A Naruto fanfic.

I do not own Naruto.


And kinda fluffy, maybe :)



Uchiha Sasuke knows how to appreciate a good food



When Uchiha Sasuke, the new captain of ANBU, comes home after a very dangerous mission, it is always the same routine.

He is greeted by his now current wife, Uchiha Sakura, with a bowl full of Onigiri.

She looks at him with a wistful face and a large smile on her pink lips and says that familiar welcoming words.

- Okaeri, Sasuke-kun.

The shinobi takes one of them in his hand and gives it a faraway look, while memories of his childhood and Mikoto in the kitchen preparing dinner, flooded his mind.

Sasuke smiles slightly.

He knows that the taste or appearance of the food Sakura prepared him cannot be compared to his mother's. However, enjoying it is something far beyond just to eat a food.

Because he knows that Onigiri meant much more than a simple dish.

The Onigiri was the certainty he was finally where he always wanted to be.

At home...