"Hello, I'm at 2950 prospect street, and I'd like to report a murder"


"A murder"



"Hello, I'm at 2950 Prospect street, and I'd like to report a murder"


"A murder"


David sat back at his desk, a look of disgust plastered on his face. The door to his office bursts open and his beautiful assistant, Alyssa sauntered in with Tylenol and a water. "You play that thing one more time, and I swear I'm gonna to stab myself in the neck with scissors…" she pauses "No pun intended"

"Thank you Alyssa" David takes the pills.

But Alyssa sticks around, hands on her hips. "You know Olivia, she never does anything without thinking over it, about it twenty times."

David sighs, agreeing but not outwardly expressing it. "She called the cops… Why did she call the cops?"

"My guess? He needed medical attention?"

"She knows better"

"Better than what?"

David sits up rubbing his eyes "That information is secret I can't-"

"Maybe it was an accident"

"It wasn't an accident, it was extremely risky"

"And it was the right thing to do." Alyssa concludes

"Was it?" David sighs, "I mean, the secrets Olivia has… I'm afraid to even ask who's working for her any more. She owns a gang."

"A gang? Really? I don't see her as the O.G. type."

"O.G. is a local group of thugs with forties and a unmarked guns. No, she's like an AL Capone, a scar face if you ask me."

"Yeah except she's on our side."

"Is she?"


Camp David

"Come on let's get this over with" she snarled.

"I am not making a baby with you." He replied. "Just because you said it was you on the tape does not mean that I have to bring another person into this bull shit we call a relationship. You said it was you, they believe you it's over." Fitz growled while tearing off his tie and tossing it into a hamper.

"How can I say, my husband and I are sexually active if we haven't touched each other in years?" asked Mellie

"Lie… isn't that what you're good at?"

"What happened to you? You use to love me." She said with her eyes beginning to tear up.

Fitz turned around with a look of confusion… was Mellie crying? In all the time he's known her he's never seen her cry before. "Mellie"

She sat on the bed, a stray tear escaping from her welled up eyes. "Mellie." Fitz came around the bed to console her but she scooted away from his kind gesture, keeping her eyes on the soft pattern the sun light made when it shown through the windows. The dust that glided through the light for a moment only to disappear in the shadows again.

"Just like our love" she murmured.

"What?" asked Fitz

"It came and went Fitz. We're business partners contained in nothing more than an agreement."

She was referring to their marriage as an agreement, something Fitz thought she had knew a long time ago. "Oh?"

"You don't love me…" she cried.

Fitz wasn't sure what to say.

She peeked up towards him expecting him to deny her claim, but he did no such thing.

Mellie underestimated the love Fitz had for Olivia. "You love her so much, that you squeezed me out of your heart."

"Come on Millie, we cared for each other, but we never loved each other."

"You never loved me?" she asked.

"Did you love me?" he asked

"Of course" she said, but she flinched. She should have known that he was going to catch that. He had been married to her for so long that he couldn't hide when she lied.

"You're lying." He said.

"I've been meaning to ask… who broke your heart?"


"Who Mel"

"I don't know what you're talking about-"

"Oh stop with the crap. It's just us." Fitz tried to persuade, but he could see that Mellie's scheming mind was so schizophrenic that she didn't even trust her husband with a teenage secret like this. "Fine, I'm in love with Olivia Pope, I slept with her with in our marriage. There, now who made you this bitter cruel…" he looked around for inspiration in a perfect description of her behavior "poll driver, who would make a parking lot out of a village if it meant re-election"

"His name was Todd."


Mellie's eye brows raised "What now do we hug, I don't understand what this old flame has to do with you marching in here and treating me worse than our dog."

"Find him."


"I'll help you find him." Fitz agreed to.

"Wha- no."

"Mellie. You're unhappy, I'm unhappy, we both are in love with different people, that doesn't mean we can't be coregile to each other. What's his full name."

Mellie remained, for a moment her eyes sparkling with the thought that maybe she could reunite with Todd Maxwell her college crush, and long time best friend. Maybe she could see him, like her husband was seeing Olivia. Maybe her bed wouldn't be so lonely at night. Maybe she would be able to get a divorce from Fitz, maybe there was a secret way to do it.

But then something crossed her mind, what if Fitz was encouraging her to do this so that he could point at her when it came to the reasons for a divorce. She inwardly smiled thinking she had latched onto Fitz' plan.

"You want me to cheat so that you and Olivia can put all the blame on me and live as the good guys." Mellie concluded.

Fitz's face contorted into pure disgust. "Millie! Millie! Why are you always so fucking skeptical of everything? You say you want me to have sex with you when we all know that you're gonna be thinking campaign the whole fucking time! My god, you have the attitude of a candidate twenty four seven!"

"I am not." She defends. But she does. All the time.

"If you want to be with him then be with him, if you don't then don't, but quit basing your happiness on what you think will make us win a race! I have what makes me happy, all I'm saying is find what makes you happy, and do it."

Millie shook her head. "I don't know what you want me to do Fitz"

"I just told- Millie, I figured you out. I did, right now. You lie so much because you don't even know the truth… You lie to yourself!" he yells.

"How so?"

"What did you do on our wedding night Mill?"

Millie thought back and it hit her, she avoided having sex with Fitz the whole night, wanting to catch up on work. He fell asleep and she went into the bathroom and cried. She would never tell him that part of course it would hurt his-

"You cried." He said. His voice sounding like it had shattered.

Her eyes darted up at him, she didn't know he knew that.

"You cried your eyes out." He said "I listening to my wife, on our wedding night cry in the bathroom, and then call a friend and complain about how I wasn't what you wanted at all. That was until you concluded that I would make for a very powerful man. That I would be security… Isn't that what you said Millie? That I would be great security?"

"You heard me?" she asked "how come you didn't come into comfort me, if you knew I was crying?"

"Don't give me that bull shit, you wouldn't even let me touch you"

"And so Olivia does? Olivia lets you touch her all over the place? Does she cry on your shoulder, make you feel like some kind of man, and then tell you how great you are?"

"Yes." Fitz says. "And she does it without forcing it."

"I can do that."

Fitz shakes his head, "You shouldn't have to, if it's not how you feel. Millie I don't want you to think that I don't care, cause I do. I care for you so much. If anything happened to you I would be there right by your side, because I care. But I don't love you romantically."

Millie began to tear up. " Well I'm sorry for ruining our marriage,"

"Aw hell"

"Well apparently it's all my fault."

"Okay, look rewind what I just said, and… and can we just start from the beinning. Let me start over. Mellie, you didn't ruin it." Fitz spoke softly "You gave me two beautiful children, helped me win the toughest job in the world, and lead me to the love of my life… I'm not doing this to get even with you. I'm doing this because I owe you… What's Todd's last name?"


"Maxwell" he nodded turning to a desk with a computer.

Mellie shook her head "Fitz it's been so long, what if he's married."

"We'll never find out unless we try."

Millie stood sauntering over to him, before wrapping her arms around his bent over position. "Thank you."

"No, thank you."


The door opens, at the door is Cyrus. "Mr. President-" His face looked like it was in panic, like something terrible had happened, almost in a mourning estate, which worried Fitz.

"What is it?"

Cyrus looked down, his eyes welling with true tears. "Olivia"