had to sit there and wait until my dad came back, flipping through random shows on the TV. It'd already been two hours, which clearly meant I was going to be here all day. I hadn't even been able to refuse cause the kids were already here and screaming when I came trudging down the stairs, and my dad was already running out the door.

I guess I couldn't complain too much; this was keeping me from going back to Sasuke today. I'd left him a text message that I wouldn't be coming into "work". He hadn't answered. Yet.

I'd only started "working" for him three weeks ago, and we did nothing but have sex. In his office. On his desk. Ahem. Which is some bullshit since the very first thing he told me was that the job was a secretary position, not some politically-correct form of prostitution.

The day after he had called me over to his office, I had a sore ass and a very full bank account, which pissed me off to no end; Sasuke didn't understand the 'kept man' concept. After that, every single fucking time the guy had some sort of "stressful" problem pop up, I was called in to help "fix" it.

I groaned and tried to bat away annoying, memories.

It was irritating enough that I had to deal with him in real life. I could barely sleep now without him interrupting my dreams of steamy ramen, and ultimately led to a wet dream starring him, me, naked, and the random office supplies in his desk drawers. I was finding out new ways to use things I could buy at Staples, and my imagination was starting to scare me a bit.

It felt like every time I closed my eyes I could see his smoldering black eyes like he had tattooed them there himself.

I jumped out of my musings when I heard the bathroom door slam and the sound of little running feet.

Damn I was hoping he had fallen in.

Said person plopped themselves beside me on the couch, and gave me a wide grin. I gave him a suspicious glare back.

Konohamaru looked sheepish, and kicked his feet back and forth. I wasn't going to fall for his innocent act though. The brown haired boy just grinned and started messing with his scarf he refused to take off.

At first I wasn't exactly sure how I should be running these kids. I'd never babysat anyone before (looking after my drunk uncle doesn't count) and I never had any siblings. Plus, I wasn't known to like children all that much.

I didn't like kids for one reason: I was a fucking hellion when I was their age, and I could see myself reflected in their little eyes.

Well okay, two reasons: kids were like cats and people with allergies; they knew when something's up and when people didn't like them.

Namely, they knew I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, and then things started getting out of hand when they caught on, and they caught on really fast.

And then they swarmed.

An hour after dad left and some brief introductions, the house was a disaster.

We were supposed to be playing "hide-an-go-seek", not "let's-destroy-everything-can-get-our-little-fucking-hands-on."

Needless to say, the place had been a wreck, and the three brats had very triumphantly shown off their work when I eventually figured out that they never were going to come find me after thirty minutes of snickering in the closet.

Clothes taken out of rooms were thrown all over the place. Books thrown across the room, the trashcan had been toppled over in the kitchen and someone thought it would be fun to draw mustaches on all of the family pictures. Thank God they used the cheap markers and not the sharpies.

Pissed, I sent the kids to time-out.

Two of them, Udon and Moegi, I think their names were, looked upset when I got mad, and had started moving, but the other kid, Konohamaru, stopped them. I guessed he was kind of their ring-leader, and was definitely the loudest, and the most annoying.

And so much like me, when I was his age. My stupid brain threw in.

He said in a whiny, loud and arrogant voice that I couldn't possibly think of punishing him because was the Governor's grandson.

The two behind him grinned and had patted his shoulder and thought they were actually getting out of trouble. Ha.

I had told him big freaking whoop, and swatted him gently on the back of the head before I told him to stand in one corner, and assigned the others their own little spot. Surprisingly, he immediately backed down, and went to his assigned spot silently.

Now I couldn't get the little brat to leave me alone.

He followed me around, asked me to let him become my student or some craziness, and even got the others to help me clean up. I figured the other two hadn't really wanted to mess everything up, because just as soon as Konohamaru was calmed down, the other two were as well, and were fine with just playing with each other.

So after everything was cleaned up, we had played a few board games until I was tired and feeling old, and Konohamaru joined me on the couch.

I gave Konohamaru a wary glance. He was giving me puppy dog eyes, and I sighed before patting his head. Truth be told he kind of reminded of my relationship with Iruka.

"Hey bro?" He liked calling me that now, I raised an eyebrow when he reached over and tugged on my sleeve. "Can we play hide-and-go-seek. For reals this time?" The other two stopped playing and nodded enthusiastically.

I was about to answer, but my phone started ringing. I held a finger up and picked it up while the kids looked at me impatiently.

Ignoring them, I checked my caller ID, only to swallow hard at the name.

Sasuke Uchiha. I thought about not answering, and remembered the last time he 'punished' me. I would never be able to look at pens the same way again…

I sighed and flipped it open.

"Hello?" I said innocently.

"What do you mean you can't come in today?" Was the very first thing out of his mouth.

Well, hello to you too, bastard.

"Sorry sir, but my dad had an emergency and needed me to do some work for him at the house." I growled into the phone.

"Hn. I like it when you call me 'sir'." His voice suddenly dropped into that beautiful velvet tone, and he completely steam-rolled over what I had just said.

It sent shivers down my spine, and I tried hide a blush from the kids who were looking far too interested in my conversation. "You should do that tonight." His voice was practically dripping; something he had perfected within the short time I'd been 'employed' there.

I swallowed hard and ignored my body's sudden interest in the conversation. I was sitting next to a bunch of minors for Pete's sake.

"I know you can't see it, but I'm rolling my eyes. I just thought you should know." I retorted, hoping my voice didn't betray anything. I heard him chuckle into the phone, and I heard him say something, but I didn't catch it because Konohamaru started poking my side where I was ticklish.

"K-Konohamaru! Stop!" I hissed when he got a mischievous look in his eye. "I'll be there in a sec hold on."

"Is someone with you?" Sasuke suddenly demanded.

"Uh... yeah he's a..." Hellion? Brat? Little hob goblin from the farthest reaches of hell? "Friend." I settled on. I felt another poke at my ticklish stomach and I jumped again. I let a squeak out into the phone, and I shut my eyes in mortification. "Ha-Hang on a second! We'll do it in a minute just wait." I said in a dark whisper and glared.

The eight year old just gave me an innocent look, and I sighed. "Sorry about that-" I started.

He had hung up.

I looked at the phone in surprise, but shrugged. Sasuke didn't like hearing the word no, so I assumed he realized he wasn't getting his way and gave up.

Boy was I really fucking wrong.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I glared when my good mood was suddenly killed. The kids and I had actually played a good round of hide-and-go-seek, without any destruction of my dad's house this time, when the doorbell rang.

I had been hoping it was my dad at the door, but nope. Instead my… boss? was standing on my dad's doorstep and was already walking inside.

Sasuke walked in calmly, with his hands shoved inside his pockets. His dark sweater was slung across his shoulders, and tied around his neck. I gave the knot a pointed stare and wondered if I could strangle him and train the little ones to help me hide the body. I gave it some serious thought before closing the door behind him and sighing.

"I wanted to come by and make sure you weren't… preoccupied with someone other than me." He raised an eyebrow at the kids. They stopped playing momentarily to stare.

Sasuke only held their interest for all of five seconds before they were screaming and running around again. His attention span was even shorter than theirs and had snapped back to me before they even noticed him. "I don't condone any kind of infidelity when it comes to my property." He started looking around in interest as if he was searching for something.


"Like hell I'm your property." I growled.

"Hn. Well, you are already a part-time employee of my company."

"Che. With what I do it should be considered full time." I muttered, more to myself than him.

"Oh? That can easily be arranged." He had a dark, mischievous- no mischievous wasn't the right word for Sasuke. More like a look of pure. Fucking. Evil.

"Oh hell no!"

"Why not?" Sasuke gave me a challenging look before sliding his hand around my hip and gripping my ass. I squeaked in surprise. "I wouldn't mind having you on hand for more than thirty hours a week." He squeezed and I did my best to glare while my face started to slowly turn red.

"Ha. Very funny." I said, and swatted his hand away before the kids saw. "Why the hell would you think I was cheating anyways?" It's not like we're in a real relationship. I wanted to add, but I wasn't brave enough.

"I just had to be sure." I narrowed my eyes. I didn't like being accused of things, and certainly not in my own house. Well, my dad's house anyways.

"Oh you know I was totally preoccupied. Yup." I said in a high-pitched voice before marching across the living room, and grabbing Konohamaru's hand. "Wanna meet my new boyfriend?" Sasuke's eyebrows shot up at that. I saw his lips twitch, and I think he was doing his best to not smile.

Konohamaru just blushed.

"Oh?" He was chuckling then, but he didn't stay that way for long, he got that dark evil look in his eyes again. Sasuke suddenly grabbed my hand and started pulling me upstairs. I protested but I let go of Konohamaru.

"Konohamaru, watch the others while Sasuke and I… go upstairs for some grownup stuff." I managed to get out before we got out of sight. Konohamaru saluted me, and I rolled my eyes before being shoved up to the second story.

"Which one is your room?" He asked when we got up to the hallway. I just sighed and pointed, and he was tugging me inside, before he closed and locked the door.

I stared defiantly up at him from the bed, while he raised an eyebrow and looked back at me with crossed arms.

Why does this feel like I'm the eight year old, and I'm in trouble? I grumbled to myself.

"Yes?" I groaned, trying to get him to talk.

"Hn. You've been a bit unenthusiastic lately." He stated. Sasuke was referring to my work ethic, and I did my best not to blush.

"And?" I squirmed under his gaze and looked away. Truth be told, I was a little annoyed by the whole situation I was in with him. I was a fuck buddy, prostitute, thing. A booty call, I think Sakura would call it.

"I want to know why."

"Sorry I think my boyfriend will get lonely. I should probably head downstairs."

"Hn. I didn't know you had a penchant for 5 year olds."

"Eight." I said, trying not to laugh. "It's not like you have a claim." In my insane moment I managed to blurt that out. His eyebrows flew up in surprise.

"Don't I?" Sasuke's voice suddenly went soft. His eyebrows leveled out quickly, and he looked away. "Nice room." He commented, before I could think about his statement. He was smirking at a few posters and the random clothes, and stuff all over the place. I rolled my eyes and looked away to hide my blush. "I especially like the big, soft blanket on your bed." He said as he quickly stalked forward and pushed me back.

"Huh?" I gasped in surprise, and before I could get back up, he was on top of me. He reached up and untied his jacket from around his neck and let it fall behind him.

"Its color is a bit bright for my tastes though." His black eyes looked down at me with a smug satisfaction.

I tried to glare back, but I didn't put much effort into it, especially when he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. It wasn't long before he was shoving his tongue into my mouth and wrapping it around my own.

Sighing, I eagerly returned the kiss despite my apprehension earlier. It was like as soon as he touched me, all of my inhibitions flew out the window and never came back.

Sasuke was like three guilty glasses of wine and a taxi drive to a stranger's house for a one-night stand. No's and I don't know's were quickly forgotten and replaced with yes's and fuck yes's.

I pulled him close and rubbed my tongue against his.

He smirked against my mouth, and we lay there, just kissing each other for whoever cares how long. I wasn't counting, but it felt too soon when he suddenly pulled away.

I pouted, and leaned up to bite at his neck and around his Adam's apple, right when I remembered something. We were supposed to be talking.

"Hey." I pressed a kiss to his throat. "We were in the middle of a conversation there."

"Hn. Took you long enough to notice, idiot." Sasuke pushed me back down, gently but firmly and I scrunched up my nose.

"Hey you were the bastard who insisted on talking, not me." I pointed out.

"I guess you're right." I shivered when one of his hands started tracing patterns along the skin of my arm. "I figured if you didn't catch on, I was just going to have to find ways of getting the answers I wanted." Sasuke's other hand slid down to my crotch for emphasis, making me gasp and press against him.

"I-I've been known to have moments where my brain kicks in."

"Hn." He pressed with his palm, right against my cock, which was getting hard. I moaned softly and moved my hips. When he rolled his hand, just like that… "So are you going to tell me what's bothering you?" His breath was warm against my face, and smelled like hot cinnamon gum. Sasuke liked to chew the spicy stuff.

"Why am I getting a feeling of déjà vu, right about now?" I asked teasingly, and gasped when he pressed harder. I slid my hands along his chest, and clutched his shirt, shivering.

"You shouldn't be. I haven't touched you yet." I didn't have to ask what he meant; he quickly undid my pants, pushed aside my boxers, and wrapped his hand around me. I bucked up, moaning louder. His hands were warm and soft, sliding around me in a grip that made my head slam down into the mattress.

"Nobody backed into your car today I hope?" I said in between gasps and grunts, trying to maintain my composure. It wasn't working to well. I closed my eyes as little trickles of electricity shot my spine with how he held me. He moved his fingers gently in circles on my soft skin.

"That's not answering my question, Naruto." He gripped me harder and slowly stroked up and down. Instead of shocks, lines of fire ignited up my entire body and I moved my hips with his hand.

"W-w-well, you're not answering mine!"

"Because they are insignificant and have nothing to do with the situation at hand." How the hell could he form such long sentences while we were in the middle of this?

"S-screw you." I moaned when he thumbed the head of my cock, pressed down hard, before slowly stroking it softly.

He glared down at me, and I did my best to glare back, but there's only so much one can do when one's…. boss? has their hand wrapped around your cock. He breathed a frustrated breath. I waited for him to talk again, when he suddenly moved closer.

"Naruto." His eyes softened, if only for a fraction of a second, and bored down into mine. I blinked in surprise.


"Tell me what has been bothering you." His warm breath slid over my face and my brain literally broke for a minute. I inhaled cinnamon and I completely forgot that he was totally taking advantage of me. Again. I moaned before pushing my hips up. He snorted, and slid his hand up and down again, making me shiver. Only one stroke though, and I was straining my hips to get him to move again. I cussed.

"I-I don't know what to call you." I muttered. I turned my head to the side. I gasped when he slid his free hand up my shirt. Sasuke's hand paused on my chest.

I really hate this game.

"What do you mean?" He pressed. Sasuke's fingers found my nipples, and he squeezed one until I was hissing, and writhing with the combination of his other hand on my cock, barely giving me any friction. I had no room to think, and before I knew it, I was spilling my guts.

"I don't know, ah, what kind of relationship, oh, this is." Sasuke moved his hand to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment that had me throwing my head back against the bed. He stopped suddenly and waited for me to finish. "I don't want you to be just my boss." I said through pants, hoping I was getting through.

He just snorted, like he always did. "Of course, I'm not just your boss." Sasuke replied as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

I scrunched up my eyebrows, trying to figure out what he meant. It was tough getting my brain to function when his hands started fucking moving again.

"Wait." I said through grunts and moans, he paused again. "Was this whole situation your way of asking me out?" I felt like I had hit the nail on the head, cause he immediately tore his gaze from mine and sped up his hands. I growled, but fell back, arching and moving with him.

"Hn. I have to punish you for making me beg earlier. Begging is beneath an Uchiha, and I will make sure it never happens again." There he went, dodging everything I said again.

"Beg?" I wracked my brain, trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about, while he was busy moving me into position. I was already naked and on my knees before everything kicked in. Wait a minute…"You didn't fucking beg! Last time I checked, begging involved the word please!"

"Hn. Then I will enjoy making sure you will be chanting that word for the rest of the night."

"You didn't answer my question." I mumbled. "Again." He ignored me though.

He loomed over my back. His mouth found my shoulder and bit down hard, and a hand slid down to squeeze my cock. I groaned and fisted the sheets in front of me, and he started stroking me again, just the right way, but never fast enough.

I could feel my belly tightening, and my feet scrunched up. I knew he wasn't going to let me come, but my body was just too stupid to figure that out.

Just as I knew he would, as soon as I tensed, he stopped. His hand was still on me, and he moved his mouth along my neck, sucking and pressing kisses here and there, but his hand stayed still.

Sasuke knew that I knew what he was doing, and he also knew that I knew that he wasn't going to do a thing until got what he wanted.

Still I stubbornly moved my hips, trying to get friction, trying to come, but he very easily held me still. His lips moved to my ear and I shuddered as he nipped and bit.

Fuck. "Please." I said with an explosive breath.

Sasuke continued pressing his lips to my neck, climbing up until he got to that spot where he paused. His hand still wasn't moving and my cock was on fire, needing his touch. No it was like every nerve in my body was singing with need.

He had stopped moving altogether, and I cussed in frustration. I thought that's what Sasuke wanted to hear. Wasn't it?

Wait. Oh geez. The fucking perverted bastard. I remembered the conversation we had on the phone earlier today. Sex with Sasuke was turning into a brain teaser.

"Please… sir." I muttered at the blanket, and promised myself I was going to kick Sasuke's ass later, especially when I heard him chuckle next to my ear. I didn't harbor murderous thoughts for too long, because his hand started stroking and his mouth started moving again.

I sighed and let him do as he pleased, riding out the pleasure. That was until, he stopped… again. Frustration is a word you become very fucking familiar with when you're having sex with Sasuke Uchiha.

I was about to complain, but he pressed his lips to my ear.

"I want to try something." Sasuke whispered and bit me.

He was very convincing, moving his hand up and down my cock faster, and I hastily agreed if it meant I was going to come soon. I was too distracted, waiting for him, so it took me a minute to realize that my back was cold and that he had pulled away. I whined, waiting for him to come back, I just heard a snort.

"Not that I'm not enjoying the view, but turn around." I craned my neck looking behind me. He was leaning back against my headboard, and sitting up, watching me with hooded eyes. His shirt was open, showing off his pale skin, and he smirked when he caught me staring. "Come here." Sasuke commanded with that look again.

I hesitantly crawled forward, still not completely sure what he wanted me to do. It all clicked when he had me straddle his lap. We hadn't tried this position yet; he usually had me naked and bent over as soon as I walked in the room so we didn't get that much time to experiment. At least position wise; he still had plenty of time to find things in this desk drawers to play with whenever I met him in his office.

Another bad habit of his was to not take all of his clothes off. He still had his black pants on, and I could see the outline of his cock, straining against the material. I reached down and held up in my palm, watching him. Sasuke didn't let many of his reactions, let alone noises out, so I had to learn to read his facial expression, which rarely changed.

I saw his eyebrow scrunch, and the corner of his lip spasm and I knew he liked what I was doing. My eyes were hooded as I rolled him in my hand gently. His breath was hot and he suddenly became very interested in my shoulder. As if he hadn't left enough marks on my skin, he sucked on me and started biting everywhere he could reach.

I frowned at him trying to distract me, and depriving me of my fun. I unzipped him, trying not to notice he was going commando, and gave him the same treatment he was giving me a few minutes ago. I stroked him gently, not moving nearly fast enough. When I pressed my thumb against the top, he growled against my neck and bit down again, right next to the other mark he had just made. His hips moved with me every so often while I stroked him over and over again, and he just stepped up the assault on my neck.

While I think the both of us were content to play the teasing game for the rest of the night, our bodies were not, and it wasn't long before his hands started straying lower and lower. I jumped and I pressed my head against his, wrapping my arms around his shoulders when he entered me slowly.

This was the part I hated the most, and the part he seemed to like the best. He took his sweet fucking time, and made me squirm while he inserted one finger after another. Sometimes he would go in one direction, and the next he was pushed straight against my prostate, and then he freaking switched again. He had me sweating and shuddering against him with every thrust of his fingers, and he knew I was stretched plenty enough, but he still continued to press. When he suddenly pushed his fingers right onto my sweet spot and held them there, I almost screamed, and pushed down, trying to ride his fingers. Then it was back to the tease.

Bitching would not get me out of this, so I waited and waited, until I remembered that stupid fucking word again.

"Please, sir." I said through clenched teeth. My face instantly burned; feeling like it had been cooked in a frying pan, but he immediately withdrew his fingers and started pushing my hips down onto him, so I didn't have time care about being embarrassed.

"Oh, fuck! Give a guy some warning!" I said, but didn't really mean it. I pushed with him until he was completely sheathed inside of me. We both breathed hard, and I held my forehead against his, waiting for my body to adjust. I very slowly inched up, and then back down, letting out a soft noise. He was pressed up against my prostate and God it felt so fucking good.

Sasuke's hands were tight on my hips and they squeezed, letting me know he was getting impatient. My thighs were shaking, but I scrunched up my eyebrows, trying to focus on moving. I knew I was not going to want to walk tomorrow, in more ways than one.

I started up a slow, punishing pace, deciding to let Sasuke have some of his own medicine. I rode him fast and hard until we were both breathing hard, and then I stopped altogether, slowly sinking down until he filled me. I started and stopped over and over until he had had enough and pushed me back into the bed. Hooking my legs over his shoulders, he filled me again and pounded into me hard enough that he made the bed creak with every thrust.

I writhed underneath him, groaning and nearly screaming, and it was all over too soon. My belly started tightening, and I came all over both of us, flames of pleasure dancing and crackling all over my body. I shuddered, and rode it out while he finished inside not too long afterwards.

He slid out, both of us breathing hard, sweaty.

I looked up at him, frowning, and remembering that he still hadn't answered my question. As if he knew what the look was for, he smirked before swooping down and giving me a bruising kiss.

We laid like that for a few more minutes, quietly breathing with each other. Both of our lips were swollen, but we didn't care. I was about to ask again, what he really meant behind all of this, but once again, Sasuke was saved when we heard a loud wail, and crying?

"Bro!" Konohamaru screamed and launched himself at me when Sasuke and I finally came out of bedroom. The kid had tears streaming down his face, and he clutched at my shirt while the Udon and Moegi were trying to hide their sniffles.

"Hey, hey calm down. What's wrong?" I asked the little guy.

"We heard some weird noises! We thought the big scary guy was killing you! We tried to open the door, but-" And then he was wailing and wiping his snot on my shirt.

Killing, me….? Oh. Shit. I felt my face burning.

"Y-yeah, we were just… uh wrestling!" I said, and I heard Sasuke snort beside me.

"W-wrestling?" The three of them looked up at me with big watery eyes that made my heart ache. Aw, shit I'm going to hell for this.

"Yeah! Whenever Sasuke comes over, we uh wrestle. It's just ah, what we do." Sasuke smirked at me, and I snuck a glare back at him before turning back to the kids with a nervous smile plastered onto my face.

"Oh." Konohamaru stopped shaking, and wiped his tears. Then the kids were grinning again. "Bro, will you teach us how to wrestle?" I blinked at the sudden question and Sasuke coughed.

"No!" I said immediately, but they got that teary look in their eyes again, and fuck me, it was so convincing. "I mean, no." I said trying to throw in a light laugh and a parental tone in there. "You are far too young for that kind of… wrestling."

"So when we're older maybe?"

"Uh…" I looked at Sasuke who was looking at me with an eyebrow raised and being no help at all. I narrowed my eyes at him, and squeaked when he pinched my ass.

"Uhm… violence is never the answer!" I shouted, and walked down the stairs without looking at anyone; my face was too red and I was far too embarrassed to talk anymore.

Dad eventually came back an hour or two later, with a sour look on his face, and Kakashi in tow.

I hadn't introduced Sasuke to my dad yet, especially since we were still figuring out this 'boyfriend' thing, so he took his leave after we… wrestled. The kids were picked up, and my suspicions were laid to rest. Dad was flittering around the house the rest of the night, while Kakashi looked a little too smug, flipping through channels on the couch.

"So Naruto." Kakashi eyed me with his one eye, and set the remote down. I had made the mistake of sitting in one of the chairs in the living room. I vaguely heard the phone ringing in the background and my dad dashing around the kitchen looking for it. "Jiraiya tells me you've read his most recent book." Oh no.

He leaned forward in his seat, that one eye looking far too interested and his face was red. I leaned away. "Well, how is it? It's been driving me crazy! I've been meaning to try a few things with Iruka-" I wondered if it was possible to turn sheet white and then blush at the same time, cause that's what it felt like I was doing! One, that was just TMI, and two, I couldn't help remembering what was going to be on that one page... Page 234...

"Naruto!" My dad hissed from the kitchen, and I sighed from relief. I practically leapt across the room to him. "Phone for you." He passed me the receiver and shot a nasty glare at his boyfriend. Kakashi just smiled innocently and suddenly became very interested in the TV.

I raised an eyebrow. It couldn't be Sasuke; he would have called me on my cell. I lifted the phone to my ear. I couldn't help but notice that my dad looked a lot more nervous than usual.

"Mr. Uzumaki." Came the voice of an older man over the phone. I gave my dad a confused look. 'It's the governor.' He whispered, which made me all the more confused.

"Yes?" I said, still not completely sure why the governor of all people wanted to speak to me.

"Would you please care to explain why my grandson has been insisting all afternoon that you're his boyfriend, and that you're going to teach him how to… wrestle?"

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Some states actually just outlawed spanking. I just about laughed my ass off at that. I don't condone brutality, and abuse, but sometimes kids need a good smack. I know I did when I was the brat that I was. The kids I grew up with were horrible, just thinking about even more rights are being taken away from parents to raise their kids properly, makes me fear for the next generations.

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