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Warnings: Magic is allowed in Camelot. Ygraine is alive. Uther is not evil. Morgana is good and malexmale...eventually.

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Summary: Whilst hunting for an enemy of Camelot Merlin takes a spell to save Arthur, Arthur fearing the worst finds something he didn't expect. Can Arthur face up to and deal with the responsibilities that are to come?

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Before they both knew it the castle was alight with wedding preparations. They told Uther and Ygraine the following morning the great news and after Ygraine hugged them both close she set off to find Morgana and Andreia to plan the wedding that was to take place in a week.

Merlin and Arthur had said that they only wanted close friends and family at the wedding but for the feast after they would love it outside where all of Camelot could celebrate with them.

The night before the wedding Arthur found himself, wide awake while his husband to be was fast asleep with his head resting on Arthur's chest.

Arthur had dreamed of this day for so long that he just couldn't wait anymore, as the day got closer Arthur found himself acting a lot more like a worried bride then the groom, Merlin on the other hand was as calm as could be, just sitting back and watching his Arthur go crazy over flowers, food and the guest list.

Of course Arthur had just given Gwaine more reason to call him 'Princess' now. Seeing as he was yelling over the smallest detail and let's not forget the time Gwaine caught him crying over the cake.

Of course Andreia wasn't helping as she started to wind Arthur up and then stand back and watch.

Arthur watched as the night gave way to the day and looked forward to the sun shining through their windows, but as light filled the skies so did huge grey clouds.

Arthur felt like crying as the rain hit against the windows. "That's just wonderful." Arthur muttered just as lightning crashed down to earth scaring Merlin, who jumped out of bed before pulling the covers over his naked body.

"It's just lightning baby." Arthur whispered kissing Merlin's forehead.

"Looks like the storm rolled in earlier than we thought." Arthur complained.

"Don't worry I'm sure it will clear up soon." Merlin smiled and got out of bed.

"Hey, where are you going?" Arthur asked watching Merlin's naked arse bend over to pick up his pants.

"I promised to have breakfast with my parents remember." Merlin said putting his shirt on before kissing Arthur and walking out the door.

Arthur sighed and watched as the rain poured down and the lightning crashed, Arthur was pulled out of his thoughts by someone knocking very loudly. Arthur quickly got out of bed, yelling that he was coming and moved over to his breeches, Arthur put one of his legs through and pulled up his breeches without realizing that his other was standing on the other breeches leg. RIP!

Arthur looked down at his breeches in shock; he had managed to tear a huge hole in the bottom of his pants. "FUCK!"

Arthur quickly but carefully re-changed and pulled open the door only to find one of the servants from the kitchen looking very worried and just a little afraid of the Prince.

"Yes?" Arthur asked wanting to go and make a final check on everything.

"Sire you're needed in the kitchen there seems to be something wrong with the cake." the young girl replied.

"WHAT?" Arthur yelled rushing off towards the kitchen.

When he opened the door he found his friends and knights of Camelot eating the food meant for the wedding. "What are you doing? That's for the wedding." Arthur said as he rushed over to them.

"Sorry princess, it looked too good to eat and we were very hungry from training." Gwaine replied.

Arthur turned to the cook. "Please say you can make more?" Arthur pleaded.

"I'm sorry sire we don't have enough to make everything again." the cook informed her young Prince.

"But… how…why… the cake, please tell me the cake's alright?" Arthur begged.

"That's the thing my lord, we can't seem to find the cake. We had just placed the final touches when the thunder hit and then the cake was … gone." the cook replied sadly.

"This can't be happening, not today." Arthur muttered while he started to have a panic attack.

"Sire?" Arthur turned and found a worried guard running into the kitchen.

"My lord, there is a dragon in the courtyard." the guard informed his Prince.

"What? That can't be right." Arthur ended up running to the courtyard and found a dragon staring back at him.

"You need to leave. Now. This is my wedding day you can't be here." Arthur commanded feeling himself on the brink of tears.

The dragon just growled at him.

"Arthur? What are you doing out here in the rain? You're going to get wet." Merlin said rushing to Arthur's side.

"Today has just been one bad thing after another Merlin; it can't get any worse right?" Arthur asked, looking at Merlin, expecting him to tell him all will be fine.

His question was answered when the dragon reared up to his full height and wisped Merlin into his larger clawed tail before flying off with him.

"MERLIN!" Arthur yelled.

"Son, you need to come in." Arthur looked at Uther who was standing right in front of him.

"No… I… need… to …find…Merlin." Arthur sobbed.

"Arthur you can do that once you have clothes on." Ygraine promised.

"What?" Arthur asked confused before looking down and realised that he was naked and standing in the middle of the courtyard.

"AHHH!" he yelled, slapping his hands to cover himself.

Arthur shot up from the bed, breathing fast as he could feel his heart trying to break his rib cage. Arthur quickly turned to wake Merlin but found his side of the bed empty.

"Baby?" Arthur turned and found Merlin sitting at the table looking over at him concerned.

"You're here." Arthur smiled and quickly jumped out of bed and rushed over to Merlin pulling the shocked man into his arms.

"Good morning to you too." Merlin said.

"I'm never going to let a dragon take you from me again." Arthur whispered.

"What dragon? Arthur you need to get dressed we have our wedding today." Merlin said confused and starting to worry about his soon to be husband.

"Yes it was all a dream, oh baby I love you." Arthur kissed Merlin before running off to get washed and dressed and out the room before Merlin could ask what he was talking about.

The first thing Arthur did once he was outside was head to the kitchen and see how the food was going on. The cake was right where it was meant to be, the knights where not eating the food for the wedding and everyone was looking at Arthur as if he was crazy, even more so when he told the guards to be on the lookout for a dragon that wished to steal his Merlin.

In the end Merlin, who was told by the guards what Arthur said, took Arthur to see Gaius.

"You're sure he's okay?" Merlin asked looking over at Arthur.

"Of course Merlin it's just stress." Gaius informed them.

"Thank you, I'll see you at the wedding." Merlin hugged Gaius before taking his husband to be back to their room.

Merlin sat at the table in their chambers. "Can you tell me what this is all about please. I know Gaius said it is stress but this is you Arthur, you don't even worry on the eve of a battle."

"I had a bad dream Merlin."

"Can I hear about it?"

Merlin sat and listened to what Arthur's dream was and ended up sitting on Arthur's lap, arms around his neck. "Arthur this isn't you. Why are you so worried about the wedding?"

"It's just that I have waited so long for this day to come Merlin. It just seems too good to be true, I couldn't help but think that if everything so far has gone perfect, something somewhere is bound to go wrong."

One hour before the wedding Merlin left Arthur alone to get ready. "I will see you in one hour sexy." Merlin smiled, kissing Arthur one last time before leaving.

"I'll see you soon baby." Arthur whispered giving Merlin a quick kiss on the lips.

"I love you Arthur and just remember it's just out there no one else." Merlin smiled before walking out the room.

When the time finally came and Arthur stood up front with his parents, Arthur chanting 'just me and Merlin' over and over to keep himself calm, it seemed to work until the moment the doors to the great hall opened and Merlin walked through them. His arm linked with Hunith's as she led her son towards Arthur. Andreia in her deep red dress and Morgana in her deep purple dress holding flowers, following.

Arthur couldn't stop smiling, just be looking at Merlin all Arthur's fears seemed to disappear, and once Merlin was within reach Arthur held out his hand and couldn't stop his heart doing a little jump once Merlin had placed his hand in Arthur's.

"We stand here on this wonderful day to bear witness to the union of Arthur and Merlin in wedded bliss. They have prepared their own vows that they wish to share with us." Geoffrey spoke loudly so that all could hear. Geoffrey smiled and placed a ring in each of their palms. "Arthur?"

"When we first meet I knew deep down that you were it for me, of course I was in denial and because of that we lost so much time but now I can make it up to you for the rest of our lives, and that is what I plan to do, because I never want to feel the pain of losing you ever again." Arthur smiled and placed the ring on Merlin's finger.

"Arthur when I first saw you I thought you were a prat and of course I had to be around you, so I could save you all the time, but I loved you from the moment I saw you of course that could've changed once you opened your mouth." the hall was filled with quiet laughter at that.

"But I have and will always love you no matter how much of a prat you are, and since I have grown up all over again I've grown to love you more, I never want to spend another moment without you." Merlin smiled and placed the ring on Arthur's finger.

"It gives me get honour to announce you husband and husband, you may kiss." Geoffrey smiled.

Arthur pulled Merlin close and kissed him hard, both of them smiling into the kiss when they heard the cheers.

When Uther saw that Merlin and Arthur were not planning on coming up for air anytime soon, he addressed the whole room. "The feast and reception will be held outside where the whole of Camelot are welcome. If you make your way outside the newly married couple will follow."

Arthur jumped back from Merlin when he felt someone poke him hard in the ribs. "Ow." he turned and saw the culprit. "Andreia! How would you like it if I poked you."

"You wouldn't dare."

Merlin frowned and looked around the room. "Where is everyone?"

"Outside waiting for all of you so they can start the feast and celebration. Get going."

"Congratulations to you both." Gwaine said as he handed them both a drink. Arthur remembering what happened last time Merlin accepted a drink from Gwaine, took both goblets and tested them both, passing Merlin the one that Gwaine intended for Arthur. "Nice try Gwaine."

"You can't blame me for trying." Gwaine started to walk away and stopped when he reached Andreia. "You are looking lovely today may I say."

"Thank you."

"Such a deep colour for a dress."

"It is. Like a blood red. Such like the blood I take from people at night."

Gwaine frowned. "You're not really a vampire or anything are you? You was joking when you said that a few weeks ago."

"Of course I was stupid. You shouldn't be so gullible."

"Can you blame me for thinking it though. You go out walking every night."

"I do. You should try it Gwaine. It is so peaceful."

When Andreia sat down, Merlin leaned over. "What have you been winding Gwaine up with?"

"I told him I picked this colour for my dress as it is like the colour of blood I take from people each night."

"He didn't believe you did he?" Arthur asked.

"He questioned it and then he still wasn't sure."

After the feast the tables had been cleared and Merlin and Arthur held each other close as they danced the first dance, not really seeing anyone but each other. "You have made me so happy Merlin."

"As have you with me Arthur. I love you so much."

"Wait until we go to our chambers I will show you just how much I love you." Arthur whispered huskily in Merlin's ear, smiling when he saw his sorcerer blush.

A shadow cutting across them made Arthur look up and he held Merlin tight to him when he saw a dragon fly over ahead.

"Arthur calm down it is just Kilgharrah. He is here under my orders. I told him to keep a lookout. Our wedding could bring out renegades wanting to attack when we wouldn't expect it. If he keeps a lookout he could let us know and we can be ready and waiting for when they come."

"How do you know he won't take you."

"Arthur that was just a dream brought on by stress. I am a dragon lord. He obeys me and only does what I tell him. Can you loosen your grip now and let me breath?"

Arthur did so and looked at Merlin. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I love you for caring." Merlin smiled, capturing Arthur's lips in a kiss. Arthur kissed back, thrusting his tongue into Merlin's mouth, his worries melting away.

The celebration went on well into the evening, still carrying on when Merlin and Arthur thanked everyone for coming and telling them all to stay and enjoy themselves before thanking Ygraine and Uther personally for such a fantastic and wonderful wedding.

Making Merlin blush again, Arthur picked him bridal style and carried him up the stone steps into the castle with Gwaine whistling and cheering louder than anyone else.

Arthur placed Merlin upon the bed and went and locked their chamber doors. "Well? Are you going to use that spell Morgana used on poor knight George?"

Merlin smiled and did as Arthur asked and held his arms up as Arthur walked over to the bed taking Merlin's hands in his and climbing onto the bed.

Arthur laid on top of the brunet and covered him with kisses, slowly moving his way south, stopping when he reached Merlin's cock. He got onto his knees and reached over to the table beside their bed and grabbed the oil.

After coating his fingers in it, Arthur smiled when Merlin spread his legs for him and keeping eye contact with Merlin, Arthur pushed the first finger right to the knuckle. "Comfy?"

Merlin nodded, biting his bottom lip slightly when Arthur added a second finger, slowly moving them in and out whilst making a scissoring motion with his fingers.

"Please Arthur."

"What do you want baby."

"You. In me, please."

Arthur pulled his fingers out and took his cock in hand, he moved forwards a little, positioning himself at Merlin's entrance and slowly pushed the head of his cock past the ring of muscles, moaning when Merlin pushed down so the blond was fully sheathed inside the man under him. "Gods Merlin."

Arthur held Merlin's thighs and placed his legs around him as he started to move in and out, slowly at first before picking up his thrusts. Going faster as Merlin urged him, crying, "harder Arthur, faster, please."

Arthur picked up the paste and began thrusting in and out, pounding hard, making the bed shake with them as he took Merlin's cock in hand, stroking it furiously with his thrusts. "Cum baby. Let me hear you scream."

Merlin let go of his bottom lip with his teeth and screamed Arthur's name as he came, his cum covering Arthur's hand and both or their stomachs. Arthur following quickly after, filling Merlin's hole with his cum.

Arthur pulled out and drew Merlin close into his arms. "You know Merlin. I killed that sorcerer when I should have thanked him."


"Yeah. Him doing that to you and me looking after you just made me fall more in love with you than I ever thought I could. Plus I got to see a whole new side of you."

"Looks like I ought to thank him also for it was him doing this in the first place that got me my happy ending. The one I never thought I would get."

"This isn't the end Merlin."

"It isn't?"

"No baby. It is just the beginning."

The end.

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