"Good morning sleepy head. You look breathtaking this morning.", Christian says as he starts slowly kissing my neck. "I love waking up with you Mrs. Grey."

"Well, I love waking with you too Mr. Grey. But you sir are always up.", I giggle pointing at his erection. I bite my lip, knowing all too well what it does to him.

"I want to bite that lip now. You know how that affects me. Frisky this morning Mrs. Grey?", he says with a naughty look on his face. He moves my silk nightgown up my body and starts slowly kissing my stomach. "You are a little tease Mrs. Grey."

"I don't know what you are talking about. Tease? I think not sir.", I laugh. "I need to get up and check on Teddy. He probably is awake and ready for breakfast. Come on lazy bones, get that fine ass of yours out of bed. What would you like for breakfast? Don't even say me, because I am not on the menu."

"Damn it, well since I can't have you, I guess I will settle for an omelet. But it won't taste as good as you.", he says with a smirk. Christian climbs out of bed, wearing only his pajama pants that hang loosely from his hips. "Come on wench, fix us some breakfast."

I get out of the bed and throw my robe on. After leaving our bedroom, I make my way to Teddy's room. Opening the door, I see my sweet two year old laying in the bed. "Good morning Teddy Bear.", I say as I kiss his cheek and put my hand on top of his cooper hair. "How about some pancakes for breakfast."

"Momma, I want Scooby Doo.", he says. He loves watching Scooby Doo. Christian is actually the one who introduced him to it. Who would have thought that billionaire ceo Christian Grey was a Scooby Doo fan.

"Ok, breakfast first and then Scooby.", I say as I pick him up and head downstairs to the kitchen where Christian is already. "Sit with Daddy while I fix my two Grey men breakfast."

"There is my big boy. I bet you want to watch Scooby after breakfast, don't you Teddy Bear.", Christian says as he puts Teddy in his chair. He talks to Teddy as I fix breakfast. Christian is truly a wonderful father.

"Ok, guys. Breakfast is ready.", I say as I put our plates down. Breakfast is a delight. Christian and I talk to Teddy about the trip to the zoo we went on the before. We laugh as Teddy gets pancake syrup on his fingers. His hands are so sticky. Christian tries to help him, only to get syrup on his hands as well. The sight makes me laugh.

After breakfast, we head to the family room where Teddy and Christian immediately turn the tv onto Scooby Doo. I sit on the couch with them, admiring them. Both of my guys look in my direction and give me their trademark Grey smile. The room is filled with love. I find my eyes getting heavy and decide to close them for a bit.

"Miss Steele, are you ok?", Christian is asking with concern in his gray eyes. My head hurts. I look around, and find that I am laying on the couch in Christian's office. How did I get here? Wait, he called me Miss Steele. What kind of a crazy joke is he playing.

"What happened Christian?", I reply, needing answers. He is standing by me, running his hands through his unruly cooper hair. I notice he is not wearing his wedding band. Glancing at my left hand, I notice my ring finger is naked as well.

"Well, you were coming into my office and fell. When you did, you hit your head pretty hard on the floor. You were passed out for a bit. I think you need a doctor. We can reschedule the interview for another day."

"Interview?", I question him with my blue eyes staring into his gray eyes. What interview?

"The interview that you were doing for the WSU newspaper. I was told that Miss Kavanagh couldn't make it and you would be doing it instead.", he says with a smile that makes my heart flutter.

OMG, I was dreaming. Everything that happened with Christian and Teddy were just a dream. But, it seemed so real. I start to get up from the couch and stand before Christian. He is looking at me with a deep gaze. "No, I would like to still do the interview today."

"Are you sure? We can do this another time.", he asks

"Oh, I am sure. I am very sure.", I say biting my lip as I notice the desire building in him. It is a feeling that I know will last for a long time.