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ME: si? Simon are you there? Are you okay?

Smon: no, what do you think? You forgot about me for soo many months! I don't want to speak to you!

Me: simon…I bought you new sketch pencils!

Simon: did I say that I hate you? Must've mis-understood me. I lovee you

Me: that's what I thought.

Rest of the DP gang and me: On with damn story already!


DPov (didn't see that one coming did ya? XD)

It's been so long since Chloe left with just that lame ass later for an explanation as to why she left.

To say that I miss her is the understatement of the century. The entire house went into turmoil when Chloe left.


I jolted awake to a cacophony of noises downstairs. Without needing to strain, I could tease out the different sounds from the bundle of chaos. Sobbing. Doors slamming. Shouting. Just what the hell was going on this early in the morning? Dad was an early riser, but no one else in this house was. Sometimes Chloe would be awake at this time if she had a bad dream, which had happened a lot after we escaped the compound, but it seems that her nightmares are finally giving her peace. But even then, she was quiet, unlike my brother, who can be heard a mile away.

So what was going on?

As I pondered this question, I heard Chloe's name come up and my entire body froze. Did something happen to her? She seemed fine last night, but anything could have happened between then and now. Like going out for a morning stroll and being picked up by the Edison group. "Shit!" I hissed as I hastily threw the covers off me.

A soft thump and a crinkling sound caught my attention as I glanced down at a folded piece of paper buried under my fallen pillow. With shaking fingers, I unfolded it and saw that it was addressed to me in a familiar handwriting. Chloe's.

My eyes skimmed the note as I felt disbelief. No. She wouldn't do this. She couldn't. This had to be a bad dream. I was still asleep… that had to be it. But no matter how many times I closed and opened my eyes, the note was still there. I read and re-read it, hoping that I was wrong, but somewhere inside me, I knew I wasn't.

My legs felt like lead when I finally made my way downstairs. Chloe had left. She left this place, this family… and me. I barely noticed that I had arrived at the living room, my legs moving out of habit. Five pairs of eyes looked up at me upon my arrival. Their expressions ranged from distraught to confusion. "Chloe…" I breathed when I felt her absence more than ever.

At the sound of my voice, Lauren shot up from her chair, where my dad had been comforting her. She marched her petite figure up to me and even though she was half my size, it took everything I had to meet her eyes. "You filthy mutt! You're the one that made her go! My only-" she faltered as she took a shuddering breath in between her tears. "-niece is gone and it's all your fault!"

Her furious and heartbroken voice rang in my ears. I tried to say that it wasn't my fault, but the words couldn't come out. Deep down, there was a part of me that thought that she was right. My whole body felt like it was on fire. My shaking legs threatened to give out at any moment and I knew I had to get out of this room.

Need to get away from here.

Need to Change.

I tore my gaze away from Chloe's aunt and broke out of the room, ignoring my dad's concerned voice. The last thing I heard before the forest engulfed me was Lauren's voice. "No Kit… I can't do it anymore. There's nothing left for me here. I'm leaving." Then a door slammed and I knew that like her niece, Lauren was gone without an explanation.


I don't know how many hour I had spent as a wolf, or how far I had ran, but I couldn't stop. It hurt so damn much that I just wanted it to be numb. So I ran harder than ever, hoping to escape reality.

By the time I made my way back, it was already time for dinner, but no one was hungry. We sat there staring at our plates until Dad spoke, "Go…go find her Derek. She needs you and you need her too."

And since then, we've been looking for her. But to no avail.

Without Chloe, things between Simon, Tori and I have felt strained. Simon tries to keep our spirits up, but I can feel his weariness. Tori changed too.

She has been a bit edgy and secretive for the past few months. Does she know something that we don't? I was probably paranoid but my gut feeling says that I should ask her. It's what Chloe would have wanted me to do. After all, Tori's my sister, as much as I loathe that fact.

We packed up again for the fifth time in six months. After another false trail, we decided that it was time to go and visit Chloe's dad and ask him if he knew where she could be. It was a long shot…but we needed to figure out something. I couldn't bear to be away from her any longer.

When I saw Tori and Simon talking to a stranger my defensive mode was activated immediately and tried to smell her scent to see if she was someone dangerous.

"Hey there sexy… wanna tell me that I can join you in your find for your lost girlfriend? Chloe, right? The small, blonde, helpless necromancer. My name's Rayne Falls, ice half-demon and I can help you find her," she said with a smirk.

But at name of Chloe and that this half-demon can find her, I lost all logical thought and said, "You cause any trouble with my siblings and I'll throw you out personally."

I quickly motioned at Simon and Tori, who were looking at me in shock at my decision Tori more so…hmm I wonder what that's about. I brought them to the side, away from Rayne. "Listen, she's telling the truth I can sense it…but I don't trust her enough. We'll follow her lead for a while but as soon as I sense anything fishy, we'll drop her off somewhere…just trust me on this."

Tori crossed her arms, looking impatient. "Wolf boy, I really hope you know what you're doing…I don't trust her one bit. I know people like her. But one thing I know is that she's dangerous," she said as Simon nodded.

"I agree. We'll be careful."

After making our decision, we let Rayne join us and we took off.

It was time that we talked to Steve Saunders.

Tpov! (Tada new POV in the story!)

Tori's thoughts on when Chloe left 6 months ago.

The first thought that came to my mind was how could Chloe just up and leave without so much as a goodbye. But then I continued to read her painful letter…Chloe trusted me with her whereabouts was important to her and I would not let anyone know. That is a promise. To you Chloe and your child. I will protect you from where I am but I hope you're fine where you are.

Present time

"Hey Simon pack your crap and let's get a move on already!" I shouted while dragging my suitcase down myself. Good for nothing buff brothers. They disgust me but I promised a while ago that I would make an effort to get know them better.

"Umm Tori…yeah cool your ass down...I'm already downstairs. And we have a visitor…and wow I must say she is beautiful with a capital B" the dumb bitch is working his charm…eh. Pathetic.

When I came down I had this feeling that this new person isn't going to be that great of an addition to our great group. Oh boy it's getting stronger…and just my luck. It was someone I knew…it couldn't be her…


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