"Sorry Harry did you really think I'd let you destroy my things and get away with it" came a soft but sweet voice in his ear, Harry's eyes shot open, he tried to get up but someone was pinning him to his bed. His eyes couldn't focus until a pair of glasses were placed gently onto his face and into his view came the face of a young woman with luscious black hair and dazzling blue eyes, he first feared it could be a Death Eater but her playful smile sent any inclination of that out of his mind. The weight of her pushed his head deeper into his pillow but without any limbs to move that was not much he could do. It was then Harry realised the woman had removed him of any clothing and her slender body was wrapped in flimsy undergarments

"Now now Harry you don't get away that easily" the woman whispered "you can't destroy my lovely Diadem and think I won't come back " she whispered lowly her fingers dancing their way across his bare chest, diadem that could only mean

"Rowena Ravenclaw" he gasped understanding now who this person was, the woman grinned in response

"Yes My Potter and you destroyed my lovely diadem I know it was to stop that bad man but you still need to be punished" she purred moving closer to him, she breathed on his face allowing Harry to smell her breath. He inhaled deeply enjoying the scent of the beauty on front of him

"And I know Harry has been a bit lonely ever since he found out the girl was giving him a loving potion, complete bitch by the way" Rowena remarked. Harry didn't need reminding it was by pure luck that he had found out: Ginny had offered him a drink when Ron ran offer and drank it all with a gulp... suffice to say the results were disgusting but Harry immediately left telling her he would never love her. But now with a beautiful woman on top of him Harry could only feel aroused as her hand dipped lower and lower down his body. Then faster than Harry could comprehend he was flipped over with Rowena leaning on his back

"Now Harry let's start you punishment you naughty boy, oh and call me mistress" she whispered into his ear, suddenly Harry felt her hand slap his buttocks and a loud audible crack echoed around the room, Harry gasped first from the pain but then Rowena's hand slowly engulfed his cock. She slowly began to pump as she spanked Harry again and again, he grunted with pain but now mostly pleasure

"my my Harry you certainly are a big boy" she teased pumping him harder. Harry let out a low moan as her hand collided with his backside and felt his orgasm building up, then her hand stopped; Harry squirmed desperate to relieve himself
"Say please" Rowena demanded, Harry thought for a moment

"Please" he spluttered out, Rowena laughed as her hand caressed his back

"Please what?" she asked huskily,

"Please Mistress" he begged, her hand closed around him again

"You want me to relieve you" Rowena asked, her grip like a vice on his manhood

"Yes Mistress" Harry stammered out as Rowena began pumping him furiously pre-cum seeped out from his head as she picked up the pace even more: then Harry let out a deep low moan as his seed poured into her hand. Before he knew it he was lying on her back with Rowena's sticky hand inches away from him, she extended her index finger and placed it in her mouth with a loud sucking noise which made Harry even more aroused she sucked all the liquid from her finger. Then with a devilish grin she covered Harry's face with her hand rubbing his own juices all over him, she smirked and kissed him passionately and Harry could taste himself on her when she pulled back and smiled once more.

"Well you have gotten a lot of pleasure but poor Rowena needs some relief now" she whispered removing her remaining clothing, her looked at her breasts despite her age they were still large and perky she looked even more playful this time. Without warning she forced her nipple into his mouth

"Suck!" she commanded, Harry complied sucking on it while swirling his tongue around her hardened nipple, then he bit down very slightly. She let out soft moans as she felt his mouth work wonders on her breast, while inexperienced he seemed to know how to get a response from her with each movement of his tongue. Then she pulled her breast away

"Looks like that tongue may be better suited a little lower down if you know what I mean" she suggested innocently suddenly wrapping her legs around harry' head. Her vagina was now inches from his face before she could order him began to manoeuvre his tongue around her folds. She let out another moan of pleasure before jerking her body, Harry persisted slipping his tongue into her dripping wet core and around her clit causing her to shake in pleasure, Harry thrust his tongue into her core and swirled it around, she tasted sweet and harry began to apply pressure with his mouth to greedily lap up her fluids. With one final moan she released her orgasm into Harry's mouth and face, it mixed with his own fluids and Rowena lapped up the liquid hungrily.

"Not done yet" she hissed into his ear as her feet pined his arms while she positioned her wet entrance over his enlarged cock.

"Okay big boy, give me something I won't forget" she commanded lowering herself onto him, she rode him quickly, fiercely causing the both to groan and pant in pleasure, she slowed down when he approached orgasm and teased him by speeding up when it passed. Within moments the squirming woman increased her pace and with one final thrust they both came together, Harry spilling his seed into her glistening vagina as she fell onto his chest.

"There had better be more times like that" she muttered as Harry's arms snaked their way around her, then within seconds they both drifted off to sleep.

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