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Here I go with another Merlin story. This story is a request by 'mlynch13' and is therefore dedicated to her.

Warnings: Magic is allowed in Camelot. Ygraine is alive. Uther is not evil. Morgana is good and malexmale...eventually.

Summary: Whilst hunting for an enemy of Camelot Merlin takes a spell to save Arthur, Arthur fearing the worst finds something he didn't expect. Can Arthur face up to and deal with the responsibilities that are to come?

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Prince Arthur of Camelot was out hunting with his knights. A sorcerer had tried to attack Camelot and in failing, he fled and has been hiding in the woods. Arthur had been sent out to find this sorcerer and be rid of him.

King Uther and Queen Ygraine did allow magic in their kingdom but they made it known, anyone caught using their magic for evil will be killed.

Arthur was sat on a log with Leon on his left and Elyan on his right. Percival and Gwaine sat on the log facing him. "We have scoured this area." Arthur said as he circled the area with the twig he held in his hand. "We will have some food and then set out at first light and scan this area here." he continued, tapping a new location on the map with the twig.

"Me and Percival can keep watch whilst you sleep if you like Arthur." Gwaine suggested.

Arthur looked up at the couple and smiled. "Thank you. But not for too long, after two hours you wake me and Merlin and we will take over."

Just then Merlin walked over to them all. "Stew is all cooked and ready to be eaten." Merlin hadn't finished his sentence before all the knights rushed past him to get some of the stew.

Merlin collected some firewood and returned to see the knights just finishing eating. He went to the pot in which he cooked the stew in and sighed to find it empty, he dropped the firewood and rubbed his stomach when he heard it rumble in hunger.


Merlin turned and saw Arthur there with his bowl of stew that was still half full. "We all have half each but I topped my up to the top otherwise they would have had it all whilst you was collecting firewood. Here is your half Merlin."

Merlin took the bowl from Arthur with a smile. "Thank you." Arthur just nodded and walked away.

Later that night after Merlin had collected enough firewood to last them through the night, he set out Arthur's bed roll and made out his own not far from Arthur and waited until Arthur was laying down, covered up before settling himself.

"You know you don't have to do that Merlin."

"Do what Arthur?"

"Whenever we come out on these hunting trips or looking for someone, at night you always wait until I am settled before you get yourself settled."

"I am your servant Arthur. It is my job to make sure you are settled before I sort myself out."

Arthur looked at Merlin and kept eye contact until he broke it and laid flat on his back. "Get some sleep Merlin, Gwaine and Percival are waking us in two hours."

Arthur woke up and grabbed his sword when he felt someone shaking him. Relaxing when he saw Merlin. "Arthur it is our turn to keep watch."

"Gwaine and Percival?"

"Just getting settled. Come on."

Arthur got out of his bed roll and followed Merlin to the watch point, sword in hand.

Arthur chucked another piece of wood on the fire. "I'll be glad when we catch this sorcerer. I miss my bed." Arthur looked up at Merlin. "Don't you?"

"Not really. My bed is only slightly more comfortable than sleeping on the forest floor."

"Well there are things you can do though to make it more comfortable."

"I can."

"Like what?"

"Ask my master to get me a better bed."

Arthur sighed and then laughed. He had been watching Merlin a lot lately and he was sure he had magic, if only a little, but Merlin had not said anything and Arthur wanted Merlin to tell him that he has magic, if he had it.

"I suppose I could push to getting you a more comfortable bed, wouldn't want you getting a bad back and lacking in your duties now."

"Are you really going to kill this sorcerer Arthur?"

"Yes Merlin. He killed a lot of innocent people for what he believed was the right thing, broke up families, left them with grief all because what he believed which was right when it was wrong. Trying to lengthen your life. You want to do something with your life then you live each day as if it was your last, don't kill innocent people by using them for experiences that go wrong."

"I couldn't agree more Arthur." Merlin said as he shivered.

"You cold?"

"I am. This jacket and the top I wear under it is only thin, you're alright, you have thick clothes on, and then your chainmail."

Arthur looked closely at Merlin and stood up, making Merlin stand as well, looking around. "What did you hear?"

"Nothing Merlin." Arthur unclasped his cloak threw it in the air and around Merlin. "It's thicker and warmer than it looks."

"You or the cloak?"

Arthur chuckled. "Idiot."

"Thank you Arthur."

"You're welcome Merlin."

Merlin was just about to chuck another piece of wood onto the fire when Arthur held his arm up, quietly telling him to stop. Merlin was just about to ask what was wrong when he heard the noise Arthur must have heard. It was a rustling of leaves not far from where they were sitting.

They both stood up and Arthur drew his sword and looked at Merlin. "Stay close to me Merlin. I want you in eyesight all the while."

"Okay Arthur."

They both slowly walked to where they heard the noise and Arthur put his arm out and held Merlin back when he saw the sorcerer they were looking for. The man stood so far in front of them with his dirty blond hair all matted and messy. "Arthur Pendragon. I have you alone at last without your knights, with only a servant who you protect more than he does you by your side."

"You are a lowly criminal who has used his magic for evil, killing the innocent, you are to be killed on sight."

"I don't think so Arthur Pendragon." the sorcerer raised his hand at Arthur. "Gael ei eni eto."

"Arthur!" Merlin pushed forward and jumped in front of the Prince.

Arthur watched in horror as the spell that was meant for him hit Merlin hard in the chest making him fly backwards. When all Arthur saw was a pile of clothes and his cloak on the floor that had a mist rising from it, Arthur ran to the sorcerer in anger and pierced him with his sword killing the man instantly. He didn't care anymore. Merlin was dead. Merlin had died saving him.

Once he checked the sorcerer, confirming he was dead he walked over to the pile of clothes and dropped to his knees. "Merlin."


Arthur frowned at the sound and slowly started to move each piece of clothing and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a baby no older than two laying where Merlin had landed.

Arthur stared at the dark haired baby with bright blue eyes and cocked his head to one side. "Merlin?"

Baby Merlin followed his movements. "Eh?"

Arthur couldn't help but smile and held out his hand, showing Merlin his finger who grabbed it with both hands and moved the tip of his finger to his mouth and started to suck. "I am guessing you're hungry Merlin."

Arthur moved his hand away making Merlin reach out with both hands after him. Arthur folded his cloak into four and picked Merlin up. He sighed when he noticed that Merlin had nothing covering him so he wrapped him up in his own brown jacket before laying him on the cloak and wrapping him up and picking him up, keeping him close to his chest as he made his way back to camp. He had to get Merlin back to Camelot for Gaius to check him over and see if he could get him back to his normal self.

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