Hey guys!

So I've decided to write a Hunger Games and A.N.T Farm story.

So I will be writing a SYOT story so seen your own A.N.T

First let me start off by saying this is very different than the Hunger Games.

For example each District would specialize in a talent i.e. District 11 (Music)

I don't really care if you inbox me or if you put it in the comments. Just complete the information that I listed out correctly.

Basically if you're in the District of sports, you'll have a talent like the ability to jump high or have incredible speed.

Note: I had to repost this so it looks very different, I also updated this so read EVERYTHING!

Guys, I NEED FULL TRIBUTE INFO! That means the District you want to be in and all of the information that I listed below NEEDS to go in your SYOT. You can't just put, "My name is CeCe, make me a tribute." and expect me to put you in this. Are you serious! -

Oh, if you see someone already in the District spot that you want, DON'T send me a tribute and say, "I perfer District _ when it has someone already there! That totally pisses me off! *Rubs bridge of nose*


Here's a preview of the story…

Olive's POV

The boy next to me squirmed in anticipation as Carla Jones, (Our District escort) made her way towards the microphone on the stage.

"Happy A.N.T Games," She cheered. "And may the odds be ever in your favor." Her lime green makeup cracked as she smiled in excitement.

My palms started sweating as she made her way to the giant red button that was powered by a Computer.

The computer had every last name of the 12- 18 kids from our district, I happened to be one of them.

The smarter you are the most likely you'd get chosen, since our District is Intelligence.

As her sharp nails touched the button and a series of names flashed on the screen multiple times.

The computer stopped and I closed my eyes as she read the names.

"The tributes from District two are…"

Biological Q's…





Skin color:



Hair color:


Family members:


Tribute's ball outfits:


Talent Q's…



Secret weapon:

Reasons why you're Tribute should win:

Now here are the Districts…

District 1: Sports

District 2: Intelligence

District 3: Computer technology

District 4: Engineering

District 5: Super Human agility (Non- Humans)

District 6: Architecture

District 7: Healers

District 8: Time Wizards (Ability to travel back in time or change time)

District 9: Language (Knows every language ever created)

District 10: Music


District 1 (Male): Ronin Weeser (Rdude1213)

District 1 (Female): Allison Bell (LittleShyWriter)

District 2 (Male):

District 2 (Female): Olive Doyle

District 3 (Male): Angus Chestnut [Bloodbath Tribute]

District 3 (Female): Charlotte Donovan (Tic-Tac-Toe)

District 4 (Male):

District 4 (Female): Alianna Smith (

District 5 (Male): Ashton Cook (Masonthemaster) [BloodBath Tribute]

District 5 (Female):Avalon Green (Rocky Pond)

District 6 (Male): Fletcher Quimby

District 6 (Female):Winter Frey (Rocky Pond)

District 7 (Male):

District 7 (Female): Charlie (Riversong42)

District 8 (Male): Jason Mercer (Vuraangreg)

District 8 (Female):

District 9 (Male):

District 9 (Female): Genevieve Magnolia (Casadra)

District 10 (Male):

District 10 (Female): Chyna Parks [Bloodbath Tribute]

Just to be cautious, if you don't get a part as a tribute; fill in for a backup District or as an Escort.

As soon as I get enough Tributes, I will start writing.

May the odds be ever in your Favor ~ Seymone