A/N-Greetings everybody! Okay, just a few points I'd like to mention…

This is an arranged marriage fic, where Laufey is not all evil, and he decides to hand over his fragile prince to Asgard before passing away. Therefore we also get to see some Jotun Loki, and oh, Thor gets to be Loki's first. First one to kiss him, first one to bed him, and his first love, because Loki had always been caged in his palace in the name of protection. And also, everyone is miss goody-two shoes and nobody is mean (like Laufey and all, because c'mon! ), and everything will be beautiful and nothing will hurt. I'm sorry, I just have so many feels!

If I have other warnings, I'd mention them in the beginning of the chapter.

The Ice King lay on his bed, closing his eyes. It was difficult breathing now.


He heard a soft whisper, and immediately opened his eyes. He met the concerned eyes of the All-father.

"All-father." He tried to sit up, to pay his respects to the Sovereign of Asgard, against the protests of his wife. That only resulted in him coughing violently, and all the servants around paused, worried for their king.

"Stop. Don't get up." Odin ushered him, sitting on his bed.

"Apologies that I could not present myself before you," Laufey said when his breathing relaxed. "I was getting cold feet, Sire." He let out a broken smile to his friend, pointing at his viridian body.

"Hush. I'm here. What is it you want?" The All-father asked, knowing that his friend did not have much to live. Laufey asked his queen and all the royal staff to leave them alone.

"My son." He said once the frozen chambers were vacant.

"Helbindi is going to become a great king, and a great ruler, just like you." Odin assured.

"Its not him that I worry for." Laufey smiled.

"Loki." The king of Asgard nodded.

"All-father. You know how I've kept him away from the world all these centuries. He's fragile. He's delicate. Born a frost giant, but with the proportions of a Midgardian. He has nothing but his magic to defend himself. And if I were to leave him alone he'd surely-" Laufey broke into another fit, leaving his words incomplete.

"You don't have to say another word. He's mine now." Odin assured him as the Queen and a few healers rushed in.

The Jotun King let out one last smile of relief, and closed his eyes. The ceasing of the rise and fall of his chest was almost undetectable. The All-father stood up, and tapped his scepter on the frozen ground. Immediately a golden aura wrapped around the deceased king.

The entire room was silent except for the wailing of the queen.

Outside a cold snowstorm broke out.