Fanfiction of the Tudors

Pairings: Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, Anne Boleyn and Charles Brandon.

This is an AU. My brain, my ideas, however I will accept well thought out ideas that 'mesh' well with my story if you guys would like to suggest anything. If you don't like the premise of the story, then why are you reading it? If you have any questions about this story, just put it in a review and I'll try and answer as soon as possible and with as much detail as possible.

There are obviously going to be differences in this story but I will point out the major differences now. I have made Henry VIII's and Charles Brandon's birthdates later so it fits in the story better (and writing an old man with a young girl makes me uncomfortable to an extent). Princess Mary lives with her sister (not Elizabeth) as a legitimate daughter of the king but she is not close to her father or his new wife. Anne Boleyn hasn't appeared at court yet as she has been studying abroad. And most important of all, Katherine of Aragon died, in childbirth, leaving Henry VIII a widow with only a daughter. He chose to marry Jane Seymour, of a low nobility.

Maggie, Joan & Eleanor Plight and Alice are all fictional ladies-in-waiting.

I hope that wasn't too confusing. Seriously ask me if you are confused. I'd rather help you understand!

Disclaimer – I own nothing except my ideas and my imagination. If I did own the Tudors, Anne Boleyn would be alive and happy with Elizabeth.

Time Of Your Life

Whitehall Palace, 2nd May 1534

A different kind of pain. Is someone there to hold you? Is someone there to take you away from me?

- A Different Kind Of Pain by Cold.

Lady Eleanor ran around, arms full of dirty linen. She dropped them into the fire, darkening the room even further. Her eyes took a moment to adjust, suffering from the lack of light. Having not been through childbirth herself, Eleanor couldn't understand why the room had to be as dark as possible. The tapesties made the room seem smaller and suffocating.

"Ellie! Go now and get Doctor Linacre. Quickly... Hurry, the babe's stuck" yelled Joan Plight, her face draining of colour as she watched Eleanor scurry off for medical help. She felt queasy, knowing that the arrival of the doctor would panic the queen. Men were scarcely allowed into the childbed rooms, unless there was a massive problem. It was usually left to the women. Joan's eyes fell upon the midwife, who's expression must have matched her own. The midwife's hands were shaking.

"Maggie, you must tell us what to do" Joan begged, her hands reaching out to the midwife, shaking her from her stupor.

"There ain't nothin' to do, the lady will be lucky to survive. Babes, who get stuck, kill" Maggie murmered, her eyes flickering over to the bloodied sheets underneath her Majesty. Maggie was only a simple country girl, raised at a farm with a large family. She was used to seeing births, having helped her father's sheep labour. Eventually, she began to help with human births and had got a reputation for being good. That's when Cromwell had founded her and got her to assist with the queen's first child, which was difficult but resulted in the birth of a young daughter.

"What's wrong? What's wrong with my son?" shrieked Jane, her red-rimmed eyes glistening with tears of pain, her pale hands clutching the sheets as she squirmed in agony. Her nightgown was drenched with dark blood and sweat.

Lady Eleanor rushed back in and Maggie instructed Jane to calm herself. Joan scrapped Jane's damp blonde curls from her face, which was sticky from tears and sweat. Joan motioned at Eleanor to start stripping the bed sheets again.

"Mistress Alice, more towels please". Eleanor ordered the scared fourteen year old into action while she disposed of soiled bedding. Alice jumped, her eyes wide. She was scared, having only just been introduced to the court. She had never been in a position such as this. She had been ushered into the room by the queen's sister and told that she'd have the honour of giving the new prince a wash and a spoonful of sugared wine, as a cousin of Cromwell's.

"Help him! HELP MY BABY" Jane screeched, her attractive face twisting into an ugly grimace. Jane sobbed, her stomach twisting with pain. She couldn't lose her son, not now. Henry would hate her. It had been a rocky few years, that she knew her son would be able to fix.

Eleanor whipped round, wanting to scream at the queen; that they were trying, that the king would also take his displeasure out on them, that if Jane was in danger then so were all their positions. Joan reached out to pacify her sister.

"No, Joan. She deserves a talking to. She acts so simpering and sweet when we all know she's only a whore. She acts so high and mighty just because his Majesty picked her as a wife after his beloved wife, good queen Katherine, passed away. All she is, is a lowborn concubine that has only risen because the king WANTED her to." hissed Eleanor, who still believed Jane Seymour was a nobody compared to the beloved angel Queen, Katherine of Aragon..

"Ellie, don't. Doctor Linacre is here" whispered Joan grimly, gesturing for Alice to open the door to the doctor, opening the door to their saviour or the man who was going to damn them all.