It came the second round I didn't fight again. Almost everyone was fighting, but just us girls. Me, Raven and Dollface. Dollface was showing me and Raven her collection of her thorn looking clothes. I was paying action, but Rave is another story.

"And this one got the name porky because it poked a man in the nut house!" Said Dollface.

"Wow, really….." Said Raven.

Dollface picked another one of her clothes and started dancing with it. She was singing to. (Song love is makes the word go round by PPG she likes them.) I begin laughing. She was making me feel a little better of what's going on. Perky flew of by us girls and was crying on Raven's shoulder. He was tapping her neck. Raven looked down at Perky.

"Momma, them dumb boys started plucking my feathers, then they started punching me! You wasn't there. Momma….. do you hate me….?" Asked the little creature.

Raven picked up Perky She was ruing his feathers. Perky was crying with tears of sorrow. I could tell Raven was trying to calm Perky down. Perky was just too sad to. Even I feel sorry for him. The poor thing couldn't even hardly speak.

"Don't cry my little blossom." Said Raven.

"Ummm… Raven maybe Perky should lay down on something soft?" Asked Dollface.

"NO! I want Perky by my side." Raven said.

Dollface walks over to her. Raven started trying holding Perky. Dollface looked sad. I think that Raven didn't mean to say that to Dollface. Raven turn her head back at Dollface.

"I'm sorry, dollface…." She said crying.

"It's okay, your bird is hurt. I can understand that you care for your pet." Said Dollface.

"Yeah…" Said Raven.

Raven walks more closer to Dollface and put Perky in her hands then she walks over to the guys. They were getting high of weed, but Black. They were trying to teach taxi boy.

"That girls name is Mary" Said Mr. Grimm to Black.

As soon as Raven was over there they all stared at her.

"What is that fucking girl doing here?" Asked Axel.

"What am I doing here? What am I doing here? HUH! DO YOU GUYS NO WHAT YOU DID?! WELL, DO YOU?! Shouted Raven.

"Listen girly…" Said Mr. Grimm.

"WHAT?! DO I LOOK GIRLY TO YOU?! DO YOU SEE ME WEARING PINK FLUFFY GIRLY DRESSES?!" Said Raven pending Mr. Grimm to the wall twisting his head backwards.

"No." said Mr. Grimm about to cry.


Raven twisted his head back more. Now his head was on the other side. Raven smiled and walks over to us and picked Perky again. All the boys where laughing at Mr. Grimm.

"WHAT?!" Shouted Mr. Grimm.

"Now you can see your butt more often!" Said Sweet Tooth.

12-Pack put on (California girls by Katie Parry) and was dancing with his hands up like a cat. All the boys were shocked at first, but then they all join him in his stupid dance.

"Dizzy duke's titles on top. So freaking hot it can sex melt you icicle. OHOOHHOHOH!" Said Cage.

They stopped dancing and gave Cage a dirty look.

"That's not the lyrics, you asshole." Said Axel.

"Okay…..anyways are you okay now, Raven?" Asked Dollface as she toke her eyes off the moron boys and on to us.

"Yeah. They all hurt my baby. So I evan.

"Hey Raven I thought you said that these boys in your school put your friend in the ocean?" I said.

"They did." She said.

I thought you said you couldn't fight back.

"I couldn…" Raven did say anything.

We all three laughed at what we just got. Even Raven. After we were all laughing, the taxi little boy came over to us and was crying. We had our eyes on him. He went over to me and was crying on me.

"Ummmm… okay…." I said.

"Mary….. the big guys gave me a…wedge. Then they pulled my finger back.. see…."Said the little boy putting his finger up showing it pulled back.

"Poor thing…."

I ripped a piece of my dress and pulled his finger back where it was and rapped the white piece from my wedding dress around his little finger. Then I picked him up like he was baby of mine and was holding him with care. Raven and Dollface was so shocked.

"Ummmm…. Little boy, give us your name." Said Dollface.

"No….. they hurt me…" Said the little boy.

Raven went over to 12-Pack and stole his radio and came back over to us. She put on (Dracula by Rod Zombie) then she was dancing.

Dollface got up and join her. At the time I was rubbing the little taxi boy's head. The little boy finally feel asleep on me and I lied him down in my car that was next to me Dollface, and Raven.

Black came over to us. I don't know why, but he was looking at me. I was looking back at him. I have no idea why he was looking at me. I stand up beside him. I put my arms around the demon. The other girls was laughing at the taxi boy sleeping. I was testing him to see if he likes me. He didn't seem to anything when I did this. I reached up to his S and M masked and unzipped his mask. The bottom was his mouth was. I saw lips like a normal human would have. I didn't know demons had what humans had. Then I stand on my tippets toes and kissed him.

I kept kissing him. I couldn't stopped! I forced myself to stop and I go away from him. I looked back at him. He looked sad. I could tell well.

"I'm sorry." I told him.

I thought to myself. Why did I kissed him? It felt good kissing a boy. I was proud of myself. Even though he was a demon, I'm guessing he was a boy. By the shape of his body. His mussels. Everything about him. He was somewhat cute….

"Ma…ry…." Said lack looking at me.