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From Ashes

Chapter 4- A reunion of sorts

Honestly, Takao never thought he would be so excited to be going back to school.

"North House of Tokyo Academy! Second Carriage! All aboard!"

Oh no! Takao pushed his legs faster, a half eaten sandwich in hand. The train came closer and closer into his view. The guy was about to shut the door!

"WAAAAAAAIIIITTT! HOLD THE TRAIN! I'M COMING!" Takao yelled. Luckily, he was heard and he dashed on board, panting and dropping his sandwich and suitcase.

"Uh kid? You forgot your suitcase…" The man sighed. Takao yelped and ran back and in the train again, looking like a blur. Nervously chuckling, he moved to find a seat on the packed train.

And so, Takao's third year at Tokyo Academy begins. At this moment, his expectations were pretty low. Same old, same old, right? It's school, isn't it?


Though being rather dim, Takao Kinomiya was not offered a scholarship for his first year in Tokyo Academy for nothing. He was a pretty gifted kid whom had a talent music. He smirked as he saw the huge, ancient building come into view from the cramped coach he was sat in. A hell of a lot of people were surprised when he told them he got into the prestigious academy on scholarship. Even his teachers!

At last the coach stopped and Takao was the first one out. He laughed and shouted "Hello, Tokyo Academy!"

He waited for someone to shout a hello back but was greeted with looks of "oh-it's-kinomiya"-from the people in his year and older and freaked out looks from the years below.

He cringed before a whistle could be heard "Oie! Taka! Over here!"

"Hey Maxie! Chief!"

Takao ran to his best friends and threw his arms round them. "How was summer you guys?"

"I had a good summer. My time at the electronic research centre was well spent! Great to see you, Takao!" Kenny piped up happily.

"So had fun at nerd camp, huh?"

"It's not nerd camp!"

Max laughed and glomped them both. "It was fun in America! Great to see you guys!"

A loud, shrill bell interrupted their reunion in the courtyard outside the main gate. Several teachers gathered round announcing it was time for the students to be placed in their dorms.

"You're in North House too, right Taka?"

"Oh yeah! Hey, maybe we can bunk as a three again!"

"If we're lucky, Takao." Kenny frowned. "The teachers have picked our rooms this year!"

"What?!" Max shouted, lasping into English.

"Oh mannnn! Now who will I end up with?" Takao groaned.


It was a long and tedious wait in the posh assembly hall and even worse for Takao, he hadn't eaten yet and North House dorms were announced last!

After two long hours of standing, not eating and general moaning and groaning from the students. The last few rooms of North House were finally being announced.

"Now, may I please have a erm…Max Mizuhara, Kenny Saien and Rei Kon? If you please?" Daitenji read from his papers. Mouth dropping open, Takao tossed his head to gape at Max and Kenny. Kenny shrugged helplessly and Max sent him a swift smile of apology. They walked to the front to receive their keys. A Chinese looking boy with amber eyes also walked forward.

Helpless, Takao could only watch as his two best friends disappeared out of the hall. No chance of rooming with them this year.

Silently, he told himself not to panic. Andrew was still here and was a pretty nice guy, Takao might go with him, right?

"Takao Kinomiya and Kai Hiwatari, please?"

Oh, that's me! He realised. But who's this Kai guy?

Takao dashed to the front exclaiming, "I'm here! Where's my roomie?"

Daitenji looked flustered. "W-well…he should be around here?..."

From the very back of the room that was covered in the shadows of the stage curtains, someone walked toward them. When he came forward, Takao wasn't quite sure how no one had noticed him.

The guy had huge spiky grey hair, after all and black at the back from what Takao could see. His neck was covered by a snow white scarf which swished back and forth behind the stranger. Now, that must be a violation of uniform rules, Takao decided.

If that wasn't then how his actual uniform looked really was. His red and gold tie hung uselessly from his white shirt collar from under the scarf. His dark red blazer was tucked under his arm. He walked with his eyes closed. Seriously, how do you do that?!

And two midnight blue stripes on each cheek. Seriously, Takao thought, now I'm dealing with a goth.

"Ah! There you are, Kai! Well, boys! Here's your room key. Room thirty three, second floor, North House. I'm sure you boys will get on swimmingly!"

Suddenly, a small red bird chirped from where Kai had stood before and flew over and perched on Kai's shoulder.

Daitenji looked nervous again. "Um, Kai? I'm afraid that pets aren't permitted in the dorms…"

Kai's eyes snapped open and gave a small hiss. He swiftly grabbed his suitcase, turned and walked away. The little bird was still on his shoulder.

Wait, thought Takao, were his eyes like…red?!

Snapping out of his shock, Takao huffed. This guy would be fun….

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