Harry the Ashikabi of Life

Summary: Harry gets dumped in Japan by the Dursleys a few months before his eleventh birthday. Walking alone on the streets, he answers the call of a little girl in duress. One Kusano, Sekirei number 108. By the time his Hogwarts letter arrives his priorities are... unusual.

Genre: Fluff? I have no idea.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.


Harry stared at the giant forest stretching out in front of him.

The trees looked ancient, but he was fairly certain that they hadn't been covering the mid-city park a few days ago.

Even so, that didn't really matter to him. There was a girl in there. She was scared, she was lonely, she was calling to him.

He needed to find her.

Harry wasn't sure what he should do after he'd found her, knowing that he didn't really have anywhere to go afterwards. The Dursleys had apparently 'forgotten' to buy him a return ticket to England, and simply dumped him on the streets, Vernon grinning widely the entire time.

That had been two days ago, and he'd been trying to catch a few moments of sleep in a street corner when she'd first called for him.

Harry was a few weeks shy of eleven years old, and he knew enough to be aware that the street wasn't a good place to live in, but it wasn't as if he had any other relatives, or any money with which to pay for a room.

However, all of that was irrelevant. Now he needed to find her, then he could consider where to go from there.

Nodding resolutely to himself, Harry took a deep breath and took off into the forest, easily sneaking past the armed forces surrounding what had once been a park. Harry was good at sneaking, having had a lot of practice doing so in order to avoid the Dursleys' wrath.

The forest was beautiful, but... panicky, almost. It was like the trees were afraid, and lonely, and terribly worried.

It made sense, Harry supposed, that the trees she'd created felt what she felt.

Brushing his fingers along the bark of a tree, Harry tried to tell her that he was coming to help her.

Nothing changed, but he hurried off in a slightly different direction than the one he'd been going in previously.

She was still calling. He needed to hurry.


Minato stared at the forest, still frowning at the thought of a little girl being hounded by the other Ashikabi like this.

Seo's presence didn't really help matters, even if he was technically there to help. The guy looked far too much like a cliched bad guy for Minato's peace of mind.

Even so, he'd help get her out of there, so that she could find her Ashikabi on her own terms.


It'd all happened so fast.

He'd finally found her, hidden seemingly within a tree, when the woman with the scythe appeared.

She looked scary, and she didn't seem nice.

Harry knew that he couldn't fight her, easily interpreting her as stronger, faster, and more skilled. No, he really didn't know how he could pose any kind of threat to the woman whatsoever.

And then the girl he was there to help launched herself at him, and Harry – in a seemingly accidental way – lost his first kiss.

Then she grew wings, and there were flowers everywhere, and the woman got really really angry, and suddenly there was a big man and two other women – who looked like a lot alike – and another younger man.

They fought her off by throwing lightning at the scythe-woman, and suddenly Harry was being questioned.

Unfortunately, Harry didn't really speak Japanese so he didn't really know what they were talking about, until the bigger man began switching languages, finally landing on English. That was when Harry first heard of the definition of Sekirei, and how he was an Ashikabi, and that there was something called the Sekirei Plan.

It was quickly decided that he would be following them to meet some kind of landlady, which Harry thought was good, because he didn't like sleeping on the street.


Miya stared at Seo with a confused expression, not really understanding what he'd just explained to her. She understood the separate words, she vaguely understood the meaning, but she didn't understand what it had to do with what was happening as it couldn't actually happen in anything but an absolutely absurd existence that she didn't frequent.

The young boy that Seo had brought home with him did seem a bit skinny, and he was definitely not wearing clothes that had been designed with him in mind, and the young Sekirei next to him was definitely clinging to him much like a normal Sekirei would cling to their Ashikabi, but Seo obviously had to be lying.

Ashikabi weren't supposed to be ten year olds! And ten year olds weren't supposed to have 'no place to go'! Ten year olds should be with their parents, their family, not sleeping on the street!

However, despite the mixture of confusion and furious outrage, Miya managed to smile at the scared little Ashikabi.

Hopefully, they would manage to get away from the Plan, because she really didn't like the thought of this young boy getting involved in a fight between Sekirei, no matter how distantly.


Harry didn't really understand what the 'Sekirei Plan' was about, or why they should fight. Kusano shouldn't have to risk getting hurt.

The burly man that spoke English seemed very amused when Harry tried to explain this, but admitted that he agreed with him after Harry started frowning.

Harry wondered briefly if his frown had some kind of special ability, but quickly dismissed the thought. He'd frowned a lot during his life, and it rarely led to anything more than smiling did. Harry's expressions were, if anything, extremely ineffective.

It was a bit annoying, as he was fairly sure that it meant that the man was making fun of him by laughing at him even when he agreed from the beginning.

Harry thought that the man was an idiot.

Better than the Dursleys by far, but still an idiot.

Considering the way that the landlady smirked victoriously when he called the man on his idiocy, she agreed with him. Of course, then he got distracted by Kusano demanding to be patted on the head like she'd seen the younger man do to the pretty young woman that'd helped them out of the forest.

Harry didn't mind patting Kusano on the head. It was pleasant.


"You know..." Seo started in Japanese as the two kids disappeared into their own world. "Those two are disgustingly cute together."

Miya rapped him over the head with a ladle for his phrasing, but didn't appear to disagree.

"What's going to happen from here on?" Minato asked the question on everyone's minds.

"Well... either they join the Plan, and most likely lose spectacularly considering their lack of combat ability, or they don't join the Plan and who knows what will happen." Seo shrugged.

"They don't really have anywhere to go." Miya pointed out with a sigh. "So regardless of their choice, they'll probably be staying here."

"Yeah." Seo agreed. "Even if we got them out of the city, it wouldn't matter if they don't have anywhere to escape to. They're too young to live on their own." He winced as he remembered how the kid had apparently been wandering the streets for several days before they'd found him with his newly winged Sekirei. "At least not without the social services getting involved."

"So, with no place left to turn, they'll stay at the inn." Minato nodded with a conflicted expression. "I wonder if there's any way to find his relatives?" He mused with a peculiar glint in his eyes.

A glint that reminded those present far too much of an angered Miya for any of their comforts.

"Possibly." Seo admitted with a sigh. "But even if we find them, the law means that there'll be a bunch of red tape to make the kid's life harder, and then he'll most likely end up at an orphanage. And that's not even including what MBI might have to say about it."

Minato frowned at that, but let his shoulders slump with a defeated sigh.

"I really think this Sekirei Plan is going to go to hell, somehow." He said with an annoyed face. "It just makes little to no sense whatsoever. And then you let kids get mixed up in it?" He shook his head in disgust.

The others present agreed completely.


Matsu had scared Kusano, and even if it hadn't been on purpose, Harry wasn't feeling very forgiving of this fact.

Most of the Izumo Inn's residents were quietly amused by this, saying things about how cute he looked when he was being protective, but Harry had learned to ignore them. Not because they were mean, but rather because he rarely had any idea what they were talking about, and it made him somewhat wary whenever they tried to hug him.

Harry didn't really mind the hugs as such, but there was a certain lack of oxygen that he was quickly coming to relate to the soft warmth of a woman's arms. Harry wasn't quite sure why the burly idiot called Seo kept muttering about how 'lucky' he was whenever he was forced to fight for air.

It'd been a bit over a week since he and Kusano had first moved in, and Harry was slowly becoming rather fond of the kitchen, now that there was no angry aunt yelling at him for taking too long or not being good enough. It helped a lot to see Kuu's face lit up whenever she ate something especially tasty.

Harry didn't really understand what this 'love' thing that Musubi kept going on about was, having no real experience with the concept, but he enjoyed the time he spent with Kuu, even when it was spent doing nothing at all. Probably especially then.

Harry liked seeing his Sekirei happy, and Kuu liked seeing her Ashikabi happy.

It was a bit odd for Harry, to feel like he belonged somewhere. He did as many chores as possible at the Dursleys, he slept in his cupboard, he wasn't allowed gifts of any sort, he wasn't supposed to fight back against Dudley when he wanted to hurt him. Harry knew a lot of rules from when he'd lived at the Dursleys, but they'd always complained about his existence, always blamed him for things he had no control over.

It's not so much 'belonging' when your only place is as an absolute scapegoat to all the world's evils.

No, this was Harry's first venture into the idea of belonging anywhere. He was Kuu's Ashikabi, kitchen aide, and second target for wearing Uzume's strange outfits. Supposedly, he looked cute in them, but Harry had by then learned to ignore most of what they told him, and had instead focused on how adorable Kuu had looked.

Since Kuu looked very adorable indeed, this wasn't much of a problem.

Still, Harry had taken a somewhat calculating suspicious approach to Matsu's appearance, mostly because she'd scared Kuu... once... by accident...

Okay, so maybe Harry was overreacting, but Kuu had been scared, so there!

Harry might have lived a harsh life and aged beyond his years, but he was still a few weeks shy of eleven, and he'd finally found someone he cared about. So with Matsu behaving like she tended to do, it was hardly surprising that there'd been a series of rather childish acts between the two of them.

Seriously, the hacker was like way older than he was, so she should obviously fold first. And so their peculiar hostilities continued. Much to the amusement of all those watching.


It was on the day that Minato returned with a blonde woman who was clinging to him that Harry got his first letter.

It was addressed for his room, much to the suspiciously unsettled residents, and it told him that he was a wizard.

Harry didn't really understand what that meant, seeing as how Harry was an Ashikabi, and nobody else called Ashikabi wizards. It also said something about 'awaiting his owl' which sounded stupid.

Needless to say, the Izumo Inn was brought in on this strange letter, and once it'd been translated into Japanese by Matsu – Harry had picked up on the language at a remarkable speed, but he wasn't really capable of reading or writing anything yet – they'd all come to the conclusion that it was all very suspicious, but unlikely to be related to the MBI.

Seo had been called in, once Matsu failed to find anything about the name of the school, citing something about it resembling the word 'hogwash' and then adding warts to the image.

Unfortunately, the man didn't seem to have any more knowledge on this supposed school for wizards, but commented absently that if there were wizards out there, then they were most likely very very good at hiding from sight.

There'd been some more cautious ideas of it being a trap set by some of the MBI's competitors, pointing out that they might believe an underage Ashikabi might be an easy way of getting a hold on a Sekirei.

Harry was understandably wary of such a thing.

They decided to ignore the letter.

The next day, they got more.


Harry stared suspiciously at the giant of a man who'd appeared at their doorstep in the middle of the night, introducing himself as Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts.

He didn't speak anything but English apparently, and even that language he mangled into an unrecognizable mess, this caused quite a bit of miscommunication until Seo was called in.

Miya, Homura, Harry, and Matsu all spoke reasonably fluent English, and Miya could be really really scary when she wanted to be, but Seo was kind of useful to have around. Despite being an idiot. Hell, he'd even taught Harry how to throw a proper punch when asked.

Hagrid seemed friendly enough, having even brought a cake for Harry's birthday, though he'd apparently sat on it by accident at some point during his trip. The fact that he'd told Harry a bit about his parents was... soothing, like scratching an itch that'd been bugging him for a very long time.

No, the problem with Rubeus Hagrid was that he apparently wanted to take Harry back to England.

Without Kusano.

Harry actually heard Kuu growl at the man for even insinuating it as a possibility.

"Kuu is my Sekirei. I'm not leaving without her." Harry's tone was adamant. Unmoving.

Hagrid seemed a bit startled at the tone, having perhaps expected such an objection to be stated with a childish stubbornness, rather than the absolute certainty of someone who would accept no other alternative.

"You're not separating them." Miya interjected before the man tried to convince him to reconsider. "He is her fated Ashikabi. If she stays, he stays."

There were some bickering back and forth between those gathered, before Hagrid finally told them that he'd return with more specific orders after he'd talked it over with the headmaster of the school.


The Izumo Inn in general wasn't adverse to the idea of sending Harry off to an unknown, secret, magical school in Great Britain. It would keep him and Kusano excluded from the Sekirei Plan, which everyone was by now convinced was bad news.

They were however not entirely sure about the magical part of the school, or how they were going to be able to sneak Kusano along for the ride.

Tsukiumi didn't like the idea of them 'running away', but relented that it was hardly fair to involve children in MBI's game. Uzume seemed disappointedly jealous more than anything, Musubi was cheering happily about their love, Miya looked a bit sad to see them go, Seo wished them luck, Minato worried over them, Matsu appeared contemplative, and the lightning twins had tried to coach Kusano in how to make sure that Harry turned into a 'proper man' – all the time shooting annoyed glares at Seo.

By the time Hagrid arrived with the go-ahead of taking Kusano with him under the assumption that she was 'bonded' to him a lot of hugs were exchanged and much tears were shed.

"Umm..." Hagrid stared at them with a slightly uneasy expression. "It's not like he won't come back for the holidays." The giant pointed out reasonably.

"No he won't." Miya shook her head with a sad expression. "It's better if he disappears cleanly. He'll never be able to enter the 'muggle' world again. It'll be safer that way."

"Safer?" Hagrid frowned at her, suddenly feeling wary.

"We're escaping the Sekirei Plan." Harry explained as he tightly held onto Kuu's hand. "If we return, there'll be no point in having left in the first place."

"Wait. What's this Sekirei Plan-thingy that you're talking about Harry?" The man stared at him with confusion.

"A cruel game, thought up by an insane man, telling all Sekirei to eliminate each other for a grand price." Homura spat out bitterly.

It wasn't so much that Hagrid decided not to pry too deeply, but more that Hagrid proved quite easily distracted, and soon Kusano and Harry were on their way to Magical Britain.


Diagon Alley was amazing.

So many people, hidden completely from the world. A culture untouched by 'muggles', away from madmen and their equally insane games.

Kusano liked it too, though Hagrid was quickly proving himself to be just as useless a guide as could be expected from someone who appeared to believe non-magical people to be little more than unusually clever animals.

That wasn't to say that Harry disliked Hagrid, he just sighed and thanked his lucky stars that since he'd never see Seo again, he wouldn't be forced to admit that the easy-going man had actually been right about wizards ability to hide. Seo would never let him forget that he'd actually been right about something, no matter how obvious. He suppressed a shiver at the thought.

No, Harry believed Diagon Alley to be an amazing place, but not for the magic that filled its street, or for the life that filled the people wandering it. He found it amazing because he hadn't seen them before. And something this peculiar would definitely have ended up on the news somehow if it'd been made known to the 'muggles'. The fact that it hadn't...

Kusano would be safe here. That was his conclusion. And for no other reason than that, Harry was willing to call London 'Home'.


Harry smiled as he faced down the goblin.

"You smell." He stated bluntly, ignoring how Hagrid was trying to motion for him to be silent. "Like blood, gold, and greed." His smile began to show a lot more teeth. "I think we can make good business."

The goblin opened its mouth to snarl something insulting about him as he began haggling about the prices for various expenses for things that they seemingly didn't want to grant him, but Harry just grinned wider at the words. He'd listened to Miya, Seo, Tsukiumi, and Homura all go on their own separate cursing streaks over the last few weeks.

He figured that he knew quite a bit more insults than the sharp-toothed little banker.

And he wasn't constrained by any laws or treaties to keep himself civil.


Hagrid's face hadn't quite managed to regain its original coloring – after he'd lost it all watching Harry curse up a blue streak at the goblins, as they haggled with ever-more absurd numbers – by the time they made it to Ollivander's wand shop.

Harry decided that the gigantic man could probably use a bit more confidence, if he was so affected by someone not even half his height yelling insults at people that barely reached past his knees, regardless of if they were armed to the teeth and famous for violent and bloody rebellions.

Kusano had liked them, so Harry liked them too. It was quite possible that she'd liked them because they had sharp pointy things and looked vicious, rather than because they were nice, or anything silly like that, but that didn't make Harry like them any less.

They'd made Kusano smile and giggle. By the time he exited those doors, Harry had been quite willing to become good friends with the heartless little bastards.

"Ah, Mr Potter. I was wondering when you would show up." A misty voice mused mysteriously from just to the left of Harry's ear.

Harry moved.

The world stopped spinning for a moment.

Harry stared at the old man currently occupying the dusty floor, feeling the slightest twinges of guilt as he observed that the man's nose was bleeding quite a bit.

Still, Kusano was frowning at the man, so he ruthlessly squashed whatever regrets he might've had and focused instead on admitting that Seo's lessons in throwing a punch had showed some rather tangible results.

Hagrid stared at him, slack-jawed. "Mr Ollivander!" He finally cried out in a sort of startled horror, helping what was apparently the shop's owner to his feet.

The man received no apology from Harry, but didn't appear to expect one, and so the only one left feeling confused by the exchange was Hagrid. Instead, Ollivander happily distracted himself with finding a wand that would want to choose Harry.

Harry thought that this particular way of phrasing his search was proof that wands were good. Kusano had chosen him, and she was good. Therefore, wands must be good too. It wasn't exactly the most sensible of his logical conclusions, but Kuu seemed to go a bit thoughtful around each wand, and Harry wondered if she might be understanding why the crazy shopkeeper kept randomly telling him to wave the little sticks around.

And if Kuu thought that the wand was good, and the wand chose him like she'd chosen him, then obviously the wand must be good... Though probably not as good as Kuu.

Another wand was placed in his hand, and Harry felt his forehead stinging uncomfortably, then it was removed from his hand before he could give a wave, much too his relief. He didn't like that wand.

Ollivander finally paused, turning a thoughtful frown at Kusano.

"Young miss, I seem to have run out of wands... but I'm curious, might I ask you for a hair?" He looked unsure, but intrigued.

Kuu considered him for a long moment, glancing back towards Harry with a slightly critical glance, before smirking victoriously – she'd been spending too much time around Matsu, Harry decided – and nodded, pulling out a single strand and holding it out to the old man.

Harry was a bit uncomfortable with Kuu handing strands of her hair to strange old men who snuck up on him, but she apparently thought that it was a good idea, and Harry hadn't really ever found Kuu making a bad decision. Except for maybe 'not running away fast enough the first time Miya showed the evil mask-thing and therefore being forced to experience it first-hand', but Harry had done that too, and he thought it might've been a good decision in hindsight, because now he would never fear anything else ever again.

Scary demon-landlady.

The moment Ollivander took the strand of her hair in his hands, he got an almost enthralled look on his face, before shaking his head slowly in awe.

"Truly, how could I've thought anything else would match?" He wondered with a small smile.

Then he flicked the hair, and Kuu's hair bloomed, like the flowers of their first kiss, and then there was a wand in Ollivander's hands.

"I... don't believe it's my place to accept payment for this wand." He mused as he gave the joyfully singing wand to Harry. "But I do hope that you take care of it."

Harry just nodded, too distracted by the warmth of the silently singing wood in his hands to bother feeling offended at the thought of not taking care of Kuu. Because the wand was definitely his Sekirei. Perhaps not in mind, or in body, but without hesitation in soul.

Kuu made a contently smug noise as she grabbed onto his other hand, letting him hold both Kuu and Kuu in his hands at the same time.

For the first time since they'd left the Izumo Inn, Harry felt absolutely sure that they'd be fine.


Harry smiled as he caught a glimpse of the wand-holster on his arm.

Sure, Ollivander might not have made the best first impression, but Kuu didn't mind him, so Harry was sort of willing to forgive the crazy old man. The fact that he'd mentioned acquiring a wand-holster to keep Kuu from being stolen from him, and the conspiratorial grin they'd shared as the wandmaker admitted that every wand he sold had something called the Trace on it, helped quite a bit.

Ollivander hadn't sold him a wand, he'd merely pointed out that he already had one. Therefore, there was no Trace on it, which was relieving to Harry whose wariness of the world could easily touch upon paranoia from time to time.

Hagrid had fortunately missed this exchange of words, as the man would most likely have fretted endlessly over the potential consequences.

They'd visited Madam Malkins to get his uniform, and something for Kuu so that she didn't stick out too much. So now they blended in rather well with the crowds of Diagon Alley, as Harry had kind of immediately upon realizing that his scar made him stand out, found something to hide it with. It wouldn't do to attract too much attention. They were there to hide from MBI after all, and the less people who knew that they were there, the better.


It'd been easy to find their way to Platform 9 ¾, partly because Kusano could smell the portal, and partly because Harry had asked Hagrid why their tickets were weird.

Nobody had found out that the famous Harry Potter was on the train, which suited Harry rather well, as it meant that the odds of someone noticing them in particular would thereby lessen.

Oh, he knew that MBI wouldn't find him in the Magical World, but it was best not to take chances when they could be avoided.

Harry draped an arm around Kusano's shoulders as she leaned into him, not caring in the least that he might just have insulted the first year redhead who'd been looking for seating. Kuu hadn't liked him, so Harry made him stay away. She might've thought his hair color was stupid, or disliked his potential personality, or been annoyed at him for being taller than her, her reasons didn't matter to Harry, because she'd disliked the redhead, and that was enough for him.

"Umm, have you seen a toad?" Another boy asked, looking frightened and lost and embarrassed, all rolled into one.

Harry felt a brief stab of sympathy at the expression, as it reminded him of two days spent walking through unfamiliar streets in a far away country where he didn't know the language. It wasn't a happy memory, even if it did lead him to Kusano's side in the end.

"No, sorry." He shook his head.

"Oh." The boy slumped a bit.

"Toad explores!" Kuu suddenly exclaimed, showing off that she'd managed to pick up at least some English since they came here.

Neville blinked at her, looking confused.

"I think she means that your toad will show up on its own, when it feels like it." Harry tried to translate, his lips twitching in an amused way as Kuu began to nod enthusiastically at his words.

"Ah, well, I'm Neville Longbottom." He introduced himself.

"Harry Potter." Harry answered in turn, before motioning to his Sekirei. "And this is Kusano."

Kuu beamed at the obviously startled boy, looking happy and content as she snuggled a bit closer into Harry's side.

Neville appeared curious about Kusano, clearly noticing that she was younger than them, and that she hadn't been introduced with a surname, but he kept his peace, seemingly aware that sometimes it wasn't polite to ask.

And so the journey continued, Harry and Neville discussed what they expected to see at Hogwarts, what classes they might be good with, and the potential culture clashes between muggleborns and purebloods. Kusano seemed content to listen, asking only a few questions, most of them related to the ghosts that were so famously wandering Hogwarts' halls.

Hopefully, none of the ghosts would be scary, because apparently there didn't seem to be anything you could do against them, and Harry didn't want Kuu to get scared.

Other than that, they discussed where they might be Sorted, Neville fearing that he might end up in Hufflepuff because he wasn't brave enough, and Harry remembering that bravery was the kind of thing that would draw attention and would put himself at risk, which would make Kuu upset, and thereby concluding that he didn't want to go to Gryffindor even if he got Sorted there.

Neville seemed a bit scandalized by this, but Harry was adamant, and finally he admitted that being Sorted into Hufflepuff wouldn't be a bad thing, if they were truly as loyal to each other as Harry appeared to be to Kuu.


"First years! First years over here!" Hagrid's voice called out as they emerged from the train.

Harry, Kuu, and Neville happily made their way over to the friendly giant.

They were quickly ordered into boats, and their group was joined by a fourth member, this one possessing bushy hair and buckteeth. She still looked rather attractive, Harry decided as he recalled Seo's useless lessons about women. Useless, partly because it was Seo giving them, partly because most of them would land him in trouble with the scary demon-landlady, and partly because Kuu was pretty much the only one Harry cared about.

Sure, he liked all the residents at Izumo Inn, having more or less adopted them as family during the time he spent there, but Kuu was his Sekirei, and that made her infinitely more important.

The girl introduced herself briefly as Hermione Granger, and she didn't seem to understand that some questions weren't polite to ask. Which basically translated into her trying to hound Kusano about why she looked younger than them, and why she didn't have surname, and where she came from, and why she was always carrying around a small plant.

Harry had forgotten that Kuu carried around a plant, it'd sort of become such a regular thing for her to do that he didn't register it anymore. In order to make up for any potential blunder he'd made in regards to Kuu's plant, he told her that it was a very nice plant.

Kusano beamed proudly at him, which Harry concluded to mean that she'd grown it herself. Hermione seemed quite frustrated at her questions being blatantly ignored by the two of them – Kusano in large part due to the language barrier – and Neville seemed torn between amusement and a slightly frantic need for everyone to get along.

By the time they made it to the Great Hall, Hermione had concluded that she really didn't like Harry or Kusano, but that Neville was alright. Neville had found his toad, Trevor, and was trying to make sure that it didn't run off again. And Harry was for the first time actually feeling rather impressed with magic itself, rather than its practitioners ability to hide.

The ceiling looked neat.

Then the worn old hat in the middle of the Hall started to sing, a song explaining the House Sorting system a bit more in depth than Professor McGonagall's brief assurance that they were all very good Houses to be sorted into.

Harry nodded along with the song, reaffirming his desire to aim for Hufflepuff.

Slytherin wanted to do things, to become famous, which was directly contradictory to Harry's goal of comfortable obscurity. Ravenclaw cared little for events, as long as they learned new things, which seemed in direct violation of Harry's rather well-developed survival instincts. Gryffindor was filled with people doing stupidly brave things for no reason, which would worry Kusano and was therefore a big no-no. This only really left Hufflepuff, the House that was always ignored. In other words it was perfect.

Hermione was Sorted into Ravenclaw, not surprising anyone who'd spent more than five minutes in her presence, and Neville was Sorted into Gryffindor, the House he'd thought to be out of his league.

Then: "Potter, Harry."

Silence. Then the students of Hogwarts all craned their necks to get a good look at the Boy-Who-Lived, and whispers spread like wildfire.

Kuu frowned at them, drawing a thankful smile and the briefest of amused chuckles from Harry. Hopefully his fame would die down soon, otherwise obscurity would be so difficult to reach.

Leaving Kusano behind with a final pat on the head, Harry made his way to the Sorting Hat.

Sitting down, the Great Hall disappeared as Harry's eyes were covered by the Hat's brim.

"Hm? Oh, Mr Potter." A voice mused curiously. "An interesting mind you've got here. Hufflepuff you say?"

"Please." Harry answered silently.

"Well, you certainly have the loyalty for it." The Hat admitted. "Got quite a bit of cunning and bravery as well, but yes, that wouldn't be very advantageous for your goal. How interesting, I so rarely get requests for Helga's House. Take care of your fated one in- HUFFLEPUFF!"

Harry calmly removed his Hat, ignoring the stunned audience, though sending a small smile towards the Gryffindor table and the knowing look crossing Neville's face, before making his way back to the line of the First Years waiting to be Sorted.

This caused quite a bit of confusion, but Harry simply took Kuu's hand in his own and began to walk over to the Hufflepuff table.

This caused what could almost be described as pandemonium.

"Mr Potter!" McGonagall exclaimed angrily. "She has not been Sorted!"

Harry paused, calmly turning back towards the angry Professor. "She's not a student." He pointed out with a skeptical expression. "So I really don't see the point."

The woman now looked caught somewhere in between exploding and fainting away, and the Hall again burst into frenzied whispers.

Rolling his eyes as everyone seemed to immediately conclude that Kuu was a muggle and therefore shouldn't be in the presence of magic, Harry turned to Kusano.

"Kuu?" He asked his Sekirei for permission, and got it with a cheerfully enthusiastic nod.

So he kissed her. On the lips. In front of the entire school.

And wings of soothing light exploded from her back. Flowers bloomed everywhere, bringing life to the deadened halls of the ancient castle. Benches and tables all seemed to come alive as even a few trees were suddenly added to the school's interior.

Then her wings faded away, and she was left with a positively smug expression on her face, and a plant that seemed perhaps a bit bigger than it had been originally, still carried around in her arms.

Harry smiled, feeling warm and happy and all together pleased with the world, before taking Kuu's hand in his own and again leading them towards the Hufflepuff table.

Nobody would ever call his Sekirei a muggle again.


Hufflepuff was an odd House for Harry. It wasn't that they were casually looked down upon, or that they were ignored by others, Harry was used to being looked down upon, both by his relatives and by his teachers – who believed him to be a trouble-child and a charity case in equal measures – and being ignored was by far a more pleasant situation than to be actively targeted.

It was just that they kept trying to make friends with him.

Harry didn't really have friends. He had Kuu. He'd also had Izumo Inn, for a few weeks, but he'd never had friends, and didn't really see the point of having such things when Kuu was so infinitely better.

Obviously, he could admit to being slightly biased, but that didn't change his opinion on the matter.

Hufflepuff though, wouldn't let him drift off together with Kuu without interfering. This was slowly making Harry come to the conclusion that humanity as a whole was extremely overrated, and that the moment he could figure out how to do it, he'd be retreating to Antarctica with Kuu for the rest of his life. Or well, any other sufficiently population-starved location that Kuu was comfortable with.

Izumo Inn had never interfered with his time with Kuu. They'd had some annoying rules about who they were allowed and not allowed to take baths with, and there'd been another – largely ignored – rule trying to convince them that they were supposed to sleep in separate rooms, and sometimes they'd be silently observed with smiles by the older population. But Izumo Inn never interfered in their time together.

You didn't separate an Ashikabi from their Sekirei, it just wasn't done.

So, the idea that Kuu was supposed to sleep in some inaccessible room away from him had caused the two of them to camp out in the common room with pillows and blankets. The giggling girls' insistence that Kuu talk to them privately was ignored. The boys disapproving of Harry not talking about boy-things was responded to with frosty glares. And the elders' attempts to make peace between all of them largely fell on deaf ears.

Their Head of House was a pleasant woman, and she worked with plants, and Kuu liked her, but that didn't make either of them any more inclined to follow the 'rules' that made no sense. Like 'not camping out in the common room'. They wouldn't camp out in the common room if they were allowed in one of their beds, but they weren't, so they were camping out in the common room. It was simple.

Classes were interesting, even if virtually every teacher present frowned at Kuu's presence during their lessons. Harry had also publicly declared that unless the greasy-haired bat apologized to Kuu, he wouldn't be taking his class. The Headmaster had tried to placate him, but the teacher hadn't apologized, and Kuu never liked the bearded old man either, so Harry resolutely refused.

Transfiguration was difficult, and whilst Harry could understand the usefulness of suddenly becoming something different in order to shake off pursuers – Seo had explained the concept to him previously – turning matches into needles was such an utter waste of resources. Matches were far more important than needles, they could keep you warm when you were stuck living on the street, and that was way better than being able to be combined with thread in order to patch up clothes – though admittedly useful in its own way.

Potions he hadn't really seen a point in at all, figuring that there wasn't a lot of ways to use a potion in order to hide or flee from pursuers. Thus, in large part pointless.

Astronomy wasn't very useful either – other than to learn to navigate by the stars, and that shouldn't be relevant in this day and age – but he supposed that it was kind of nice to sit together with Kuu and stare up at the sky from which she technically originated from, so Harry wasn't really complaining.

History of Magic told them absolutely nothing, but Harry had worked a way around the stiff backs everyone got during the lessons by bringing pillows for him and Kuu to sleep on as the mindlessly boring ghost rambled. His classmates were a mixture of jealous and outraged.

Charms was fascinating, and after the time where Harry had stayed after class in order to ask if there were ways to hide using Charms – and gotten some very solid leads on just that kind of magic – Harry was certain that they'd found the single most important class on the curriculum. Flitwick being nice and well-liked by Kuu, was also a pleasant bonus.

Herbology was, perhaps not the most useful of classes, but easily the one the two enjoyed the most. The teacher was pleasant, the material was a hobby for both of them, and the environment was comfortably soothing.

Defense Against Dark Arts sounded important from the way people kept going on about it, but it seemed geared around inconveniencing people, or fighting. Fighting being something that Harry didn't want to do, as it made Kuu worry. Harry therefore classified it as a perhaps useful class, but in dire need of a teacher that Kuu didn't react to by growling at them. Still, since Quirrell hadn't actively insulted either of them, Harry wasn't allowed to skip the class.

Needless to say, Hogwarts was very confused on what to make of the Boy-Who-Lived and the Small-Girl-With-A-Plant.

Snape wanted him out of Hogwarts on his nose. Flitwick liked the two of them, and was intrigued by their bond and what it might mean. McGonagall didn't think they were taking her class seriously enough, having read a report on Harry's belief of matches being superior to needles. Sprout was frustrated, but confused about her two badgers and their actions.

Quirrell wanted the growling girl removed from his classroom, since she disturbed him. Binns didn't know who they were talking about, having not read about new things happening since his death – which was long before Voldemort first made an entrance. Sinistra had developed a bit of a soft spot for the cute girl who always fell asleep in her class – since she wasn't a student, there wasn't any real reason for her to stay awake. And Dumbledore was quite upset at how easily he was being brushed off as unimportant.

Filch didn't like them, but he hated everyone, so that was hardly a surprise. Hagrid liked them, but Hagrid liked everyone who wasn't a Slytherin almost by default, so that wasn't a surprise either.

In the end, despite of what they felt about the pair, they were Hufflepuffs, and everyone knew that Hufflepuffs don't really matter in the long run.

Which really just proved Harry's point. It was the ultimate House for someone who wanted to hide in obscurity.


A/n: I started writing this after having read several Harry Potter/Sekirei crossovers, where Harry is old when he travels to Japan. Him being young sounded far more amusing, so that's what I wrote. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to go from there so it faded away rather quick.

Below is Harry's confrontation of Quirrell, which I wrote to the awesomeness that is Meatloaf, cause I felt like it.


Kuu was hurt.

His Sekirei. His fated one. Kuu was hurt.

Perhaps the man with two faces noticed the sudden change in the young boy's eyes, but him noticing didn't really matter either way. Because he'd hurt Kuu. And Harry was going to rip him into shreds!

He was just an Ashikabi, he could never compare to the unstoppable powers of a Sekirei, but this man in front of him wasn't a Sekirei. And Kuu worrying over him wouldn't matter if Kuu was already hurt.

Therefore, against all that he'd promised, against all that he'd aimed for, against his entire plan to hide away in obscurity. Harry James Potter declared war on Lord Voldemort.

Quirrell opened his mouth to mock his foolish declaration, already knowing that his master would destroy this pathetic little brat.

And Harry met his eyes.

The world was drowned.

The world was burned.

The world was torn.

The world was crumpled.

And green eyes that shone like hellfire stared down from the heavens.

Quirinus Quirrell had a bare instant to reflect on his life and curse the ramblings of a madman, because even if power truly was all that existed in this world, there were those that had it and would only use it against you if you angered them. And Harry James Potter's rage burned like the sun.

Then the possessed professor's molecules exploded at the speed of light, and the lingering soul of Voldemort had his mind torn asunder in the backlash.

Because you don't touch the fated love of a Chosen One without repercussions.