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Chapter 8

Apparently, Apollo Airlines retrieved a large share of their drugs via it's multiple passenger/cargo helicopter from boat drops off the coast. All Kathy explained was that they called Tony's position fisherman, since he was leaning out the side of the helo, casting down the rope and winching up the floating foam containers. He didn't need to know what was in the nine containers, and neither of the other two men involved in the retrieval or offloading would say what happened to their last fisherman, just that he was "gone". Their laughing comments in Spanish were enlightening, and made Tony glad this was a short-term undercover job. Apparently fishermen lasted as long as a drummer in Spinal Tap.

Offloading the helicopter at a remote private property field, Tony committed to memory the Ford 250's license plate number in case McGee hadn't already acquired that data somehow from the computers back at the airport. He also popped off and pocketed one tracer attached to the floating containers while offloading. Unfortunately, he didn't get an opportunity to attach the FDD to the laptop used by Ms. Oakley in the truck, seemingly for inventory. No chance on my trial run here, but maybe next time… hope she's not just playing Angry Birds on that thing while we do the heavy lifting.

Ms. Kathy Oakley was very pleased with his "hot, sweaty" work, and paid him in cash upon dropping him off back at the motel. She tucked the bills deep in his pocket, helping herself to a thorough grope and initiating a deep kiss while she was at it. Tony had no major problem responding appropriately, although most of his slightly flustered reaction was that the stolen tracer was in his opposite pocket.

After such a very unexpected make-out session with his pushy employer, Saturday night's shift was unremarkable. Unfortunately, after catching the last few offices at Apollo with the FDD and snooping a little more with no significant results, he had nothing to do but his cover's job; listen to Rob bitch about his girlfriend, glean what he could from the man's gossip about the company… and dwell on the Wendy situation back in his own life.

Maybe she's already agreed to turn over custody and is enrolling in some sort of counseling program.

Yep. And maybe Gibbs and I are going vegan Monday.

By Sunday morning he was looking forward to his lumpy bed more than he ever thought possible while wolfing down his breakfast/dinner of steak and eggs, hashbrowns and toast at the Waffle House again. His contact this morning was Ziva, who had a large carry-out order she needed his 'help' with. Mindful of any hidden observers, and Tony entirely believed Mr. Gould would be suspicious of him for weeks yet, they flirted at her car for several minutes. I swear, I'm getting more action as somebody else than myself lately. But Ziva's way hotter than Kathy… not that I'd tell either of them that.

It was entirely realistic that she would write out her phone number on a piece of paper that she folded and tucked into his chest pocket. At that point it was also entirely realistic he held her hand and made his own transfer of the tracker, truck info, and a note with a brief sit rep that included - previous "fishermen" murdered? chk empl rcds.

Back at the motel, he read the contents of Ziva's note in Tim's handwriting before shredding and flushing it. McG: only mapped out 40% mostly legal Apollo stuff. Ab: drugs matched (& b careful). Gb: stick w plan, ditch Mon am, Gould has men watching evry move outside wrk. Zv: Gb made McG liaison w DEA - 'personality issues'.

And the new handwriting at the bottom of the note: u fill out ur jumpysuit nicely Terry.

Sunday afternoon went much the same as Saturday, except this time the call was earlier, the fishing job was for twice as many containers, and they flew to a different property far inland on a sod farm to unload. The laptop was still present, but again beyond his reach without drawing attention to himself.

And this time, upon bringing him back to the Sunset AeroView, Ms. Oakley wasn't satisfied with a grope session. As she pulled out his cash payment back in the ugly motel room, she coyly said, "Twice the work, twice the money... twice the action, don't you think Terry?"

Licking his lips and leering agreeably at her, Tony had second and third thoughts about going through with her obvious intentions. But overall, decided he didn't much mind the deceit at present; he consoled himself she was at least a definite criminal. Using her in this way was one more step in getting her to a jail cell from an undercover point of view. And he didn't particularly mind being used by her this way… not only was it part of his job, but she was at least hot even if it was in a fake Barbi-doll fashion. He slid her blouse aside to kiss her neck as her hands went straight to pulling up his damp t-shirt.

He couldn't help feeling sleazy twice over however - he knew perfectly well the room was under audio surveillance by NCIS… he'd planted that bug himself.

Wait… what if this is part of my general freaking problem with relationships? Just because they're hot doesn't mean you should jump into bed if they want you.

No, just stop. Not a question for now. Terry has no freaking relationship curse. He's just horny and a beautiful woman is more or less demanding sex; life is simple sometimes, just go with it.

Well damn…

That actually sounds a lot like my senior year of high school with Wendy.

OK! Stop it 'Terry' - get with the damn naked program!

Although these thoughts briefly flew through his mind, all internal dilemmas ceased once the clothing started flying off. Tony then had an epiphany moment that he luckily translated to a passionate eagerness for his partner's tongue. Visualizing the laptop out in Kathy's vehicle, Tony saw an opportunity he quickly planned to take advantage of.

Although a half hour later 'call me Kathy now' was smiling and catching her breath while on the way to the bathroom, Tony was thinking how risky his next moves were. As soon as she had stepped into the shower, he quickly pulled on his dark boxers, pushed the unlock button on her car key fob, grabbed the FDD and dashed outside. Grateful no other visitors were stirring in the motel parking lot, he opened her car door and turned on the laptop. The wait for the laptop to finally wake up seemed unbearable. As he inserted the FDD, he thanked Tim more than ever that it was only two key strokes to activate.

Finally successful, he quickly retraced his steps, shutting down the laptop before locking the car doors, and then remembering to hang the "do not disturb" sign on the motel doorknob. Putting Kathy's keys and the FDD back quietly, he sauntered over just as she stepped half dressed out of the bathroom.

Pulling on her blouse, she said, "Was that the door I heard?"

He knew how to lay on just the right level of smarm to make sure she wouldn't stay. "It sure was Sugar. I put out the 'do not disturb' in case you wanted a second round." He ran his hands up her torso, pulling her closer, "I know I wouldn't mind at all."

She batted him off and finished dressing, "Eww, you're still all dirty fly boy, and you have to work tonight remember?"

Kathy laughed at his surprised-sounding "Oh damn… yeah!"

Smirking, she called over her shoulder while walking out the door, "In fact you'll need to scamper to make it on time. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow."

Relieved upon watching her through the curtains enter the car and drive off normally, his shoulders slumped and he rubbed his neck with fatigue. Sighing on the way to his shower, he looked forward to Monday more than she could possibly know.

I'd count on seeing me tomorrow Kathy.