1 new message.

Shizuo Heiwajima's heartbeat picks up as he opens the message.

[you're right behind me as we fall]

Another cryptic text at eight o' clock in the morning, every day since last month. The number always changed, but it was the same person, he knew it.

It had started on New Year's.

[you're the reason why I'm closed - happy new year's, maybe it's time for a change?]

He imagines it to be some sort of shadow girl, drifting through the crowd, perhaps with wispy bangs and lidded eyes.

The texts don't reflect anyone he knows, and rarely respond to his questions. Sometimes he just receives a simple good morning.

But they're sweet.

He likes them.

He doesn't feel… lonely, knowing she's out there, thinking of him at eight in the morning. Maybe earlier, maybe later?

He asks Celty about it, to which she writes: I'm happy for you! I hope you find her.

"She doesn't want to see me." Shizuo sighs. "She never writes back when I ask about her name, or anything like that."

Celty thinks and he blows smoke into the air.

She hesitantly taps that she could ask Shinra to ask Izaya?

"No!" Shizuo snarls. "He'll laugh, and then he'll ruin it somehow."

This was special. He didn't want to lose it.

Elsewhere, quick fingers type out a message to be sent the next day.

2 new messages.


One was from Celty, one was from his girl.

[What has she said today?]

[won't you wait on me - have a safe day, Shizuo.]

It's the first time she's written his name.

He writes back, asking if she will please meet him? Or at least tell him her name?

She writes back an address.

1 new message.

[close your eyes]

He closes them, and after a moment, soft lips cover his.

Long fingers grip his waist, and Shizuo tries to gently - gently! - hold the body closer.

He realizes it's not a woman's body, recognizes the smell.

He opens his eyes, and feels his phone vibrate.

1 new message.

Shizuo slowly looks down at his phone.

[taking a chance… walk away, or stay.]

Izaya looks at him with hopeful eyes.

Shizuo Heiwajima takes a deep breath and writes:

[just this once, I'll trust you.]