Child Of Mine

Summary: What would happen if Harry was raped and then found out wizards can get pregnant? What if Dumbledore wanted to kill the baby?

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot line. And anything you do not recognize.

Chapter Two:

Several weeks had pasted since he had returned from the hospital, the punishment he had received didn't stay in motion. Everyday once Vernon had left for work, Petunia would let Harry out and they would clean the house together and have lunch. At first Harry found all this a bit odd, but soon warmed up to the change in attitude. He was thankful of her company and the chore they did together, it helped keep his mind off the rape. Petunia had given Harry his trunk and allowed him to place it in his room. It was late one night that Harry was grateful for this as he worked on his History of Magic essay. Harry's assignment was to write about researcher Sébastien Agnès, a French wizard who was trying to develop a potion for vampires to suppress blood lust. Harry quickly became entranced with the story.

Sébastien Agnès, a Pureblooded French wizard who attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic graduated at the top of his class, before using his knowledge towards the research field. When he read of vampires being killed, he sympathized with them and soon began trying to make potions that would help them live normal lives. Agnès soon became obsessed with them and that was when he met Isaac Grimmel, a vampire who dedicated his life to writing books about his species so that wizards may understand them better. He wrote The Fanged Ones: Inside and out, and it's sequel The Fanged Ones: Mates, Mating, And Blood Lust.

Grimmel was impressed with Agnès dedication and helped him with the experimental process. A year later they created a potion to allow vampires into the sun. They soon married after that and began working on another potion, this one to stop blood lust. It was rumored that Agnès was Grimmel's mate and that he was turned not long after their marriage, but it was never proven to be true.After five months and almost perfecting the recipe for the blood lust potion, Sébastien Agnès was forced to put his work on hold as he gave birth to his daughter Élisabeth Agnès-

Harry gasped, quickly reading over the last part. 'Birth? But that means he had to be pregnant…does that mean wizards can get pregnant?'

He quickly began to panic, 'But I can't be! I'm only sixteen, soon to be seventeen, I'm not ready to be a parent!'

Harry tried to take deep breaths to calm down, falling backwards onto his bed.

'Calm down Harry, you don't even know if you're pregnant or not. I wonder if a muggle pregnancy test would work. How would I get one?' Harry groaned and covered his head with his pillow. 'Tomorrow, I'll ask Aunt Petunia for some money for medicine. Hopefully she'll give it to me, she has been a caring guardian for the first time in his life. I guess the attack made her think of me as family…'

Harry sighed before piling his work onto the old desk, turning of the lamp and crawling under his sheets. Once he stopped his mind from racing he was able to drift to sleep.

The next morning after Vernon went to work and Dudley went wherever he'd been going, Harry stood washing dishes while Aunt Petunia dried them to his left.

"Aunt Petunia? I was wondering if I could have money to get some cold medicine from the drugstore around the corner. I've been feeling a bit off lately." Harry asked looking over at her with something close to hope in his eyes.

"Why didn't you say you weren't feeling well?"

"Uh…I didn't want to bother you." He replied not use to the concern in her expression.

"Well I give you some, but when you get back I want you bed. You really should have told me you were sick" Aunt petunia said finishing the last dish she was drying before getting her purse and giving Harry the money he would need.

"Thank you. I'll go get it now." Harry told her, before making out of the house. Nervously he walked down the street and around the corner. As he entered the drugstore he suddenly realized he had no idea where the test would be stocked. Now even more nervous he began walking up and down almost all the isles. Finally at the last one he found them, looking around Harry quickly grabbed one and made his way to the check out counter. When he placed the pregnancy test the elderly woman at the cash register gave him a suspicious look.

"Think you got a girl pregnant, young man?" She asked, causing him to panic.

"Uh, no this is for my sister…she's a bit worried." He replied shakily as she rang him up.

"Well that's kind of you to do this for her."

"Uh, Thank you." Harry said handing her the money and taking the small paper bag.

"Have a nice day" The elderly woman said as he turned to leave.

"You too." He replied exiting the store. His heart pounded loudly in his ears along the way home. When he reached the front door he snuck in and noticed Aunt Petunia was busy with one of her needlecrafts. Before she could notice him he shot up the stairs and proceeded to shutting himself in the bathroom.

Shakily he pulled out the box, opening it before reading the instructions. A few minutes later Harry sat on the ledge of the tub, the damp plastic stick settled on the edge of the counter. He rocked himself back and forth trying to stay calm. He felt that those five minutes waiting for the results were the hardest, most frightening few minutes in his entire life, even more frightening then Voldemort. He had known ho to handle himself then. This experience was completely foreign to him. When the time was up he stood holding the test, eyes closed and shaking. He swallowed hard and took a shuddering breathe before gathering his courage and opening his eyes. He stared at the stick in shock. Positive.

'I'm pregnant… I was raped… and now I'm seventeen and pregnant.' Suddenly Harry's world gave a violent tilt and found the ground coming up towards him. He hit the ground making a loud 'thump', fainting.

"Harry? Harry! Wake up Harry!" Shouted a voice through the darkness. Harry groaned and opened his eyes to find his Aunt hovering over him. That's when he noticed he was lying on the ground and his back hurt.

"What happened?" He mumbled as he slowly got to his feet.

"I was hoping you could tell me that." She answered, watching him as he looked around the room. Harry's face paled when he caught sight of the test just inches from his Aunt's feet. He quickly grabbed it, shoving it behind his back.

"What is that you're hiding?" Looking suspicious she tried to look, but Harry moved, keeping the test out of sight.

"Nothing, it's nothing!" He said quickly backing towards the door.

"I'm not that stupid Harry, what are you hiding?" She asked once more, grabbing his arm before he could leave.

Knowing he couldn't escape it any longer he showed her the test.

"A pregnancy test, is this what you used the money for? Why would you need this?" She asked not even really looking at it.

"I found out wizard could get pregnant from my history text. I was worried; you know I was r-r-raped so that obviously means there was no protection…. It's positive."


"The test, it's positive." He said holding the test closer so she could see the plus mark.

Petunia stared at his for a few moments, causing Harry to slowly start to panic. Tears started to fill his eyes and make their way down his face. The tears seemed to knock his Aunt out of her trance.

"What's wrong dear?"

"I can't be pregnant! I'm not ready to be a parent! I don't even know the first thing about raising a child!" He sobbed, before getting pulled into warm arms.

"Shh, it's ok. Calm down, everything will be alright. Every mother or father never really knows how to care for their baby at first, it's mostly just instincts, and they learn the rest along the way."

"You're taking all this so well…" He whispered, scrubbing at his eyes as he pulled away.

"I've come to expect the unexpected with your world. Anything is possible."

"Do you really think I can be a good parent?"

"Absolutely, you are so much like Lily, you may look like your father but you have Lily's heart."

"Thank you Aunt Petunia, that means a lot."

"Let get you bed, you need some rest. You have a lot to think about. I'll make sure Vernon leaves you alone." Petunia said leading him to his room.

She helped him lay down and tucked the sheets around him. Before she even left the room, Harry had already fallen into asleep, completely drained physically and emotionally.

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