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{Chapter ONE}

It was a sunny day. Too sunny, in fact. Len glared at the window and slouched lower in his seat. It was real lucky for him that the teacher put him right next to the freaking window.

Len heard the door open and looked up as a boy walked in and said something to the teacher. The teacher looked up and her eyes searched the classroom. Len was just about to continue his sulking, when the teacher's eyes caught on him and she started walking towards him.

Yikes. Maybe she'd noticed that he hadn't been taking any notes. He quickly copied down the math equations on the board and pretended that he'd always been working diligently like all the other dull-eyed students in the classroom.

The teacher still walked up to him. Turns out, she hadn't noticed him not working. "Mr. Kagamine." She pronounced Kagamine as "kaga-MINE" and Len cringed at the thought of the forty year old teacher calling him hers. "You are wanted at the office."

Well crap. Len didn't remember doing anything particularly bad recently. The whole class of dull-eyed students suddenly turned into a crowd of curious nosy people. They stared at him as he stood up, their eyes all saying, 'Ooh, you're in troouuuble.' He glared at them, and they quickly returned to solving their equations.

The boy who came in earlier fidgeted nervously at the door. Len recognized him as every teacher's favorite kid; Oliver, the short, shy kid who looked like he belonged in elementary school. Len watched Oliver tug on his sleeve all the way to the principal's office. No wonder all the kid's sleeves were so long.

Oliver told the secretary Len's name, then scurried away to who-knows-where. Meanwhile, the secretary opened a drawer and handed him a small box. "Your mother came earlier and told me to give you this."

Len stared at the box warily. "Um, thanks." He took the box and wondered what it was and why his mom, of all people, had come to bring it to him. Len shook the box, but it didn't make any sound. Waving goodbye to the secretary, he walked slowly back to class.

Before he went into the classroom, he shoved the box deep into his pocket and got ready to have to learn stuff he already knew again.

The box was forgotten until school let out.