Chapter 18

Hope POV

"Yeah, of course! Can I ask why?" he smiled and I shook my head. "Nope! It's a secret, but you can ask Alex later if he feels better" I agreed. "Fine, but you aren't staying too long! I'll be back to pick you up when it's getting dark out. You're only small" he said as we got in the car. I nodded then got out when we arrived. "See you later then dad!" I said while closing the car door.

I rung the door bell and Uncle Harry answered. "Hi Hope, what you doing here?" he smiled. "I came to play with Liam" I lied. "Alex not with you?" he asked and I shook my head. "Nah, he's sick" I said then went in. So many questions! Why are adults so boring? I walked up to Liam's room and went in without knocking. "Hi!" I said brightly but with the hint of seriousness. "Hey" he smiled, with fear in his voice?

I sat down and neither of us said anything. "So what happened?" I asked and his eyes dropped to his hands which were fiddling nervously. "Well, I found out that I kissed Alex on the night we did dares" he sighed and I nodded but couldn't hold back my outburst. "Yeah… So what? Doesn't mean you should just run away and make him feel rubbish" I said quickly then pouted. How was I being this calm? "I'm sorry… It's just I'm a little confused because if I kissed him then that means I like him but I don't remember it and now I don't know if I do like him or not and I don't want to ruin our friendship because it's the thing that means the most to me!" he almost shouted and I smiled. "Well at least I know you're not out to hurt him" and he nodded. "That's why I left! Because if I stayed I might have said something I didn't mean, something I wasn't sure I wanted to say" he frowned. "Well, you're all fine! Just act normally around him and just being back will cheer him up! Right now he's moping at home because he thinks that you don't like him" This is so weird! I'm looking after my older brother? Well, seeming as it's by a few minutes I'll leave it. "Dad? Can I sleep round Alex and Hope's?" he shouted and I smiled that he was deciding to do something. "Yeah, just make sure you're not back late tomorrow after school though! I'm teaching you more guitar stuff!" Tom shouted back. "Okay!" he said then grabbed some clothes in a bag.

Dad came to pick us, well me up. "Liam's sleeping around again" I smiled as we climbed in and he just smiled. "I can see that and you're welcome anytime" he nodded to Liam. "Thanks" he replied sheepishly. We got home and I grabbed Liam's hand and took him up to our room. "Ready?" I asked. "No" he laughed but went in anyway. "Where did you go Ho-oh..." he said shocked. "Hey Liam" he said while looking at the ground. "Hi, can I explain?" Liam said and Alex looked at me. "Hope..." I knew what he meant and walked out to give them some privacy but that didn't mean I wouldn't listen through the door!

Liam POV

I sat down on the bed next to Alex. "I was shocked by what I did, I weren't running from you, and if I stayed I thought I might do something that I would regret, I wasn't sure if I liked you" I said, looking into Alex's hurt but still beautiful blue eyes. "well-" he started but I cut him off. "One more thing, I definitely like you as a friend though, you'll always be my best friend but I don't know if I like like you, that's why I left to think" I said and he nodded. "Okay, I just thought that you didn't want to talk to me anymore because, well I don't know" he sighed. "Don't be stupid! You're too fun to hang around with" I laughed, ruffling his hair which was actually fun seeming as I was younger than him. "I don't care if you like like me, I still want to be best friends forever, okay?" he asked. "Always" I said hugging him. "Can I come back in now?!" Hope shouted through the door. "Yeah, we're done talking" I said smiling at Alex who returned it twofold.

Alex POV

Well at least he was talking to me again. "Can I go talk to my dad quickly?" I asked and he nodded. I ran downstairs into the front room where they were both sitting. "Dad? Can we have that talk now?" I asked and he grinned at me. "Everything okay now then?" I nodded. "So what's so special about people who really liking each other?" I asked excited now that it was a possibility. "Well, they're closer with each other and well, they kiss and other stuff which I'm not saying because you're not old enough yet." he smiled. "Is that it?" I asked, a bit of my excitement having been dampened by the boring stuff. "Pretty much...for now, remind me in a few years and I'll tell you more" he smiled. "Thanks!" I said then went back upstairs. "Liam, come here quickly..." I said just outside our room and he came. "Yeah?" he smiled. "Wanna try the kissing thing again? I might just like you" I grinned and he looked a little nervous. "I need to know as well so..." he said then leaned in to kiss me. I felt the butterfly feeling again but pulled away. "Get anything this time?" he asked. "Yeah, I've got butterflies!" I grinned, not even scared to say anything anymore. "I got it as well and it feels amazing!" he grinned back. I grabbed his hand then walked back in to our room. "What were you two doing?" Hope asked, raising his eyebrows. "Nothing" I said then glanced at Liam who smiled at me.

We all went to bed. "Liam's sharing my bed" I said and Hope laughed. "Well, obviously!" he said knowingly. I rolled my eyes at him then hugged closer to Liam, nothing really had changed at all. We just liked each other more, like best best friends.

I woke up in the morning, I was always the last up normally but this was becoming so normal. I just laid there and enjoyed Liam's company. We all got ready for school and said bye to our dads. "I'm gonna give hell to some kids today, who was it?" I said while cracking my knuckles because I thought it made it sound cooler. "It's fine, just don't talk to them, I didn't really like most of the people who talked to you anyway" he smiled. "Fine…"I gave in. If he insists then I'll accept it. We got to school and Hope went over and talked to Lisa. Weird… He hardly talks to her he just enjoys her melting over him. One smile and she's all over him, maybe that's why I don't like girls, they're all too I don't know…