Bellatrix paced in her room at Malfoy Manor. She was in trouble, and not the kind she could get out of in her favorite way, by shrieking Avada Kavandra until whoever caused her problem was dead. Who can I talk to? I need to tell someone! Cissy wouldn't understand, she'd think I'm crazier than I am, if that's even possible. I need to talk to someone, NOW!

She made up her mind. She strode out of the Manor, Death Eaters scurrying out of her way. She was the Dark Lord's most faithful servant, and crazy to boot. Anyone who bothered her would be tortured with Crucio until they lost their minds. And that was on a good day. She exited the Manor grounds, Disapperating as soon as she was free of the restrictions. The Dark Lord had placed spells on the Manor, so no one could Apperate or Disapperate in the house or grounds.

She Apperated in front of a house in the country. It was a beautiful place, but she cared little about the house. She only cared about its occupant. She walked up to the door, took a deep breath, and knocked. I hope she's in, Bellatrix thought nervously. The door opened, revealing a woman who was the mirror image of Bellatrix, except for one detail. There was no Dark Mark on the arm of the woman who opened the door.

"Bella?" she said, apparently unaware that the woman in front of her was the most famous and dangerous witch of all.

"Anna," Bellatrix sighed with relief. "I thought you weren't home."

"Of course I'm home, sister dear, but why are you here? The last memory I have is of you yelling after me that I would pay for not joining the Dark Lord when I left Hogwarts to be a Healer."

At that, Bellatrix winced, and then sighed. "I'm sorry Anna, it's just..."

She couldn't finish. Why did I come here anyway? We may be twins, but we're different. Anna was as capable of killing as I was, but she chose to heal. She realized why she had come.

"I need your help Anna," Bellatrix said, before breaking down completely, sobbing into her elder sister's chest.

Bella crying? Something must be wrong, Anna thought as she helped her sister into her house. When I get my wand on the person who did this to Bella, they'll wish they had never been born. The Killing Curse would look like a blessing. It was times like this that people could tell that Annalee Black and Bellatrix Lestrange were related and shared more than their looks.

Annalee helped Bellatrix to sit down in a chair, and then waved her wand for some tea. She poured a cup and handed it to Bellatrix, before taking one herself.

"Talk," Annalee said as she sat down beside Bellatrix.

If anyone else had ordered Bellatrix to do anything, it would have been the last thing they would have done, but Annalee was more than just her sister, she was Bellatrix's best friend, the only one she trusted completely.

"I-I needed to talked to someone," Bellatrix started, after taking a sip of her tea.

"Narcissa?" Annalee questioned.

Bellatrix sighed. "She wouldn't understand. I can't tell her anything of importance, she'd tell Lucius, and then everybody would know."

Annalee nodded, assenting. Even after the fight, she had checked up on Bellatrix, sending owls every couple months.

"Is it about your husband?" Annalee asked.

She knew that Bellatrix never really loved Rodolphus. She had married him to please their parents, but she loved another man.

"It's not about Rodolphus, though I guess he is involved," Bellatrix said, sounding faintly hysterical. She took a deep breath, steadying herself, and said, "Anna, I'm pregnant."

Annalee's mind whirled. Bella, pregnant? That would mean Rudolphus would have been directly involved. Unless...

"I'm guessing Rudolphus isn't the father," Annalee said calmly.

That's why I came here, Bellatrix thought. Anna is always so calm. She'll know what to do. "No, Rudolphus isn't the father. You should know who is."

Annalee nodded, she knew. "Does he love you Bella?"

Bellatrix laughed, her laugh sounding deranged. "Do he love anyone is the better question? I don't even know how it happened."

"I think, if you're in this situation, then you should know how it happened," Annalee remarked dryly.

Bellatrix rolled her eyes and laughed with her sister. Anna always knew how to make her feel at ease.

"I know how it happened, but I still don't know how it happened between us. I've always been faithful to him, but I mattered no more to him than a dog. During one of his plans, a few months ago, we had to share a room."

Annalee groaned.

"He came in when I was brushing my hair before bed. He had been out doing something, so I used that time to change. I put on the lace nightgown you gave me last Christmas..."

"It does bring out your eyes," Annalee remarked with a sigh.

"I turned when I saw him in the mirror. He looked like someone had used the stunning spell on him. He walked closer, running his hand through my hair. One thing led to another, and..."

"And now you need my help," Annalee finished. Bellatrix could only nod.

Annalee shook her head. "You have a knack for trouble Bella. I've gotten you out of some tough scrapes, but this is the oddest one so far. Married to Rudolphus Lestrange, and pregnant with your idol's child. Pregnant with the Dark Lord's child."