Punishment: Chapter 3

"Ok Harry a deal is a deal so you can ask any question you want" Rowena mumbled blissfully, they were on the sofa with Rowena snuggling into Harry's chest

"Ok ,how are you alive?" was his first one. Rowena smiled softly

"The hocrux" she hissed "my knowledge and thoughts were in the diadem kept me alive and the piece of soul that died when you broke it, set me free. I helped the best I could during the battle but I saw you", Harry began slowing massaging her back,

"MMM" she groaned in approval snuggling in closer "anyway throughout the battle in the room of requirement I saw you Harry, looking brave and fierce and so sexy". Harry grinned at the compliment

"Anyway when you touched the diadem I looked into your mind and I saw everything you were, what you had lost, and how you had to fight to the very end, after the battle I saw you were pretty much in control during the battle and when you appeared in the courtyard with a resurrected Dumbledore; I mean you exploded back from the dead, Voldemort was terrified and when you spells hit and you beat him... oh god" she told him with lust and desire filling her voice "anyway you shook my hand after the battle, you didn't see me you had that whore love potion maker on your lips but I saw that your whole life you had been forced to take control and when I found out the bitch was drugging you I thought, If there was one thing Harry didn't have to control, if there as one thing he could let someone else take the reins on what would it be... So long story short I crept into your bedroom Kreacher recognised me and led the way , then spanked you for a bit before we ended the night with me collapsing on your chest from post orgasmic pleasure thus beginning what I hope is a relationship, any more questions?" she queried

"Why me?" asked Harry, it had been bugging him all morning, Rowena punched his arm

"Why not, your clever, strong, sensitive, kind caring, easy on the eyes and you risked everything for everyone. Also you're a good few inches bigger than average and oh god why not" she began angry but ending in a teasing tone, Harry looked surprised

"So do you want me as your girlfriend?" she asked, Harry could sense the worry and fear in her eyes

"What, who would want a smart, loving, crafty, good looking, kinky girl who enjoys the extremes of sex?" Harry asked sarcastically, Rowena grinned

"Ok but there's a few conditions" she warned, Harry nodded "first this relationship will be built on mutual respect, trust and me being dominant in the bedroom oh and you have to take me out", Harry looked at her

"I think you've pretty much done that and I'm sure you're not going to turn into Voldemort suddenly so I'm fine with that" he answered, she feigned offense

"I'm shocked you accused me your caring loving girlfriend of being that bald unattractive git, and after what we got up to this morning and your still thinking Voldemort maybe you better be seriously considering you sexuality" she responded, Harry coughed and blushed, Rowena laughed but was hushed after Harry's fingers began stopping lower and lower down her stomach

"Harry?" she was about to ask but suddenly he began rubbing the outside of her panties which he was pleased to find were lacy, she moaned in pleasure. Grinning Harry stretched her underwear and began teasing her entrance with his fingers

"Harry" she whinged, as he began dancing over her folds. She shivered and Harry suddenly pinched her clit

"Harry!" she cried as waves of pleasure wracked around her body, Harry's fingers began rubbing it now, she began moaning in time with his movements but gasped in pleasure and his fingers slipped inside her wet core, her eyes widened as began moving in and out slowly

"Faster" she begged as Harry's other arm began fondling her breasts pushing the flimsy fabric of her bra aside. His fingers moved in circles and he pushed as far as he could inside her before withdrawing and doing it again equally as fast. She writhed in pleasure over him as his fingers fucked her with increasing velocity, then she came explosively onto his fingers and she was even more surprised when he brought them to his lips and sucked the liquid off .

"You are so..." she began but didn't finish and instead relaxed on him as her orgasm rocked her body with fierce pleasure.

"Ready to go?" Harry asked Rowena as she entered the room, she was wearing a stunning tight blue dress exposing her curves as it ran along her body

"Are you sure it's ok with Molly?" Rowena asked, Harry laughed

"You've lived over 1000 years, knew Salazar Slytherin, snuck into my home and your worried about meeting my adoptive mother" he taunted, Rowena glared at him

"Well Ginny is her daughter and I don't like cursing people normally but she gets under my skin" she hissed, Harry gave her a side look

"Molly Weasley was very annoyed with Ginny when she found out it didn't help she added something else to the potion to get me in the mood so Ron was trying to shag his sister in the burrow living room" he chuckled slightly reliving the memory

"Fine lets go, I might as well loosen up a bit" Rowena conceded " I thought this was Sunday lunch why am I in a party dress?".

"Today is the 6 month anniversary of when I killed Voldemort and Molly has had a big party every month, also she's has a new kitchen now so she likes baking party food" Harry replied, Rowena's eyes glazed

"Is it more lively than a one of Helga's champagne and coffee evenings?" she asked, Harry looked at her confused

"At a guess yes, well at the 3 month party it ended with Minerva McGonagall dancing with torn robes with a rather drunk Dumbledore and yes he took her home for coffee" Harry told her smirking, within a moment Rowena was on the floor laughing insanely

"Oh my god" she gasped "that is the funniest thing I have ever heard". Harry waited until she calmed down, she stood up brushed herself off and took Harry's arm

"Be warned when I get a bit tipsy I have been known to do public things that I umm" she warned, Harry's eyes grew slightly, as she threw some powder into the fire, she stepped in dragging Harry along with her. The next thing he saw was all the Weasley's staring at him, Ginny had dropped her glass and Fred and George were grinning

"Hello Harry dear and this must be" Molly greeted him crushing him in a hug

"This is my girlfriend, Rowena..." he introduced

"Ravenclaw" Rowena finished tittering at the faces of shock as they heard this.