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Prologue: Exile

Song choice for chapter: 'Remorse is for the dead' by Lamb of God


31 October 1798


The entire Elite Volturi guard formed a circle around the prisoner as they slowly and purposefully made their way down the long, richly furnished passage of Volterra Castle which was lit with sconces along the stone walls. The orange glow from the flames gave the occupants of the passage a warm glow to their otherwise deathly pale skin, their long robes of grey and black billowing around their ankles as their finely crafted shoes sunk into the soft carpet.

The prisoner walked tall and defiantly, a cold sneer occupying his deceptively angelic looking face. He looked upon the Elite guards and especially the ones who were his personal servants and guards at one point – traitors – to turn on their master so quickly for those two pompous fools who sit perched on their soft seats day in and day out, growing softer and more delusionally comfortable with every year that passes.

He was never one for sitting idle on his glorified throne collecting dust like a marble statue. He was a solitary creature who preferred to spend his time in the dark, away from prying ears and eyes, away from mindless chatter and babble. He was a Vampire – a solitary being who dwelt in the dark, always craving the next hunt. Not a social moron playing King and kingdom like a child with their toys. The Volturi had their meals brought to them – lazy fools – if they were indeed human they would be fattened up nobles who sat around their lofty castles, eating all day and talking of trivial matters non-stop like fishwives.

This is why he never ate from the batch Heidi – their 'fisherman' – brought. He would wait until nightfall before leaving the castle and stalking the green and warm lands of Italy for that scent which pumped the adrenaline through his veins, which pushed his fangs out dripping with venom, which made him roar at the moon with lust for both the sweet nectar of hot, silky blood and the woman-flesh it belonged to.

"The Kings will see you now Caius" the sickly sweet voice of Jane – Aro's prized lap poodle – brought Caius out of his musings. So lost in thought he did not even realize they had stopped and had been standing outside the Throne room doors for at least two minutes.

With the guard still hovering around him they walked to the centre of the dark dome shaped chamber. Marcus was too busy coddling and cooing to his jovial Queen, Didyme, to notice they had entered while Aro stood up from his throne. Poised like a human noble and looking deceptively docile, Aro flitted down the three steps from the dais, the gold of his silk brocade suit glowing like sunshine from the firelight of the lighting against the walls, his black cloak billowing around him ominously, causing him to look like the harbinger of death.

The large moronic pitbull of the Volturi – Felix – roughly pushed Caius down onto his knees causing the bit of gooey blood that was left on the stone floor from the previous meal to stain his white leggings. Outwardly Caius seemed indifferent, however, inwardly he was fuming and utterly appalled that he had to bend knee to Aro, the idiot who practically begged Caius to join the Monarchy of the Volturi.

Aro looked down at Caius' youthful face. Anger radiated off and out of Aro as if he had swallowed the sun itself. He stood tall in front of Caius, cold hands clasped behind his back, maroon eyes laced with rage boring into crimson.

"Caius, former King of the Volturi. You have been charged with and found guilty of committing the following crimes: Murder of two Coven members – Corin and Chelsea. Near exposure to the human race by murdering 32 women in the span of two weeks and finally for using the forbidden arts by actively thralling victims"

"The punishment for these most serious crimes is of course death" confirmed Marcus from his seat.

"It pains me to do this…brother. However the law demands your demise. Goodbye Caius" The false sincerity and sadness practically dripped from Aro's tongue as he raised both his hands and moved them towards Caius's head while Demetri and Felix held him down by the shoulders.

Why Caius let this circus go on this long was beyond him – perhaps he simply out of morbid curiosity wanted to see if Aro would actually follow through with killing him and not hang on to the greed of having an effective ruler such as himself by his side. Well, now he had his answer.

Caius was stronger than he let on, not just physically. His best kept secret yet to all but himself was that he was a Warlock. A very powerful Warlock indeed – and certainly had the basic ability to block Aro's prying mind out of his own when that stupid index finger of Aro's touched his hand.

No words were needed to be said, the intention was clear – but Caius refused to die. Indeed he had wiped Corin and Chelsea off the face of the planet – for centuries he had to put up with them attempting to use their gifts on him – to turn him into a Volturi vegetable who would never want to leave the Volterran vegetable patch. He was sick of it and so they died by his hand. As for the women he killed and the Thrall he used? There was no better feeling than having soft lips drink from the cut he would tear open on his wrist, drinking his tainted blood as if it was the gift of life. The utter devotion they would show him, the pure adrenaline charged need, their very life would be his after just one taste of his blood – his own live puppets.

Perhaps he did go overboard with 32, however the all consuming black void within his being is constantly searching, seeking for something to fill it with. He didn't know what, but he felt empty, and the emptier he felt the more he would need and take. Will this woman be the one to sate me? Or will it be the next or the next or the next. Well perhaps this one? But they never filled him. Never stopped his inner Demon from roaring with that incomplete feeling. He was seeking something…someone but he couldn't find her! It was driving him mad!

Two cold hands touching either side of his head brought Caius out of his mental rant and to the present. As Aro's hands gripped tighter a murderous roar from Caius echoed throughout the chamber along with a burst of energy which propelled all to the walls, leaving cracks beneath their shocked figures. With tremendous speed Caius bolted out of the Throne room and to the main foyer of the castle where he used the gift of flame to torch the place, starting with the drapes, carpeting, paintings and all things wooden. It would soon spread throughout the rest of the castle.

Bursting out of the wooden front doors into the cool, late night, Caius turned and set the wooden doors on fire as well. And with one more malicious and spiteful deed to commit aimed at the Volturi Caius sped through the town setting everything he possibly could on fire. He would see Aro's precious city reduced to a pile of ash before he would feel satisfied.

The screams of pure agony from the towns-folk burning alive in their homes brought a vicious and gleeful smile to Caius's angelic face as the inferno danced throughout Volterra making it appear to be a bonfire of epic proportions. He could joyously imagine their skin boiling down to their bones, the marrow bubbling and searing deep within their blackened bones.

Standing atop a hill overlooking the flaming city he had lived in for centuries, a satisfied smiled formed on his plump red lips. He should have done this a long time ago, however Volterra was a necessity to him for a time being. But Aro no longer needed Caius, as Caius no longer needed Aro. He could only hope that miserable fool lit up like kindling in the flames devouring Aro's pride and joy now.

Pulling his black velvet cloak closer to his person and the hood over his head which then hid his shock of silvery white hair, Caius turned around and disappeared into the inky black night.


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