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"What do you mean she called from a comlink?" Devon asked, looking confused, "The only two comlinks in existence are the ones that you use, Michael."

"I have two comlinks?" Michael asked from behind Kitt's wheel, staring at the small picture of Devon on the screen.

"One is a backup," Devon explained, "It is kept here, in the original Foundation building under lock and key. So how can Violet be calling from a comlink?"

"Devon!" Bonnie shouted, running up to Devon.

"Bonnie, I am in the middle of a conversation with your husba-"

"Never mind that," Bonnie shouted, "You remember how everyone who disappeared in FLAG all worked in the secret room at one time or other? Well, the only person who worked in that room and didn't disappear, Cindy, broke down."

"What do you mean she 'broke down'?" Michael asked.

"Oh hi Michael," Bonnie said, noticing the screen with Michael's face as if for the first time, "I mean that she confessed."

"Confessed? To what?" asked Kitt.

"She said that she is working with the people who have invaded the building," Bonnie explained, "They were after what is hidden in that room. It must be more valuable than we could have guessed, because she helped arrange the kidnapping of everyone who had ever seen that room."

"Everyone but Violet," Michael said.

"Exactly," said Bonnie, "I don't know why they held off on kidnapping her. Or maybe the security in that room was tighter than they thought."

"So what is in that room, pray tell?" Devon asked.

"Cindy won't reveal that to us, so it must be pretty big," Bonnie said, "She also refuses to tell us who is leading the operation."

"That is alright, my dear," Devon smiled, "Michael and Kitt just found a missing link of sorts. It seems that the last remaining agent has retreated into a hidden passageway, and once we discover who else knows that the passageway exists, we are one step away from discovering our adversary."

"Wait, did she leave the room she was guarding?" Bonnie asked.

"Bonnie, we have no idea what is going on down there," Michael said, "The rest of the building collapsed in on itself, and the hidden hallway could also collapse at any minute."

"Technically Michael, it just did," Kitt interrupted.

There was a stunned silence.

"What?" Bonnie finally asked.

"According to the satellites I have been utilizing to observe the land around FLAG, a sizable portion of land has just sunk into the ground, indicating a tunnel cave-in."

"Wait," said Michael, "Did she get out first?"

"Honestly, I have no idea," said Kitt, "I cannot detect any life forms through the satellite."

"WHAT?" shouted three voices.

"I mean," said Kitt, sounding slightly annoyed, "That I do not have the technology to detect any life forms through the satellite. It simply hasn't been configured to view heat sources."

"So she could still be alive," Michael asked.

"Yes," said Kitt.

"Well good," said Michael, "Because I would hate to think anything happened to her."

"The local police are currently at work attempting to dig out any survivors from the building," Kitt explained, "There is nothing we can do but wait."

"Wait a minute, Bonnie, what happened to all the other agents at FLAG?" said Michael, "They weren't in the building too, were they?"

"Of course not," said Bonnie, "Cindy said they had been taken somewhere else. But we're still trying to get her to tell us where."

"What else did Cindy tell you?" Devon asked.

"Nothing," said Bonnie, "I was hoping you could take a crack at her."

"If you wait ten more minutes you can let me do it," said Michael, "We're nearly there."

"I will do the honors, thank you very much," said Devon, "You can bring her out here, Bonnie, and I'll ask a few agents to stand by in case she tries anything. That girl always appeared the most comfortable around people, and I think she might talk if we give her a decent audience."

"Alright, Devon. Be right back," and with that, Bonnie disappeared.

A few minutes later, Bonnie led a handcuffed Cindy to sit in the seat before Devon, smiling smugly.

"Well now Cindy, I would like to ask who you're working for," Devon began.

"Nobody," she replied, "Or everybody. Who can tell?"

"I see," said Devon, deciding to bring up this subject later on when Cindy had more of her guard down, "I have been informed that you know what happened to all the missing agents in FLAG."

"All but one," said Cindy, frowning.

"Yes," said Devon.

"I can tell you where they are," Cindy said, and she leaned a little closer in towards Devon, not caring that half the office could hear every word she said, "I wouldn't tell Bonnie because I never liked her. Not one bit."

Devon didn't know how to respond to that.

"They are tied up in the abandoned warehouse on 31st," Cindy recited.

Quickly, Devon gave the signal to several of his men and women, and they raced out of the building to rescue these unfortunates.

"We set off the fire alarms and then tranquilized them just before they left the building," Cindy explained, "But the last one, that nosey brat, never made it out. We didn't notice that one was missing until later on."

"So, you did not mean to leave Violet behind," Devon said.

"That's right," Cindy nodded, "Which was ironic, since we had placed her there because she was supposed to be the easiest. We even gave her the alarm on the computer before we set off the alarms. But she somehow was a greater threat than we thought. Would you believe she took out some of the men we sent in? All by herself, too. I'm sure the prisoner didn't help."

"Prisoner?" Michael Knight asked through the screen.

"What prisoner?" Devon asked, looking astonished.

"The prisoner in the room," Cindy smiled, "A very powerful prisoner, hidden away from even your own eyes. We were even battling among ourselves for the honor of setting him free."

"The-there's a prisoner in that room?" Bonnie said, "Wait. You left Violet with a prisoner?"

"He is well restrained," Cindy said, "If not he would have escaped long ago. And given certain structural factors, and er, his prison, we should be able to successfully extract him from the wreckage of the building without a scratch."

"How do you expect to do that when there are so many people around the Foundation?" Devon asked.

Cindy laughed. "Don't you see?" she asked, "The police work for us. At least, those police do. They are not searching for survivors; all of our people should have made it out the secret tunnel long before the building collapsed. If they did not, then they were unworthy anyway."

"Cindy," Devon said, "Who is it that you work for?"

"It doesn't matter," said Cindy, stealing a sideways glance towards Frank, who had just arrived to hear her conversation, "What does matter is that we shall soon have the prisoner that the late board of director's Chairman stole from us. And with his help, we will be able to finally fulfill our ultimate objective."

"What makes you think he will work with you?" asked a new voice.

Everyone turned, and gasped.

Violet was standing in the room.

"How-how did you get here?" asked Cindy.

"I got a ride," said Violet, "Because the police are holding my car as evidence."

"Violet," said Bonnie, "We thought that when the tunnel collapsed, that you…"

"Oh," said Violet, "Sorry about that. But I'm fine. And I found out where everyone else is being held. The warehouse on 31st."

"I already told them," said Cindy sharply, "How did you get out? How did you find the tunnel, even? Where are the men sent to retrieve you?"

"Whoa there," said Violet, calmly walking over to Devon in order to better stare coldly at the woman, "I guess you missed the party. But I'm not here to talk to you; I want to talk to your superior. So what do you say, Frank, do I have an appointment?"

Frank turned pale, and also turned to run out of the room. Before anyone could call out, someone raced forwards and caught him mid-stride in a choke hold, effectively pinning him in place.

"Guess what," said the man, his very voice revealing to everyone that he was the one and only Michael Knight, "I just got here, Frank. And I want answers."

"Alright, alright! I'll talk," Frank said, "But before I say anything, I want you to know that you're too late. It doesn't matter what happened to my men in the building, but the excavation crews have doubtless extracted the prisoner already."

"Sorry to disappoint," said Violet, not sounding sorry at all, "But he's not in the building."

Frank and Cindy both stared at her, and Cindy even jumped up from her chair.

"What!" Frank said, "You let him out? But how? Wait, you're lying! He would have killed you by now!"

"Look, he didn't want you guys to 'rescue' him, all right?" Violet said, "I'm still not sure how it happened, or why, but we helped each other out back there. How do you think I survived the deadly gas you tried to kill me with?"

"You didn't-didn't get in the car, did you?" stuttered Cindy.

"Yup," Violet smiled, "I sure did."

"Deadly gas?" Michael asked, still holding Frank in a choke hold, "Exactly what is going on here?"

"Oh good lord," said Devon, hitting his forehead with the palm of his hand, "I hope this isn't who I think it is. My dear, I believe you contacted Kitt with a comlink?"

"I called Kitt?" Violet asked, "Cool. It was a complete accident, by the way."

"Devon, would you kindly explain?" Michael asked.

"I will," said Frank, "The prisoner is Karr."

There was a collective gasp. Everyone in the room had heard the legends about this Karr.

Frank smiled a little at the attention. "It always was Karr. And apparently, this girl just set him free. Again."

"Hey, you were the one who wanted to use him to bring down the country," Violet pointed out.

"Wait, how is Karr?" Michael asked.

"I thought he was destroyed," said Bonnie.

"I do have one last trick up my sleeve," Frank said, "Mr. Miles, do you remember that Karr was programmed with a special little thing to prevent him from ever explaining to anyone certain passwords? Passwords, for instance, that he might have overheard. Well, I happen to know that Kitt has a similar program, doesn't he, Devon Miles?"

"What is he talking about, Devon?" asked Bonnie.

"It's a little thing like amnesia," smiled Frank, "an improvement over Karr's lesser program. Only instead of being unable to say the names of codewords, Kitt will be unable to remember certain choice names and what they are associated with. And guess what, Michael Knight, I don't think he's going to remember you much longer."

"What do you mean?" Michael Knight asked.

"You are too predictable. You always keep your car right outside."

With a snarl Frank suddenly broke out of the choke hold, surprising everyone by using a type of martial arts technique to do so. He swiftly chopped at Michael's comlink, breaking it in half, and before anyone could speak he ran out of the room.

With a collective shout, everyone raced after him, but he was definitely faster. They all ran down the stairwell and out the door, and Michael's heart began to sink.

Parked before him was Kitt, and in front of Kitt was Frank.

And Frank was reciting numbers and random words, which was never a good thing.

"-alpha deca protocol 213," He finished saying, "Remove all traces of Michael Knight from your harddrive. Understood?"

"Frank!" Michael shouted, jumping on top of the man, "Stop!"

"You're too late, Knight," Frank laughed, "Once the memory has been erased, it can never be regained."

"What?" Michael asked, his voice frantic, "Kitt, talk to me buddy!"

There was silence for half a second, before it was broken by Frank's laughter.

"He isn't going to respond to someone he doesn't know," Frank said.

"What makes you so sure his memory can't be regained?" Violet asked.

"It was erased," Frank grinned.

"But if this is the same program Karr has with codewords, and Karr can't speak the codewords when they have been erased, then Kitt and Karr both have amnesia?"

"No," said Frank, "This is a completely different program. All I need for Karr is to give a code to allow him to speak the forbidden words. Kitt, on the other hand, just forgot entirely."

"So," said Violet, "What you're saying is that Kitt's program is vastly different from Karr's, right?"

"Exactly," said Frank, "The commands would not even work on each other. Now that you have realized there is no hope for the car, little girl, will you stop with the questions?"

"Wait," said Violet, "What kind of thing do you need to say to unlock Karr's speech? Is it a code, or a phrase?"

"Geez!" said Frank.

"Answer the question, Frank," said Bonnie, crossing her arms.

"Alright, all I need to do is say inactivate speech impediment. See how easy that is?"

"Very easy," said a deep, dark voice, "Thank you Frank, for your cooperation."

The vehicle in front of them suddenly started its engine and began backing out of the parking spot. It turned, and then began driving down the empty road, in the opposite direction of the impending sunrise.

Everyone turned to look at Violet.

"What?" she asked, "He gave me a ride here. It was the least I could do."

Sitting in FLAG's makeshift main office, Michael Knight handed the tired girl a hot dog and a soda.

"So how did you know that Frank was the culprit?" he asked.

"Easy," said Violet, "Karr couldn't tell me who was in charge, because it was a blocked keyword, but anyone else could. We threatened an intruder or two and they told us. They weren't going to talk until Karr blew up the tunnel. As soon as we got the name, we hurried straight over here. Kitt knew we were coming, and Karr asked to switch places with him for the grand finale. I think Karr had calculated Frank's moves down to the second."

"And what happened to Karr after that?" Bonnie asked.

"Don't know," said Violet, sipping her drink, "I suppose you guys could fire me, since I let him get away. I think he was only helping me to get revenge on Frank and his weird followers. And I should count myself lucky that he didn't want to get revenge on me as well."

"We're not going to fire you, my dear," said Devon, looking up at her from his nearby desk, "You had the guts to 'stick it out', as they say. Although I have been wondering, why is it that you did not hear the first alarm on your computer and leave the building from the start?"

"I think I have the answer to that, Devon," said Bonnie, "It appears that the alarm was never properly received by her computer, because it was never actually sent."

"Wait," said Michael, "Are you saying that Frank's group of tough, trained followers didn't send an email correctly?"

Bonnie simply smiled.

"Well, I've had a long night," said Devon, stretching, "I think I am about to take a nap, if you will all excuse me."

"You're going to bed?" asked Michael, "But Devon, the sun is only just getting up!"

Devon laughed. "Don't remind me," he said, and he walked out of the room.

"I think it is about time I left for bed as well," said Violet, "Remind me never to take the night shift again. It's too exhausting."

"Do ya need a ride home?" Michael offered.

"No thanks," Violet said, "I'll just take the bus. I think you're going to need Kitt and everyone on duty to get things settled. And no thanks Bonnie," she said, anticipating Bonnie's offer to drive, "I know you live here in this mansion, and I'd rather you get some sleep yourself."

"Well, if you insist on going by yourself," said Michael, "Then stay safe, okay? And I'm sure you can take a few days off from work to rest, so don't worry about coming in tomorrow. Devon won't mind."

Fifteen minutes later, Violet stood at the bus stop down the road from the mansion. It had taken her ten minutes just to walk down the long mansion driveway, and an extra five to get to the bus stop. Hopefully, she looked at the bus schedule.

She had just missed her bus by a few minutes. Great. Now she would have to wait half an hour for the next one.

Could this day get any crazier? She just wanted to go home to go to sleep, for Pete's sake. And it was actually pretty cold today. She shivered slightly.

A black car pulled up in front of her, and the door opened.

Her eyes grew wide when she recognized it.

"Get in," Karr said, "I am heading towards your apartment anyway."

Briefly she wondered how he knew where she lived, before brushing off the question. This was Karr, and Karr could discover anything about anyone.

So should she trust him? He was still a criminal, and he was more than likely going to get into skirmishes with Kitt and Michael Knight again. Although Violet had long ago realized that when Karr ran away after confronting Frank, Kitt could have easily gone after him. After all, he was only just around the corner, watching Karr impersonate him.

This must mean that Kitt trusted Karr not to actually hurt anyone.

So, once again, should she trust him enough to allow him to bring her home?

Violet got inside the vehicle.

"Is this your way of thanking me for helping you get away from Frank's people?" she asked.

"Shut up and be quiet," Karr said.

Violet smiled, but wisely decided not to speak.

About twenty-nine awkward minutes later, Karr pulled up to her apartment building. Violet quickly realized that, despite the courteous action of dropping her off, Karr was still the same old Karr.

"I offered you a ride because you dropped a hairtie on my floor three and a half hours ago," Karr explained as he opened the door for her to get out, "Remove it before I vaporize you."