The months after the final battle passed quickly. Bellatrix was arrested at Malfoy Manor, shrieking in denial when she was informed of Voldemort's downfall. Lyra was taken into the Ministry's custody, while her aunt and uncle battled to escape Azkaban. Once Harry and the others testified, using the memory vials with their owners' permission, Severus and Annalee were released, one month after they had been arrested. Azkaban was still inhospitable, but the Snapes endured, simply because there was no other point. As soon as they were out of Azkaban, they began the proceedings to adopt Lyra, while Harry was trying to get them nominated for an Order of Merlin, First Class.

Harry was attempting to see what he had missed, simply because he didn't know it had existed. His greasy git of a Potions professor was married, to Bellatrix Lestrange's twin sister. He still couldn't understand it. He did his best to help them, since the "Golden Boy Glow", as Severus had called it, had never died down and he had a lot of influence. He used that influence to help them escape the unlawful life sentences that the Wizarding public had called for, and he used it to help speed up the adoption process. By the time Balthazar Severus Snape was born, Annalee and Severus had legally adopted Lyra.

They decided to live in Annalee's house, simply because there was more space and relatively few people knew its existence, ensuring peace. They had visitors, of course, and the list was rather surprising. Remus and Tonks (who still went by her maiden name because she still hated her first name) visited, bringing little Teddy with them. He was only a few months older than Lyra, and the two seemed close. Bill and Fleur would also visit, mostly to play with Balthazar and Lyra.

Bellatrix was raving in Azkaban. Once, Annalee had gone to try to make her sister see sense. She went alone, leaving Severus at home to watch the children. Bellatrix had shrieked that she was a traitor and that it was Annalee's fault her love was dead. A predictable response from a madwoman, but it saddened Annalee. Even mention of her daughter got no response, showing just how far gone Bellatrix really was after Voldemort's death.

Oh well, Annalee thought, slightly sad. It is impossible to have everything. In an ideal world, Bella would have turned on the Dark Lord as soon as she learned she was with child. Instead, she fell more deeply in love with the madman, and has torn herself apart over his death. Even her child gives her no reason to live.

Annalee sighed. Bellatrix would likely rot in prison, if she didn't kill herself first. Lyra would know the truth about her heritage before she attended Hogwarts, so that no other students could tell her before Severus and Annalee had time to explain. I said that I wouldn't want to associate with my sisters after the war, she thought, listening as Severus read Lyra a bedtime story while she rocked Balthazar. I meant it. Narcissa can hole herself up in her manor, Bella can rot in Azkaban, and Andromedea can continue ignoring me as studiously as she always has. They no longer matter.

She watched her husband gently kiss Lyra's forehead as he tucked her in, smiling as he did the same for Balthazar once he was asleep. This is all that matters; my children and my husband. They are worth the cost.

She saw Severus smile, with a look that seemed to encompass everything she was feeling. She allowed him to lead her from the room, casting charms to alert them if the children woke. As he led her to their room, she couldn't help her smile. Who would have thought, months ago when Bellatrix first approached Annalee, that everything would have ended the way it did.

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