Arthur being pissed off was an understatment. He was ready to punch his father's lights out the moment he walked into the hospital. But Uther was no fool. A man like him would always have protection of every kind and Arthur would never be able to land a finger on him. So it was no surprise when Uther walked into the hospital with six of his security. The first step Arthur took towards the man Uthers men were on the blond like lions fighting for a pig.

"You can't do this!" He struggled with the three men holding him. "Why don't you leave Merlin alone!"

"I'm fine son, how are you?" Uther said with a small smile. "I must say, I never thought I'd see the day when my own son would try to ruin me. Of course, it was only a matter of time."

Arthur shook his head angrily. "I only did what was right." He growled. "You hurt Merlin, you should pay the price."

Uther tilted his head. "Yeah, speaking of the boy, I must take him home. He must feel so...alone at the moment."

Arthur stared and just wished that he had a gun then and there to shoot between Uther's eyes. "Leave him alone!" The blond yelled again as Uther turned and walked towards the room in question. His men pulling Arthur away to give Uther room to walk.


Morgana pulled the t-shirt over Merlin's head with shakey hands. "Here are your shoes. Please hurry up so we can go before-"

"Go where?"

Merlin's blue eyes trailed from Morgana to the door and he took a huge step back. Morgana's brows narrowed when she turned to see Uther walking in the hospital room.

"I'm taking Merlin away from here." She said strongly.

Uther scoffed. "And where do you suppose you would take him? Hm?" He walked up to the young woman.

Morgana stood talk and walked in front of Merlin. "You better watch it Uther. You don't scare me anymore." She snarled.

"That's fine my dear. But it's not you I'm here for." His eyes trailed towards Merlin who had tears running down his face for more than the past hour.

Morgana took a step forward. "You won't lay a hand on him. I'm taking him away from here. Away from you."

Uther lifted a finger and ran it down Morgana's cheek before landing it on her chin. "Morgana love, don't try to fix other people's problems when you can't even fix your own."

Morgana growled low and pulled her face away. "It's not my problem or Merlin's, it's yours." She spat. "You're a sick man. You always have been, and always will be."

Uther smiled then hummed and just used his arm to push her away towards his other two security. "Take her home." He said annoyed. His eyes trailed to Merlin, who sobbed suddenly and shook his head.


Uther hummed again. "Don't worry Merlin. We can go home and everything will be fine."

Merlin wrapped his arms around himself and walked behind the hospital chair when Uther came closer.

"Don't touch him!"

Uther looked towards Morgana who was still being held by Uthers men. "I thought I told you to get her out of here."

"Yes sir."

Uther watched with a smile as Morgana was pulled out. He turned back to Merlin and his smile faded just as quickly when he saw the boy trying to make his way to the door. Uther's hand snapped out and grabbed Merlin's thin arm.

"It's interesting you know, a little birdie told me something I never thought possible."

Merlin stared breathing heavy through his nose. "So many... clients." Uther said low. "Who do you think the father is?"

Merlin gulped. "Why would you care?"

Uther's brows narrowed. "Because if I'm going to have a son, I don't want him as a freak."

Merlin's brows lightly narrowed. He didn't know how it happened but he was able to pull a small smile. "Guess what? It wasn't my genes that got me pregnant. It was the second father's." He tilted his head. "And that's you."

Uther stared for a moment before took a step back. "You are lying."

Merlin shook his head. "No I'm not. They checked my DNA, there's nothing wrong with me." He hissed. "And with my clients... as you call them. We always used protection, and I mean always. So I guess that makes you the freak."

Uthers hand snapped out and grabbed Merlin's jaw making gasp. "You watch your tone boy. As your father, now I can do more than just ground you."

Merlin growled and tried pulling his face away.

"I can make you scream, you know." Uther threatened.

"I will scream if you don't let go." Merlin said back. He struggled when Uther held on tighter to his face.

"You don't have proof that, that child is mine. And you will do well to remember, if the little bastard is mine-"

"It is yours. You're the only one who didn't use a condom." Merlin growled.

Uther gave a small smile. "Then that still works in my favor, boy."

Merlin stopped struggling and stared Uther in the eye.

Uther stared back with dark eyes. "As the second father, I will have say in what goes on in that child's life. So either do you as I say, or I will take it."

Merlin blinked and his eyes teared up. "You wouldn't dare." He said low.

"Wouldn't I? Remember Merlin, I am a rich man, I offered you before but you declined. I wonder what the state would say when they find a teen father out on the streets with a baby child. No doubt, they will take it and hand it over to the second parent, who is more than able to care for the child."

Merlin's breathing picked up more.

"That's me." Uther whispered darkly. He reached out and dried Merlin's falling tears with the back of his hand. "And that gives me power over you. Doesnt it?"


Arthur was pacing back and forth in front of the hospital. The staff refused to let him back in, saying that he was disturbing the patients. When he saw Uthers security walking out, Arthur quickly ran to the door. But just as the last time, he couldn't get anywhere near Uther. He couldn't get anywhere near Merlin.


The teen didn't even look up to meet the blonds gaze, he just stared down at the floor as he and Uther walked towards the limo. Uther stopped struggling with the security and watched as Merlin slid into the limo before Uther did. When the men let him go so they can walk into the other limo, Arthur ran over to the one Merlin was in and barely touched the door before the car took off.

Arthur stood with his mouth slightly open and slammed his hand on the nearest thing he could find. That being a stong bench, Arthur cursed when his hand scrapped.

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