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"Mmmm!" Thor moaned around the mouthful of delicious food. "This, I like!" he declared, barely stopping himself from smashing the porcelain cutlery on the floor. Yes, he was finally trying to learn Midgardian etiquettes. Especially the one where all utensils were not supposed to be smashed on the ground as they were not of gold or silver or bronze or any other metal.

"See. Told ya you'd like the shawarma," Tony grinned, pleased with himself. Despite being busy with his guests (although Pepper and JARVIS were doing more than him,) he didn't miss the newer god stealing glances at him.

"Okay, what is it?" He asked Loki as soon as Pepper took Thor away from earshot, after breakfast. (How she managed to do that, and what she said, Tony didn't know. Well, there was a reason she was his first choice after all, was there not?)

Loki, dressed in Midgardian blacks and grays, simply raised an eyebrow, refusing to acknowledge the question.

"Its about Point Break, is it not?" Tony glanced at Thor, who was busy approving the new static field security Pepper was explaining about. Or maybe they were simply appreciating the electric currents the force field set off every time Thor would bring his hammer in proximity. And probably giggling about it like little school girls playing with their pet bunny rabbit. Whatever.

At this though, green eyes shot a dirty glare at him.

"Look, I don't know if you're angry with me for something," Tony shrugged, "but Pepper cant hold him off for much longer. So…" He left his sentence unfinished, unsure. Loki had been sending mixed signals since his arrival. But that only included looks of anger (more like wrath), confusion, and blank stares. In the end he decided that Nordic Gods were probably all like that, at bit chemically unbalanced or something.

"Thor told me what you did last time you were on Asgard," Loki said, slowly. He had been thinking about this ever since Thor announced their private invite to the Stark Towers. And all along, he'd been trying to study this Stark-thing. Okay, he was a bit out of his mind, but Loki decided that he was fine with that. After all, Thor had the craziest choice of friends. He decided that he could trust him. Provided, well, there were certain conditions.

"And?" Tony asked, unsure what to say.

"I am impressed, I must say. But-" Loki tilted his head to his side, feigning a know-it-all look, "I also know what you did the last time Thor was here."

"Yeah, so –oh!" It dawned on Tony. Not that it was that big of a deal. Just that he took a man to a strip club, and got two of his hottest babes to dry hump him. After his marriage. Which was almost equivalent to helping Thor cheat on his spouse. The said spouse standing in front of his with a murderous look on his face.


Loki was not supposed to know this. Thor wouldn't have told him, right? Not that Tony was scared. Hello? Wasn't he Iron man?

Its just that he didn't like the look in Loki's eyes.

Loki took a few steps forward. He dramatically raised his hand, twirling his long fingers, and a small flame burst open around his palm. He watched Tony's eyes widen, and smiled in satisfaction. He raised his flame towards Tony, extinguishing it just before grabbing the Midgardian's collar. Just for the effect.

"I want you to do something for me." The prince ordered, slowly, eyes piercing into Tony's soul. Eyes, that almost sparkled with a mischievous light. Tony nodded, there was just something hypnotizing about Loki that he couldn't refuse.

Loki let go of his clothes, and explained his plans. After Stark reluctantly agreed, the Frost Prince turned on his heels and marched to Thor, face bright with success. Midgardians, pfft. So easy to manipulate. Just a hint of magic, and they would obey like puppets.

They had anointed him the God of Mischief, after all.

In the end, Tony always defended himself to Pepper saying that Loki had a height advantage.

It was the all hallows eve, Thor had said. He had been a young God that time, just crossing his eighteenth summer. Anthony Stark, like always, invited him and his friends to Earth, saying he had a brilliant plan, like always, again. That one time, Stark let the Asgardians keep their uniforms and armors, saying that everyone was dressed alike. Apparently it was a Midgardian tradition, Thor informed Loki, to dress up in various costumes on that night.

Stark had thrown a big party in one of his clubs, the one with strippers and dirty dancers, of course, because this was Stark after all. Thor was really amused that night. People were dressed up in all sorts of clothes. Animals, inanimate objects, spirits, royalties, and many things Thor didn't recognize, or understand. But they were having fun, young and spoilt boys as they were.

"Hey big fellow!" Tony poked Thor's bicep, after a few drinks too much. "Having fun?"

"Oh, yes!" Thor draped his arm around Tony's smaller frame.

"I know a way this party could get even better," Tony winked. "But I need your help."

In the end, Thor didn't remember what Tony said. But somehow, the man of Iron had convinced the crown prince of Asgard to let the party continue in Asgard, of all places.

Heimdell was obliged to obey all of Thor's commands. And the Bi-Frost was unbolted.

The consequences, lets say, were not worth repeating, Thor said, feeling his cheeks go red. Especially with what happened Odin and the stripers "loving his eye patch and kingly costume". One could say that Frigga wasn't the happiest woman on Asgard…until she met the handsome escort dressed as some ancient king, who literally kissed her hand and asked her permission, to let him "enjoy the evening" with her. That, was something that enraged the wrath of the All-father. And that was the end of the night, and Tony's permit to enter Asgard, Thor said with a shudder.

And that was the end of the great tale Loki wanted to know about after its numerous mentions.

As Thor slowly fell asleep, Loki lay awake that night, wheels and cogs turning in his mind.

It might've been an idiotic story, but it gave Loki some valuable information. Especially about Tony owning such clubs. At first, he thought Stark had just taken Thor and his friends to a popular place, like a tavern. But now that Loki knew that Stark was an owner himself…

"Oh, in the name of Odin's beard! Stark, not again!" Thor sighed when he saw where Stark had brought him. It had seemed like a richly, gourmet restaurant from the outside, but as it turns out, "Atonement" was another of Stark's clubs. Exclusively classy too, Thor noticed, with the slow sultry music, and dimmed lights.

But nonetheless, the branching stage was perfectly lit, and as foreseeable, two women, dressed in very, very lewd clothes, some apparent representation of devils, with horns on their heads, were grinding against decorated poles, gyrating with the rhythm.

"Okay, Okay, I know how this seems," Tony tried to explain himself. "And I have a perfect explanation for this." Although he had none, he thought, as he saw Thor glare at him.

"Okay, here, have a seat." He pushed Thor to a circular couch marked under the VIP section. It was right next to one of the branches of the stage, a pole lighted up in eerie shades of mauve. "I promise, this place has a very strict no-touch policy, and neither of the parties can touch each other, no matter how much they want too."

That was entirely not the reason why Thor didn't want to be here. Stark had said that Loki had gone for shopping with Pepper, interested in Earthly wardrobe. And besides, he himself had something for Thor. Something very important, and his life depended upon it.

And here Thor was, sitting in a strip club yet again. Tony had wandered off somewhere, saying that he'd be back soon, and he Thor was, stirring his third glass of –whatever he was drinking. Hopefully not "Freedom" again. The stage was curtained again, the room getting even dimmer. The only lights came from the candles on each table and some soft floor lights. There was no music either, as the next dancer prepared for his/her number. Thor leaned back, rolling his eyes at Tony's carelessness.

The music started with a soft lyre and piano. The curtains slowly rolled off, soft light highlighting the three dancers, looking down to the floor. There were two women, and one man, but that's all Thor saw, focusing his attention on his drink again, taking another sip.

As soon as the percussion instruments caught up the beats, Thor somehow felt them incline with his heartbeats. He looked up again. The dancers strutted to their respective poles, the two women moving to the poles in the far off corners. That left the petite man to move to the stage right in front of Thor. The women were dressed as angels, black feathered wings, and green glittery clothes doing a horrible job of covering their bodies. The man was in some sort of a loin cloth, black as midnight, and hanging dangerously low on his slender waist, along with a wreath of pearls and emeralds. His elegant headdress also had a cloth to cover the lower half of his face. But despite the body glitter, and all feathered jewelry hiding the wanabe angel's body, Thor didn't have to look at his anklet to recognize him or his emerald eyes, as the crown prince of Asgard spilled his drink out of his mouth in a sudden fit.

Green diamonds glittered in the candle light around his right ankle as his sashayed to the pole with the beat of the music. The anklet and jewels around his waist chimed with each step, as he confidently moved down the platform. He paused right beside the pole, moving his hands sensually up his body, moving his hips with the music, dragging his cloth up a bit, just exposing a part of his pastel thighs. He then looked directly at Thor, and the thunderer could swear that he saw the man smile, even through the cloth.

"Loki," Thor growled, the room suddenly feeling hotter. Outside, thunder silenced the busy New Yorkers, unexpected in this season. He sat up straight, leaning towards the pole.

Loki danced sensually with the music, displaying his body as it moved in waves and thrusts. He grabbed the pole and wrapping one slender leg around it, took a full, sexual swing, as if he'd been doing it all his life. Holding it with both hands, Loki looked at Thor again, thrusting his hips into the metal again. He then walked around it, standing right in front of Thor, and grabbed the pole above his head. He then moved down the pole, his hips gliding in perfect snake-like movements, and oh Valhalla! That move shouldn't be logically possible, the way the muscles of his abdomen flexed, the way his lean thighs supported his weight as he rested on his knees. The way his body glittered in the hazy light. The way he looked so submissive and vulnerable. The way Loki provoked him, the challenge in his eyes.

He got onto all fours, body stretched along the floor like a puma or a wildcat, and slowly crawled to Thor, moving torturously slow with the music. After some more sensual display of his body on the floor, Loki moved and sat on the edge of the stage, legs dangling off. He touched his anklet with one hand, pulling his hand up, with fingers spread wide, all upto his knees, along his thighs, exposing more of himself as the cloth got dragged again. He didn't stop, but continued further, from the dip in his navel, to the curves of his chest, caressing his nipples, all the way to the cloth covering his face, and removed it.

Tilting his head back, he mouthed the lyrics. Thor wasn't paying attention to the song, completely forgetting about it, till he saw Loki's lips moving. He just vaguely remembered it being about some eyes, but that was all.

But now he heard, as Loki sang oh-so-softly. About "there being so many lovers like you out there in the city", teasing him, but that was all that his mind registered. Loki was provoking him all right, and he clenched his fist, trying to control himself.

Loki pulled his feet up, exposing more that what Thor liked for the public, and stood straight, sashaying his body towards the pole, giving a vivid display of his back to Thor. He slid to the pole again, dancing with the gilded metal again, body moving in waves of erotic motion. As the music slowed down and the curtains pulled down, he took one last look at Thor, who still looked stunned.

He had been looking at Thor all throughout his act of seduction. As if it was just a private show, and there were just the two of them. Not a whole room full of people ogling at him. He was barely down the stairs leading down the stage, when a strong hand gripped him tightly and pulled him into the shadows.

Pushing him into the wall, Thor kissed him roughly.

"What was that?" He growled, after he broke the kiss to catch a breath.

"A small gift from the God of Mischief," Loki answered, smiling like pure evil, even though his breathing was ragged

"And the God of Seduction, are you?" Thor asked, but didn't let Loki reply, as he kissed him again. He left a shiver travelling down Loki's bare body, cold and still coated with glitter.

"Why do you know that?"

"Lets say, I'm a fast learner, yes?" Loki winked.

Thor growled again. "Loki. Then I'd say I'll teach you more things tonight." He smiled, eyes darkened with lust.

Loki just wanted to surprise his husband. And he had been successful, judging by the way Thor spilled his drinks all over himself, and watched his performance with his mouth agape.

Loki smiled to himself as he pulled Thor to one of the private chambers on the upper floors. Courtesy of Mr. Stark, of course.

Speaking of the devil, Tony sighed as he finished another round of drink, slamming the glass down. He turned away from the stage and to the pretty bartender in a deep necked tank top. Well, that wasn't as bad as he had expected. In fact, Loki was almost better than the other dancers. Hell, he was even thinking of giving Loki a job as the lead stripper. But Thor would probably break his mouth for saying something like that, he reflected when he'd seen Thor hurry to the back stage area.

He was beginning to like Thor's husband finally, to tell the truth.

He smiled, ordering another round.

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